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-Here's how this works.
I'm gonna see if anyone can guess
how the President is going to mispronounce a simple word.
If you get it right, you get a prize,
and if you get it wrong, you still get a prize.
All right, raise your hand
if you want to play "Talk Like Trump."
Who wants to play? [ Cheers and applause ]
Come on. There you go, buddy.
What is your name? -My name's Micah.
-Micah. Give me a "whoo."
-Whoo! -All right.
[ Laughter ]
Micah, in our first clip, very simple --
President Trump is gonna try to say "beautiful."
How do you think that he'll mispronounce it?
[ Laughter ]
-Beau-i-ul. Like that?
-Yeah. -Like no real pronunciation.
-Like no "T." -No "T" -- "Beauiful."
-Almost like he's driving by here.
-Yes! -Okay, yeah.
"Beauiful." All right.
[ Laughter ]
Let's see what happens.
-Let me begin by wishing you a beautifuelledlook.
[ Laughter ] [ Buzzer ]
[ Laughter and applause ]
-"A beautifuelle -- Look, look, folks.
A beautifulfullook."
Here's your -- You did not win,
but here's your beautifuellook T-shirt.
-I love it. -Congratulations.
Who else wants to play "Talk Like Trump"?
[ Cheers and applause ]
Come over here.
-I'm sorry. -Don't worry.
Don't move, guys. Let her -- Let her --
Let her try to jump over you both.
Gosh. [ Light laughter ]
What is your name? -Sammy.
-Sammy, can I get a "whoo"? -Whoo!
-In our next clip, Trump tries to say "bird graveyard."
This is when he was saying that windmills are killing birds.
That's why we should get rid of windmills.
[ Laughter ] -Right, right. Yeah.
-He really did.
And so he tried to say "bird graveyard."
How do you think he'll mispronounce "bird graveyard"?
-Probably like "Bid graveyahd." Like, something like
stretching it out a little bit.
-Almost, like, British. [ Laughter ]
"Bid graveyahd."
-Maybe he got a little British. -"He turns into Paul McCartney.
Like one of the Beatles. Yeah, bid graveyahd."
-Bid graveyahd. [ Laughter ]
-"You know, this could be a bid graveyahd, you know."
All right, you never know. Let's see what happens.
-They're noisy. They kill the birds.
You want to see a birv gradeyar. If you just go --
[ Buzzer ] -Birv gradeyar.
Birv -- Birv gradeyar.
Sorry you didn't win, but there's your T-shirt.
Birv gradeyar. [ Cheers and applause ]
Who else?
Come on. Come on!
Hi, pal. -Hello.
-What is your name? -Mary.
-Mary, can I get a "whoo"? -Whoo!
-All right. Hey, that's a good one.
In our final clip, Trump tries to say
"sustainment brigade officer."
[ Audience "Oohs" ] -I can't even say that.
-"Sustainment brigade officer."
How do you think he'll mispronounce that?
-Oh, goodness. Stistainment brigade uhfficer.
[ Laughter ]
-You got the hands down. "Stistainment brigade erfficer."
-You just can't move our mouth. -Okay.
[ Laughter ]
I do feel like sometimes
his teeth are falling out or something.
He pushes it back up with his tongue.
All right, here we go. Let's see what happened.
-Thanks also to the 1st Armored Division's
resolute support sustainment bagrade farcer.
[ Buzzer ] [ Laughter ]
-Ah, "sustainment bagrade dfurcer."
"Sustainment bagrade dfurcer." There you go.
There, congratulations.
You didn't win, but take your shirt, please.
Thank you for playing. That is "Talk Like Trump."
Thanks to all of our players.
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Talk Like Trump: Sustainment Brigade Officer

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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