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-Welcome back. I love having you here.
And congratulations on your Emmy win.
A big Emmy win right there. -Thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I saw all around your socials.
Here's the Emmy, unloading the dishwasher.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-This is your Emmy in a car seat.
They're not easy to install. -That's right.
-They're not easy to install. -No.
-Here's your Emmy in the pool just relaxing.
-She's a free spirit. You know? -She certainly is.
-I-I don't think of owning her, really,
as just being her guardian.
-Wow. That's how you feel. -Yeah.
I feel like I want to keep this going,
like taking pictures of her until something goes --
I want it to be -- Because you win it
for a kind of a dramatic thing,
you want it to have a proper narrative arc.
-And so, I'd like her to kill something.
-Wait. Oh, my God. Oh, no.
Who else was in your category?
-Um, you know, Ed Begley Jr. was there, who I'm a big fan of,
and Patton Oswalt.
Do you know? I think that you might have been there.
-[ Spits ] [ Laughter ]
I was holding that spit take in for so long.
I was in the same category as you.
-I know. I felt bad. I felt --
-No, you did not. -I felt -- I did. I felt bad.
Very, like very -- Like very briefly.
-Oh, okay. -Yeah.
-Well, I believe that.
You take the Emmy home.
You got the kids at home. Are they excited?
Are they impressed Dad won an Emmy?
-Couldn't give two hoots, if I'm honest.
They're like, "Where do the batteries go in it?"
It's just this -- -"What does it do?"
-It's just another beautiful thing for them to destroy.
-[ Laughs ] Yeah.
Well, congrats on -- -Thank you.
-"Get Shorty," by the way, Season 3.
Here we go already. -Yes, very exciting.
Thank you. It's --
This is like -- It's a revenge season, this one.
I end up in prison at the end of the last one.
And this one is me trying to get my revenge
on a kind of a Harvey Weinstein type character
played by Steven Weber --
A couple of giggles.
[ Laughter ]
You know, it's a specific crowd, isn't it?
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-I keep having this fear that you're going to show footage
of -- that my mother sent in after my vasectomy.
[ Laughter ]
And -- -I am, actually.
Let's just show the clip of -- -No!
[ Laughter ]
It was a banana!
[ Laughter ]
-No, but, so, you're there, and Ray Romano, who we love --
-Beautiful man.
-He's a great guy.
We love Ray Romano.
[ Cheers and applause ]
You were saying last time -- -Thank you.
-You were saying that -- Yeah.
"Thank you so much." -Thank you, yes.
I -- When I birthed him.
[ Laughter ]
-We have video of it. Let's share -- No.
But you like to mess with him on set?
-Well, you know, I --
Ray is the sweetest man.
Not great on, like, germs.
You know? Not a big germ person.
Nobody's a big germ person, I suppose.
-I guess not. No. But he's like a germaphobe?
One -- like, kind of -- -Little -- Little bit.
And there's scenes where I have to --
I play kind of a heavy in this show, this "Get Shorty" thing.
And I take advantage of his kindness in many situations.
And there's a scene we had to do last year,
where I to cover his mouth and, like, tell him to shut up,
'cause somebody else in the other room
is going to kick the what out of us.
And -- And every time I would come to him,
and we'd be doing this scene,
just before they would shout "Action,"
I'd go, "Oh, God. I just -- I went to the toilet.
I forgot to wash my hands. Anyway --"
[ Laughter ]
And he goes [As Ray] "Oh, I got some Purell."
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Normal voice ] He's got some in his pocket.
-Oh, yeah, really? -Yeah.
-Basically, this one you said is revenge.
"Get Shorty," Shorty in this is your --
-It's Carolyn Dodd, who plays my daughter.
So Shorty refers to my daughter.
And we kind of go through this breakup in our family,
and it's -- A lot of the show is me trying to get her back.
-You're fantastic in it.
You're good dramatic acting,
but also very, very funny in this.
We love having you on. I want to show everyone a clip.
Here's Chris O'Dowd in "Get Shorty."
Take a look.
-Okay, then, I'll take it.
-You'll take i-- what?
-I'll be an assistant. It's a deal.
-No, y-you don't want to --
The -- You'd be getting lunch for people,
answering phones for random execs.
-I do want this.
-Miles, I don't --
-Thank you. It's an honor.
And it goes without saying
that anything that transpired between you and I in the past
is water under the bridge.
Thank you, truly.
-You won't regret it.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Chris O'Dowd, everybody!
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Chris O’Dowd Pulled a Gross Prank on Ray Romano

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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