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-Welcome to "The Tonight Show," everybody.
Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it.
What a show we have for you tonight.
Gwyneth Paltrow is here.
I want to get some face tips from Gwenny.
I didn't even call her Gwenny, but anyway I did tonight.
Zachary Quinto is on the show.
I'm going to talk to Zacky and see what we --
I don't really call him Zacky, but you know what?
Maybe tonight I will. Who knows?
And then Alec Benjamin.
Lecy is doing a new song tonight.
Let's get to some news.
Earlier today President Trump held a press conference
in the White House Rose Garden.
He was there to sign an executive order
on police reform.
But when the topic of a coronavirus cure came up,
he looks like he got a little sidetracked along the way.
Check it out.
-These are the people, the best, the smartest,
the most brilliant anywhere.
And they've come up with the AIDS vaccine.
They've come up with, or the AIDS, as you know,
there's various things and now various companies are involved.
-Yeah, only one problem -- there is no AIDS vaccine.
You could tell he was just going like,
"Don't say it, it's not right.
This is not right what I'm about to say.
This is not right.
I'm just going to say it anyway. AIDS vaccine."
That's right, there's no cure for AIDS, but according to Trump
if we stop testing for it, cases will go to zero.
Well, speaking of, the coronavirus is on the rise
in almost 20 states, and experts are worried about a second wave.
In spite of that President Trump went on Twitter
yesterday morning to brag, saying,
"Without testing, we would be showing almost no cases."
Which brings us to a new segment called, "That's Like Saying."
♪ -That's like saying ♪
-Again, Trump said that if we didn't test for coronavirus,
there would be no cases.
If we got rid of breathalyzers,
we could finally end drunk driving.
As long as I don't keep track of what I'm eating, I'm a vegan.
My mirror broke,
which is granting me the power of invisibility.
If you're camping and a bear is coming to steal your food,
just close your eyes.
You can't see the bear anymore.
That means your campsite is free of bear.
If I never stand on a scale, I haven't gained any weight,
which means right now I weigh zero pounds.
Good job, me.
♪ -That's like saying ♪
-Meanwhile, Trump is still heading to Tulsa for a rally
this weekend despite health officials warning him
it could be dangerous.
But according to Mike Pence,
it sounds like plans for the rally are still up in the air.
-What I can tell you is it's all a work in progress.
We've had such an overwhelming response
that we're also looking at another venue.
We're also looking at outside activities.
And I know the campaign team will keep the public informed.
-Trump already has a good name
if it turns into an outdoor festival.
He's going to call it COVID-chella.
The forecast in Tulsa on Saturday
calls for thunderstorms.
To stay safe, Trump is going to have Don Jr.
standing next to him with a 9-iron.
"Put it up higher, Don. Grey cloud."
They'll have food, music, and a designated area
where you can do your very own Bible photo opp.
"You're holding it wrong. You hold it like this.
You put your body forward and hold it back, like this.
Like a normal person would hold it."
Well, guys, due to the pandemic, Walmart is testing a store
that only offers self-checkout.
And if it's successful, it could be expanded to more stores.
It's to limit human interaction and to increase interaction
with buttons that thousands of people touch.
Don't worry. If you have a problem,
one of the 85-year-old greeters
will zip right over to reprogram the machine.
"Your name is -- Wall -- Mart?
Is that right?"
"Okay. I'm just gonna go.
Yeah, my name is Walmart."
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Trump to Hold Rally in Tulsa Despite Health Officials’ Warnings

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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