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-i don't know if you know this,
but we're in the middle of a Céline-issance.
-you should have let me know.
I would have dressed appropriately.
-some magazine said that it's the rebirth of Céline Dion.
We're in a Céline-issance. And I go, "I love that."
-it's kind of nice.
Well, I feel like I'm being born every morning.
-yeah. When you wake up. Thank you.
-every day.
-i thought it maybe started with your dress
from the met gala last year, which I have to show.
It broke the Internet. -what?
Did I break the Internet? -yes.
-good. No I'm joking.
[ Laughter ] -look at this dress.
Ooh, la, la.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Look at that dress.
Is that what you just wear normally around the house?
That's what I think.
-I go to bed like this at night.
-Absolutely. Yeah.
I actually asked you for something that you do wear
in the house walking around the house.
We asked your publicist.
-They gave you a picture without my permission?
That's nice. -Yeah.
This is you around the home. This is what you wear.
There you go. That's Céline Dion around the house.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Well, listen.
-It's gorgeous.
-Well, you know, I got to keep myself safe,
especially when I do scrambled eggs in the morning
for the kids, you know?
-So, you coat yourself in an armor.
Congrats on the residency in Las Vegas --
The longest, most successful residency
in the history of Las Vegas.
[ Cheers and applause ]
That's amazing.
-Thank you to all the fans for coming.
That's kind of a game changer, kind of a life changer.
'Cause you're like, "Yeah, I guess I just live here."
It's like 16 years or something?
-I've been there for...17 years living in Vegas. Yeah.
-Yeah, I was supposed to be there for three months.
I don't know what happened. [ Laughter ]
-That's what happens in Vegas.
-And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
-No problem. I got you.
Céline, I always try to ask you a good "Titanic" question
every time you're here because I know you probably love those.
-You know that's a long time ago, right?
-I know you love those questions, yeah.
No, but here's what everyone is saying,
and this is still being talked about on the Internet,
on the interwebs.
They're saying at the end of the movie,
if Rose just scooted over a little bit,
just a little bit just over here,
she could have saved Jack's life.
Do you agree with this?
-Don't put me in trouble.
-No, come on!
America needs to know!
-What If they want to do a "Titanic" number two?
-No! No, you can't do a "Titanic" number two!
-No It's true. -No, you can't.
-Listen, first of all --
First of all, if you look closely to the picture,
Rose is maybe dead or totally frozen,
and she's not quite all there, okay?
Second of all, he doesn't need an invitation.
[ Laughter, cheers and applause ]
Come on, baby!
Make yourself comfortable. Jump in. You know?
-He could have pushed her over a little bit.
-And then who did not think about this guy who is
in the middle of the frozen ocean
and that maybe all his body is so frozen that he didn't have
the strength to...
♪ Jump in for my love ♪
-You didn't think that he could ♪ jump ♪
♪ For her love ♪
-♪ Jump in feel the touch ♪
♪ Jump in the water, my kiss is in the night ♪
♪ Jump for my love ♪
Yeah, okay.
[Cheers and applause]
Come on. We love you. A little more.
You're the best.
-You're so sweet.
We get to be silly on the show,
but let's talk about your new album.
It is out today. It is out right now.
Download it.
Go to Spotify. Stream it.
It is called "Courage," and it's a great album cover there.
Why did you call it "Courage?"
-I called it "Courage" because the last three years,
my family, myself, my kids, my family,
went through tough times.
A lot of people go through tough times.
And I really wanted to, after the passing of Rene,
wanted to -- This is actually the first --
My first album in English without him physically,
but he is always, always within me,
and when this song came, that was called "Courage,"
it represented all the album because it was hard.
It was difficult.
And, also, it's a message that,
you know, courage is such an important and big word
that all of us have courage.
And all of us at one point in our lives know that we want
to use it, but, eventually, sometimes, we might need it.
And we need that in our lives to be able to hold on to,
to be able to find our inner strength
and be really saying that, "You know what?
I'm a mother. I got my children.
I love to sing.
It's great, and it's going to be okay.
And courage, don't you dare fail me now."
-Yeah. -You know?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I Love that.
You're doing the "Courage" world tour right now,
and I heard this may be a rumor, as well.
This is almost like another --
-Everything. Oh, you're laughing. I see.
-No, I just heard a rumor that --
No, I don't have a picture,
but I heard that you have been known to drive --
-I don't even want to look behind the desk.
-No. No. I don't have a photo.
I heard you were maybe driving your own tour bus.
-Oh, of course I do.
I don't normally drive my own tour bus.
I drive my people crazy, too.
-[ Laughs ]
But you do that, and I heard that you don't have a cellphone.
Is that true?
-Well, driving and texting at the same time --
-Oh, that's true. -The kid is thinking.
-But I heard that you're getting into a laptop,
you're getting a cellphone,
and I thought it would be kind of fun if me and you
took your first selfie. [ Audience "awws" ]
Would you like to?
Do you know what a selfie is? [ Laughter ]
-Why would I take a selfie?
-No, 'cause [imitating Dion] you have to take a selfie.
[ Laughter ] Everyone takes a selfie.
-I can try.
[ Cheers and applause ]
All right, no problem.
A selfie of us. I will take care of you, I promise.
Ready? Hold on. -Where do I look?
Where do I look?! Because I don't want to have crooked eyes.
Where's the camera?!
Where's the camera, Jimmy? [ Laughter ]
All right, let me just show everyone what we did.
[ Laughter, applause ]
-You see? But where do you look?
-It's perfect! It's perfect! Céline Dion, everybody!
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Céline Dion Settles the Jack and Rose Titanic Door Debate

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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