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-I want to talk about "Rambo," but before we get into that,
I want to talk about one of your other iconic characters,
which is Rocky. -Mm-hmm.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Will there be another "Rocky"?
-I have an idea, you know.
But certainly I'm not boxing,
unless I'm fighting arthritis or someone like that.
[ Laughter ]
Come on, Art. Come on, Artie.
-Art -- Art Thritis. -R.T. Ritis.
No. [ Laughter ]
Or Boris Cartoff.
-Yeah, yeah, he gets carted off.
-Yes, so I was thinking about it.
I have an idea.
But then again, you have to think about it.
Is the pleasure worth the pain?
In other words, it takes so long to develop those films.
It takes six months at just working on the choreography
if you really want to tell the story,
because you're telling two movies at the same time.
You're doing a drama.
Then you're doing a physical one with no words,
but you have to tell a story in the fight too.
So it's a very elaborate setup and you go, "Uh..."
-But there's such a big audience for it.
-Yeah. -I mean, still to this day.
-Which is kind of remarkable, to tell you the truth,
especially when you see young children going,
"I want to thank you. I want to, like, be a boxer."
I said, "No, I'm not a boxer. No, no."
[ Laughter ]
"Do not do that." -"I'm an actor."
-I can yell "Cut." [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. Right as it gets this close.
Yeah, exactly, yeah. -Yeah.
-But you posted something on your Instagram
that I thought was really cute.
It was a little kid watching one of the "Rockys."
-Well, let's take a look at this, what you posted.
Look at this.
-[ Laughs ]
Come on. That kid is cute.
[ Cheers and applause ]
I mean, it's the greatest. -You know what?
You know what? It really reminded me
because that child and Rocky both had a load in his pants
when they were training. [ Laughter ]
-Let's not do that. Yeah.
He's got to change his diaper, yeah.
-Yo, that makes you want to fight.
-But that -- See, I think the bummer about you
being in these movies is that you don't get to see the movie
that we all saw because -- Do you ever see a movie
that inspirational and that motivational?
I loved these movies so much.
-Yeah, thank you.
-But you're in them so you don't get to appreciate --
-No, 'cause you sit there.
It's like everyone else, you know.
You're very critical of yourself.
So it's very hard to sit back and just enjoy it.
You're going, "Ugh." -You're cringing.
-Well, you know, it's the same thing we all do.
-Yeah. Well, not me. [ Laughter ]
-Everyone but you.
-Everything I do is perfect. Yeah.
But I mean, I remember watching --
I mean, I've seen every "Rocky."
But I remember after "Rocky III,"
I was walking around -- I had -- I didn't have a log,
but I had a wiffle ball bat. [ Laughter ]
I had a wiffle ball bat and I going around my backyard,
exercising, trying to be you.
-Well, I picked it up from Rocky Marciano,
and thanks to that particular move --
Knee's gone. -Is that right?
-Oh, God, man.
It looks good on film, but no.
-Just fantasy? -It really is, yeah.
Leave it alone.
-Oh, I just saw in this article, Henry Winkler was talking.
And he said that -- -Yeah.
-Did you hear about this?
He said that the role of Fonzie he based off of you.
-No. -Is that?
[ Laughter and applause ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I mean, no, no. It was actually --
Henry and I did a film called "Lords of Flatbush."
[ Audience cheers ]
And he's playing, like, the intellectual, the smart guy.
And I was playing the primordial ooze guy, like, the thug.
And we got along great. -Yeah.
-Yeah, because I was telling him about I'm writing Poe.
He goes, "You, writing Poe?"
You know? He goes -- Like, he went to Yale,
and I went to the Yale Lot Company.
You know, it's a different thing, a whole other thing.
-You went to Ya-le. Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-And when he came out to California,
I guess he took some of the mannerisms,
which, please, I'm very flattered,
but it really worked for him.
But he's so nice to even bring that up.
You know what?
We're kind of shy. It's the weirdest thing.
Actors don't hang out.
They'll do a film.
Everyone goes, "Oh, God, we're gonna be the best of friends.
I'm gonna name my children after you.
We're gonna buy a house.
We're gonna vacation."
Done. -Done.
You never see them ever again. Yeah.
You're lucky to get a like on Instagram.
-Do you find it that way with comedians?
-Yeah. I mean, there's so many fun people
from "Saturday Night Live."
I wish I hung out with all of them,
but you end up having lives.
-I know. -And you go -- Yeah.
But I mean, I remember, like, it'd be 3:00 in the morning,
or sleeping over with, you know, Will Ferrell and everybody.
We're, like, camped together. -Mm-hmm.
-And then just leave, yeah.
But it's great to run into people.
-Yeah, it is. -It's fun.
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Sylvester Stallone Reacts to Henry Winkler Using Rocky as Inspiration for The Fonz

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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