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-Welcome back to the show. -I'm happy to be here.
-You know what's funny is that I meet you
and I have you on the show
and we're all talking about you and stuff like that,
and everyone's like, "He looks like
he's the nicest guy you've ever met in your whole lifetime --
Henry Winkler."
And I go, "He is the nicest guy I have met."
-Wow. Thank you.
Do you know, I've -- [ Cheers and applause ]
-But I hear that from a lot of people.
-I'm gonna stay after the show so I can meet each one of you.
[ Laughter ]
But you know what I think?
I don't think nice. I nice I am grateful.
I am grateful for every moment that I walk on this Earth.
[ Cheers and applause ]
And so I am so pleased to be here
to enjoy with you. -Really?
-I'm not kidding. That is what it is.
-It's the thing. It's like a state of mind.
-It's a state of mind. -Yeah. I love it.
You've been in the business awhile.
Any advice to young actors
getting involved in this business?
-Wow. Okay.
Okay, so -- Really? -Yeah.
-Okay, so I would say be honest about your talent,
train your talent,
and work even if it is
in the basement of your church or a synagogue.
-Yeah. -Keep your motor going.
Be very tenacious.
Be grateful, and then when the time is right,
walk out your front door, because there is a place for you
like there was a place for me.
I am living proof. -Wow.
That is fantastic advice. [ Cheers and applause ]
Is the -- -People told me
I would never achieve.
You know, I mean, people literally said,
"Oh, well, you know,
it's so hard and you don't want to do that."
My parents wanted me to sell wood.
-Yeah. -My father, you know,
imported and exported wood. -Yeah.
-The only wood I was interested in was Hollywood.
-[ Laughs ]
But was it because you're dyslexic?
-I am. -And did that almost stop you
and you were like, "I can't read"?
-Do you know what?
It embarrassed me. It worried me.
I was -- I couldn't figure out
why I couldn't figure anything out.
But I think that fighting through that
helped me fight my way to this chair.
-Yeah. Wow, that's interesting.
I agree with that. -Yeah.
-We're on the 45th anniversary of "Happy Days."
-Yes. -And we had Sylvester Stallone.
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, sure.
And we Sylvester Stallone on the show last week,
and we were talking to him because I heard some rumor
that you based the Fonz off of Sylvester Stallone.
-No, you know what I would do is --
Sylvester, you know, you don't know how funny he is,
how literate and incredible he is because, you know,
[imitating Stallone] he talks like this all the time.
"Hey, don't look at me. I gonna eat you for breakfast."
[ Laughter ]
[ Normally ] But he -- -[ Laughs ]
I want to have you on just doing impressions of people.
[ Laughter ]
-But he is an amazing mind. -Oh, yeah.
He's brilliant. -So I'd think to myself
in a situation -- in the very beginning,
I would think, "What would Sly do here?"
You know? Well, I can't hit him.
So, you know. [ Laughter ]
-Congrats, by the way, on the Emmy for "Barry,"
because I was so happy for you. [ Cheers and applause ]
I was jumping up and down.
I was jumping up and down in my living room like, "Yes!
I love you, Henry Winkler! You're awesome!"
You are so good on that show. You crush on "Barry."
And we love Bill Hader, too, but, man --
-Well, I crush because of Bill and Alex.
-Oh, man, you are just fantastic
and so much fun to watch. -Thank you.
-And I had you on the show, and I was talking to you.
Said, "That must feel great, you won an award."
You're like, "Yeah, it's so fun, I leave it on the table
so the mailman opens the door, he can see it."
-That's right. It's on the dining room table.
-Yeah, so when the mailman comes,
he opens the door a little crack, and he can see it.
He goes, "Oh, hi." -"Would you like to see it?"
-"Sorry. It's right out there. Hi, how are you?" Yeah.
-Do I have roses behind it so that there are flowers in --
you know, you can see through the globe?
Oh, yeah. -"Oh, yes, of course I do."
-Oh, yes. -But I was saying
that must be one of the most proud things you have.
And you said, "Yeah, but the thing I'm most proud of
is my books." -Yes, that's true.
-"My children's books." -That I write with Lin Oliver.
-You and Lin Oliver. What a team.
-Can I hold this up? -Of course you can. Please.
"Alien Superstar" is the book. -It was born yesterday.
-Yeah, it's a brand-new book. [ Cheers and applause ]
So you're a great team.
I could not write without her.
But anyway, so I'll just tell you, this is an alien.
He has six eyes that rotate around his head.
He lives on a planet that is repressive.
At 13, they take all of his senses away
so that all the population makes no problem for the government.
His grandma, Grandma Wrinkle, says, "Not you."
At 13, because she is the master mechanic of the star fleet
of the entire planet,
she cobbles together a space ship,
and he takes off, and he flies to Earth.
-Yes. -And he lands
at the only address they know on this planet --
the Backlot of Universal Studios.
-[ Laughs ] Yeah. -Who's gonna ever say anything
about a rocket ship
or a guy who looks like he's dressed as an alien?
-No, that's at a movie studio. -And, Jim,
I don't know how this happened. -[ Laughs ]
-He gets a job on a situational comedy...
[ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.
-...on Universal. -Playing an alien?
-Playing an alien. -Yeah.
-And then, you know, the comedy is
because my partner always says we want to be the people
who write books that kids read because they can
and they want to, not because they're assigned.
-Yeah. -And so
we have written this book,
and it's underpinned by body shaming, bullying,
what happens if they find out who I really am,
will they still accept me, authenticity.
-Yep. -So all that holds
the comedy of it. -And I will say
that they do accept him for who he is.
-They do! I do. -They enjoy him. Me too.
Absolutely. Buddy Burger. -Yeah.
-It's the best. I love "Alien Superstar" right here.
[ Cheers and applause ] Let's show the book again.
Henry Winkler, everybody!
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Henry Winkler Took Inspiration from Sylvester Stallone for Fonzie

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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