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-I heard that you're doing a movie about Evel Knievel.
-Yeah. Well, doing a six-part limited series for USA
about Evel Knievel.
-I am freaking out. -Yeah.
-I love Evel Knievel. I'm, like, obsessed with him.
-Yeah, he's incredible.
I mean, you know, his story and, like, what he was able to create
and what he was able to inspire --
There's been documentaries.
There's been all kinds of things.
But, I mean, I grew up with him, knowing he was a guy
that inspired me to go jump my bike, jump my skateboard,
jump my whatever you can jump.
-But I really knew nothing about the man.
-No. My friend had, like, one of those dolls
where, like, you could rev the thing,
and the motorcycle would jump and crash into a wall.
-Stunt Cycle. -Yeah.
-Stunt Cycle, yeah. -I didn't have it.
My friend did, and I used to play with his toys.
That's the way my family worked. We had no toys.
-But I also -- I worked at a video store, Video 2.
Shout-out to them 'cause they don't --
They don't exist anymore.
And I would always recommend this video
"Last of the Gladiators."
-Yeah. -Evel Knievel.
It is one of the best, but also one of the worst,
documentaries I've ever seen in my life.
-Well, there was a lot he was going through in his life.
There was a lot he was going through in his life
and a lot of questions about what he was up to and, like,
these jumps and whatnot, and this was him kind of him
setting the record straight, 'cause he produced it.
He was involved with it. -I didn't know he produced it.
-There's one part that -- Gosh, this just makes me laugh,
'cause he's driving an R.V., and they're filming him --
-With his daughter.
His youngest daughter, like,
just hanging out in the back seat,
no seat belt, no nothing.
-Of course. He's Evel Knievel. -Yeah, totally.
-Why would you wear a seat belt? Yeah.
-Well, you wear a helmet. -Yeah.
He's like, "I'll talk about anything in this documentary.
That's why I'm doing this. You can ask me anything.
I'm going tell you every exact thing that's ever happened
in my life, besides anything from 1970 to 1972."
-Wait. Why would you bring that up?
Why would you say that? -Yeah.
-That you'll talk about everything
except for those years.
-There was a lot that happened in those years,
which we will unfold in our show.
-You will? -Oh, yeah.
-Because the whole -- And tell me if I'm wrong,
'cause I'm really -- I have an autograph.
I met him and I got an autographed bike helmet
at -- Anaconda-Kaye was the name of the sports store,
in Kingston, New York.
I was a kid. I was just a fan.
And I met him, and he signed his bike helmet.
But he started because he -- He made, like, a security --
There was a security system that if you didn't
buy into his security system, he would break into your house.
-Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, the thing is this -- Evel Knievel
was absolutely a product of, like,
where he grew up, in Butte, Montana,
a mining town that just had bars and prostitutes,
and it was just, like, a rough kind of a place.
-Yeah. -His parents weren't around.
He was raised by his grandparents, and --
-How did he get the name, again? Was he in prison, right?
-Well, not prison, but he was in jail.
He got picked for just, you know, riff-raffing,
stuff like that as a kid, but he was in jail
next to a guy whose last name was Knofel,
and the jailer goes, "Oh, what a great night for us.
We've got Awful Knofel and Evil Knievel."
And so that was kind of, like,
the incept of his name, Evil,
and then he changed it from an "I,"
'cause he didn't want to be too bad, to an "E."
-Yeah. But he really got wrecked.
-Oh, yeah.
-I mean, just when you watch him --
-I mean, it doesn't exist.
This type of person does not exist anymore.
-No, no, they don't.
And, like, he got wrecked over and over
and over and over again.
-Oh, dude, people would tune in to watch him crash.
-Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-They didn't even want to watch him jump over a falls.
Like, they don't care about that.
They hope that it works, but it doesn't work.
He never really did anything. -No, he did.
He landed some jumps. He landed some pretty big jumps.
-Yeah, like two or three. Two or three, maybe.
But like 50 -- I'm seriously --
I cannot wait for people to see this story,
because I love him, man.
He was so cool and really went for it.
I mean, when you see it -- Like, this documentary --
I do love it.
"Last of the Gladiators."
-I think they're going to re-release it on VHS.
-Yeah. That's a giant -- Yeah. Giant business.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -But do you ride motorcycles?
-I do, yeah. I've been riding for 14 years.
-Are you scared at all? -No, no.
-Have you crashed?
-I've actually -- I've gone down in 14 years.
But, you know, that was the big thing.
A lot of people were saying, "Are you doing your own stunts?
You going to be doing all this?" And I'm like, "No, no."
Meanwhile, like, you know, a few weeks ago,
I might have been at Wheelie University, like,
learning how to do wheelies and things.
-Oh, really? -Maybe.
-Wow! -Safely, safely, safely.
-Oh, of course. Yeah, NBC. Yeah. -Oh, totally.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. -"This Is Us."
-He's protected, yeah. -Yeah, 100%.
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Milo Ventimiglia Became Evel Knievel Minus the Stunts

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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