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-And the protests are finally starting to
cause some real change.
The packaging for Aunt Jemima is now --
[ Computer chimes ]
Sorry. I'm getting a Zoom call.
Keep rolling.
Tim Barnes, hey, this is our writer, Tim Barnes.
-Hey, Jimmy.
-Hey, Tim, last time we talked it seemed like
a lot of your white friends were checking in on you.
Is that still happening?
-No, that was like a three-day thing.
-Oh. Well, what can I do for you, Tim?
-Yeah, I'm sorry to interrupt,
but I heard what you just said about Aunt Jemima.
-I know. Isn't it great?
-I mean, sure.
-You don't seem very excited.
-I mean, it's great, Jimmy, but it's not real change.
I think we need to be careful right now of Band-Aids.
-Good point, Tim.
The fact that they are finally making Band-Aids
in different skin tones is really amazing.
-No. I mean, it's a metaphorical Band-Aid.
It doesn't actually mean real change.
It's great that brands are changing their imagery
and acknowledging people of color,
but the changes that need to happen
are going to have to be really monumental.
-Agreed. I think taking down these Confederate monuments
is the change that needs to happen.
It's very exciting.
-Okay, yes, I agree with
what you're saying about the monuments.
But I don't think you hear what I'm saying.
-It's not your job to explain racism to me, Tim.
I know that's my responsibility.
-I'm not trying to explain racism to you, Jimmy.
I'm trying to explain this conversation.
All of the syrup and the monuments
and everything are great, but they're just Band-Aids.
Metaphorical ones on the symptoms of racism
but not actual changes
and the things that are the cause of racism.
-Quaker Oats.
-Was that a question?
-New "Bachelor" is going to be black?
-Is that a question?
-Yes. No?
-Jimmy, think I all of these changes are important.
But these are also corporations we're talking about.
So, yes, there are Band-Aids and syrup and a black Bachelor,
but are they even doing this for the right reasons?
-I mean, I think he is really gonna try and find love, right?
-Oh, my God, Jimmy, I can't even explain to you how upset
I will be if he is not really there to find love.
If you're not there for love, don't be there.
-Thank you!
-Who do you think will be back from previous seasons?
-I mean, who knows?
-Well, okay. Who got voted off last season?
-Tim, I really got to get back to the show, man.
-Yeah, sorry.
Okay, yeah, just wanted to Zoom in about the syrup.
-All good. Anytime.
-So call me back so we can dish on the Bach?
-You bet.
Tim Barnes, everybody.
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Tonight Show Writer Tim Barnes on Why Aunt Jemima’s Brand Retirement Isn’t Enough

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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