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  • -Check out this first photo here.

  • The original headline was, "Trump responds to Sondland."

  • The headline definitely can be improved

  • because if you only looked at the photo,

  • the headline could have been,

  • "Christmas caroler won't leave porch."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • Silent nights

  • ♪ -All is wall

  • -Check out this next photo.

  • The original headline was,

  • "Republicans face impeachment hearing setback."

  • But if you only looked at the photo,

  • the headline could have been, "Co-worker clearly not happy

  • everyone chose the vegan place for lunch."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • Next headline was,

  • "Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez promote green new deal."

  • The headline could have been,

  • "Man asks Macy's employee to direct him to trousers section."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • "Where am I now on the map?

  • [ Laughter ]

  • I'm where the X is?"

  • -"Where are the spats?"

  • -Next headline was "Buttigieg soars in Iowa."

  • Headline could have been, "Guy at Thanksgiving dinner debating

  • whether or not to cut off grandma's racist story."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • Up next, this headline says "Impeachment inquiry continues."

  • Headline could have been,

  • "Dad notices someone set the thermostat to 74!"

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • "It's warm enough!

  • Everyone, huddle together!

  • Doesn't have to be warm in the whole house."

  • [ Laughter ]

  • "Run your hands under hot water."

  • [ Laughter ]

  • The next headline was

  • "Williams and Vindman testify before House."

  • The headline could have been, "Couple still not talking

  • after arguing last night about how to load dishwasher."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • -"Forks go down."

  • -"I think you should clean them first."

  • This next headline was,

  • "Boris Johnson works towards Brexit conclusion."

  • Headline could have been,

  • "You won't believe what Draco Malfoy looks like today."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • And finally, this headline was,

  • "Queen Elizabeth rides horse at Windsor Castle."

  • Headline could have been,

  • "First photos from 'Game of Thrones' spinoff

  • leaves fans disappointed." [ Laughter ]

  • That's all the time we have for "News and Improved."

-Check out this first photo here.

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News & Improved: Trump Responds to Sondland

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/03
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