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-Bashir and Diallo, I'm so happy to have you on the show.
Thank you so much for coming on.
It means a lot to me. I appreciate it.
You look good, guys.
-Thank you.
-Hey, Bashir? -Yes.
-You have a baby?
-I have a -- I have a little boy,
Ali Michel.
He is --
-What?! -He's 6 months.
There he is.
-Oh, my goodness.
-Dude, I'm so happy to be part of the dad crew.
Let me tell you. My -- Actually, my mother-in-law was here,
and we just had, like, a little pre-Father's Day brunch
in my backyard. So that was awesome.
-Ah. Gonna be your first Father's Day.
-First Father's Day brunch. Yeah. It was cool.
I felt so weird sitting there not doing anything.
I was like, "I feel like I should do something."
But they were like, "No. Sit down."
Yeah, yeah, it's alright.
-We're growing up, man.
Hey, with everything that's happening right now,
how are you guys dealing with being funny and writing jokes?
It's kind of challenging.
-You know, Bashir and I talk about that a lot,
because I think that in some weird way,
what we do hasn't changed.
Like, we've always written what we thought was funny
and, you know, sort of spoke to what we think is the truth.
And so that hasn't really changed.
Like, the things that the world is struggling with right now,
the pandemic is -- is its own beast,
but as far as, like, the protests and the demonstrations,
like, none of those things are new.
And, so, we've been talking about them for a long time.
So when people see the special, we've had a lot of people say,
"Oh, how could you have ever predicted this,
and how could have predicted that?"
They've been on our radar for years and for most of our lives.
So if anything, the world is opening up
to a perspective we've had for a while.
-Yeah, and, you know, obviously, like, a lot of --
I listen to my wife, and I listen to my friends and family,
and I take everything that they say very seriously.
And I really do I feel blessed that we are gifted enough
to make people laugh when we do our work.
And I feel it's really nice to be able to gift that to people,
because even if people are going through
whatever they're going through,
I think people do need those breaks and those respites.
And so for us, it feels like, great, this is a perfect time
to take what God gave us and continue to use it.
And this is actually more of a time to use it,
because you never know whose -- you know, whose sunshine --
whose day you're giving a little sunshine to.
And I think that's a wonderful, wonderful thing
to be able to do. So I'm really --
I feel very, very happy that I'm able to do the work that we do
and that it's making people feel good.
And I think that's very important.
-I was gonna say, John Legend is one of the executive producers
of "Sherman's Showcase." And he always says
that if you have a gift, it's your obligation to share it,
because it might be that thing
to get somebody through some hard times.
And I think, in general, like, you know, our culture is that
we would, you know, come up with some amazing songs
to get us through hard times.
We come up with, you know, some levity
and some moments of laughter to sort of recharge our battery,
because there's a lot of work that's got to get done.
So that's just a really fancy way of saying
that, like, we still want to laugh.
We still want to love -- and love each other,
and that's really how we continue to work.
Even when the news is relentless,
that's how you got to work.
And by the way, we kind of learned it from you
and working at "Fallon," because at "Fallon," you know,
there were days when we would come in,
and the news was absolutely horrible.
-Yeah. -Even back then.
And you just were like, "What are we gonna do the show for?"
But we know that the show's got to go on,
because people are turning to the show
to bring some light in their lives.
-Speaking of good music, I received this in the mail,
and I flipped out. -Yeah.
-Flipped out.
You guys know how to do it.
-Yeah. -You guys --
This is so sweet. [ Both laugh ]
Bashir, look at you.
This is unbelievable, dude.
It's so great.
Talk to me about the "Sherman's Showcase:
Black History Month Spectacular."
-Yes. -It will air this Friday
at 10:00 p.m. on AMC.
What's the story about the Black History Month Spectacular?
-Well, I think, you know,
we always knew we wanted to do a Black History Month episode.
And at the time, we were preparing it for February.
And then the network said,
"We don't have space on the schedule.
How about in June?" And then we were like,
"It's called Black History Month Spectacular.
You can't put it in June. It's supposed to be in February."
And then we thought about it.
And we were like, actually, that's kind of funny.
So why don't we call it
the "Black History Month Spectacular,
dot, dot, dot, in June."
Like, we thought that'd be so funny.
And then everything happened with everything in the world,
and we were like, "Wow, we kind of need it now in June
more than we might have needed it in February.
So we're actually -- It's weird how it worked out that way.
-Does your nephew -- You say your nephew --
Is that who does the animation?
-My nephew, Songe. His name is Songe Riddle,
Songe with an "E." And he does all the animation.
-He didn't do the Charlie Brown animation, did he?
-Oh, he did. He did. -Yeah.
-So, yeah, so --
-Dude, he knocked it out of the park. It's great.
It's a home run.
-We wanted to do
what "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was for Christmas,
we wanted to do for Black History.
And we were like, who better to be our Peanuts Gang
than The Roots?
-That's right. -And -- [ Laughs ]
-It's so perfect.
I want to show a clip. Here's a clip of "Sherman's Showcase:
Black History Month Spectacular."
-The historian Carter G. Woodson,
who everyone will know better
once he's played by Chadwick Boseman,
declared the second week in February
to be Negro History Week.
It corresponded with the birthdays
of President Abraham Lincoln
and the abolitionist Frederick Douglass.
It was a time to celebrate our heritage and save on mattresses.
Over time, the week became a month
and was officially recognized in 1976
by President Gerald Ford.
Damn, who knew President Ford did anything?
-I feel like I should do something
to honor Black History Month, like get a tree.
-Oh, we got plenty of trees.
[ All vocalizing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" ]
-This show is everything that you guys have been doing
all into one hour special.
This is like the best of, but it's all brand-new stuff.
You guys, congrats on this stuff.
This is one of the best things that's coming out.
It's out this Friday. -Thank you.
-I want everyone to check it out on AMC, 10:00 p.m.
I'd love to talk to you guys a little bit more.
Can you stick around? -Sounds good.
-Absolutely. -Thanks, guys.
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Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle on Celebrating Black History Month In June

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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