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-Can you tell everyone the Instagram story
or you don't want to tell people that?
-Yeah. You know, I struggle with
this Instagram thing, you know?
So, I was shooting -- I'm shooting "The Suicide Squad"
in Atlanta right now.
And, yeah, it's going really well.
It's going really well. James Gunn is a genius.
And my -- Like, I'm obsessed with the Swedish soccer team.
I grew up -- I actually played on the team when I was younger.
You know, I follow all the games.
And this year, we're, like -- We're about to --
You know, we're right up there in the top.
And we're playing our biggest rival,
and I have a day off.
And I'm watching the game at home in my apartment in Atlanta.
-And you love this. -I love this.
And, you know, it's -- You know, I'm really excited,
but I'm also a little -- You know, I feel a little lonely,
because, like, all my friends are, you know,
on the other side of the Atlantic.
They're, you know, watching the game.
So to sort of feel a little connected
with everyone back home, I'm, like --
You know, I'm filming the game, you know,
while I'm watching it.
And, you know, I hear the fans singing.
So I'm like -- You know, I'm singing.
You know, like... You know, I'm like, in --
And then I upload it to Instagram.
And, you know, I'm getting comments.
You know, so I feel a little connected.
And then, you know, my girlfriend calls me,
and, you know, it's really an intense part of the game.
You know, it's a corner.
So I'm like -- I usually answer, but, you know,
I let it slip to voicemail.
And she calls again.
And I'm like, "Yeah, it's almost halftime.
I'll call her at halftime."
-"There's two more minutes."
-And then she calls a third time.
And there was something about that third call
that kind of, like, stung a little bit,
'cause she doesn't call me three times in a row.
So I pick up and I'm like, "Hey, babe.
You know, I'm watching the game."
And she's like, "Yeah, I know."
I'm like, "Oh, oh. Yeah, you saw it on Instagram."
And I'm like, "Yeah, you know, I'm just trying
to feel a little connected to the game."
She was like, "No, no, no.
We can all tell that you're really excited,
because you're showing the whole world
that you watch soccer naked."
[ Tuba plays ]
I'm like, "What are you talking about?"
She's like, "The reflection."
I'm like, "The reflection?" She was like, "Yeah.
And looks like you got the A.C. cranked up on max."
I was like, "No, no, no!"
-Dude, that is the -- And you deleted it?
-And, you know, then I went in, and before I deleted it,
I saw -- You know, when you're filming something
and you're, you know -- and you don't know,
you're doing stupid things with your body.
I was, like, going like this. I was like...
-Oh, my. -You know, it's not good.
-You can't unsee that. -Yeah.
So, but, you know, it's fine.
Only like 25,000 people saw it, so it's all good.
-I think it's the best thing ever.
Hey, you got to introduce Barack Obama
at some major event.
I was going to ask you how that went.
-I did.
Yeah, it was pretty nerve-racking.
You know, I've always -- He's, like, the one politician
that I really, like, looked up to as a person.
And it was this big event in Sweden called Brilliant Minds,
and I got the honor to introduce "Big O."
And I was going to tell him the story
of the first time I got to meet him.
And there was this Scandinavian state dinner
at The White House, and I got invited.
And we were all standing in line, you know,
to get our presidential handshake and photo op.
And this was at the time when "House of Cards"
had just come out, and I had been told
that the president and the First Lady
were big fans of the show.
So I started fantasizing a little bit.
My mind started to wander,
and I started to think, you know,
"What's it going to be like when the time comes for me
to shake the president's hand?"
-He might be excited to be shaking your hand.
-And I thought to myself, you know, like,
"Maybe I'll say something like, you know,
'Mr. President.'
And then he might say something like,
you know, 'Governor Conway.'"
You know?
And then, you know, maybe I'd laugh like...
[ Chuckles, clicks tongue ]
And then, you know, we'd have, like, a cool handshake.
You know, like, a cool handshake,
and then we'd kind of, like, bring it in.
And right in the middle of this, like, really warm embrace,
in my mind, it was actually my turn.
And, you know, the president was standing there in front of me.
And I sort of just, like, blurt out --
I was like, "Mr. President."
And I don't know if he had --
You know, maybe he hadn't gotten to my episodes yet,
'cause I didn't come in until like Episode 7.
-Just iced you? -He had no idea who I was.
And, so, there was, like, an awkward silence.
And I was just like -- All I said was like,
"Just thanks, you know, for everything."
-Security dragged you away.
-Yeah, he was like, "Slowly but surely.
You know, moving forward. Get the [bleep] out of the way."
-"Slowly but surely, moving forward,"
is what he said to you.
-But, actually --
-"Slowly but surely, moving forward."
Alright. Get him out of here.
Get him out of here. Get him the hell out of here."
-But then, actually, like, so, in the introduction thing,
you have a little cushion.
So, I went offstage,
and then, like, Big O was standing there.
And he was like, "Bring it in for a cool handshake."
And then he -- So I got it. -Oh, he did?
-I got it. -You willed it.
You willed it. See? -I willed it, yeah.
-Don't give up out there, you guys.
Dream. Always dream. -Yeah.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, we got to talk about your project.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-That's the whole reason you're here. Yeah.
-Yes. -"For All Mankind."
-Yes. -Explain what the premise is.
The premise is very cool. -Yeah.
I love this project so much.
It's a take on -- Like, the space race ended
by the U.S. winning and by that landing on the moon.
So, this is a show about like,
"How could the space race continue?"
So, our show starts with the Soviets beating the U.S.
and landing on the moon,
and then this altered timeline starts where the U.S.,
you know, being true to the American spirit,
like, doesn't give up and continues to fight.
And it's a show that is aspirational.
It's a "what if."
You know, what if we were guided by our, you know, better angels?
And it's a show about what if --
you know, what could have happened
and what could still happen if we
align our ideals in the right way.
And it's the best-written project
that I've ever been part of.
And we just got a bunch of great reviews, I'm told.
I've finally learned to not read them.
-But that's good when you get good reviews.
You're supposed to read those. -I know. Yeah, yeah.
-Yeah. -And then you can brag about it.
-Exactly. Well, it comes out Friday, I believe,
but it's already been picked up for a second season,
so congratulations on that.
-Thank you so much. Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
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Joel Kinnaman Accidentally Instagrammed Himself Watching Soccer Naked

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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