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-Hey, guys, it's Friday,
and that's usually when I check my inbox,
I return some e-mails, and of course
I write out thank-you notes.
So, let's write out some thank-you notes.
[ Piano music playing ]
Thank you, wearing a mask outside in the summer,
for introducing me to an entirely new problem --
chin sauna.
Good job, guys. What are you eating?
-Ice. -Hmm.
Thank you, FDA, saying some hand sanitizers
may contain a lethal ingredient,
for not even being in the top 100 news stories
from 2020 that give me anxiety.
[ Chuckles ]
Thank you, President Trump returning from Tulsa,
for looking like a dad who's about to tell his family,
"We have to move again."
Thank you, Disneyland, delaying your reopening,
for being good news for stopping the coronavirus,
but bad news for couples who have made Disney
their whole personality.
Really chomping on those ice back there, huh?
Thank you, "Hamilton" on Disney+,
for being such an authentic Broadway experience
that I couldn't get tickets.
[ Laughs ]
You can press other buttons if you feel like it now, guys.
It's up to you. Thank you...
-Ooh, uhh. -...summer --
-Ooh... -Music, please.
Music, please. -Ooh, uhh.
-Music, please. Why would I --
Music -- Music, please. Why would I do that?
Thank you, summer solstice,
for being the longest day of the year
in the longest year in history.
Music, please. -Ooh, uhh.
-[ Sighs ] -Ooh, uhh, ooh, uhh.
-Thank you -- Music, please.
-Ooh, uhh. Ooh, uhh. -Music, please.
Thank you... [ Chuckles ]
Music, please. Music, please.
Music, please. -Ooh, uhh.
[ Laughter ] -Thank you,
Declaration of Independence... -Ooh, uhh.
-Yeah, "ooh, uhh." Thank you.
-Ooh, uhh.
-Thank you, Declaration of Independence,
for being the original
"I'm so mad, I'm gonna write a letter!"
-Ooh, yeah!
-Music, please. -Ooh, uhh!
-Ahh... -Thank you...
coleslaw, for looking like someone threw
a bunch of grass clippings in a bowl of milk.
-And finally, thank you, water slides,
for being crazy straws for people.
Thank you very much. Those are our thank-you notes.
Thank you for being great,
for playing that music, you guys.
Really great job.
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Thank You Notes: Disneyland Delays Reopening, Hamilton on Disney+

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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