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-"World of Dance," it's coming back.
-It is. -May 26th, Tuesday nights.
-Yes. Season 4. -10:00 p.m. Season 4.
By the way, I've heard through the grapevine at NBC
that this is the season.
You've upped your game.
-You do three seasons and you know this
'cause you've done your show a long time too now.
You start thinking like, "What else can we do?
How can we change it, make it more exciting?"
You know, change the journey a little bit.
You know, the show is what it is.
It's dancers, the best dancers in the world.
The Olympics of dance, competing for a million dollar prize.
That's basically the show,
but it's like how do we get to know the contestants more?
How do we get in on the journey earlier?
And we just kind of reformatted things.
And we started them on a small warehouse
where they have just some producers,
and then they walk in and they see the three of us there.
So we're with them from the beginning
all the way to the end this time, which is really great.
-It's fascinating because, you know, you clearly know
how to dance, but these dance moves are sort of like flips.
It's almost like they're -- -Tricks.
-They're like floating and, yes. It's crazy.
I've never seen anything like it ever.
But it's great to watch. It's so much fun.
-Yeah, it's -- we have some really --
and every year it seems like they get more athletic.
And they're combining different styles together
and more tricks and more things.
And it's not just about a flip or this.
It's about how you can kind of incorporate it
and really create something emotional for people to see.
That's what we're looking for.
-Always evolving.
And it's great for us because it's our lead-in.
So we need something at 10:00.
It is great ratings for us.
We're like, "Yes, we love it so much.
So, please, keep it on year round."
We love it, and before I let you go --
I promise I will let you go, too.
We ask everybody if they have a charity or spotlight
or anything they like to highlight.
You chose Feeding America. -Yes.
-You've done so much stuff already.
But let's talk about just for now Feeding America.
-Yeah, we did Feeding America. We've done Common Thread.
But Feeding America is to feed the families in need right now.
A lot of people, by the way, they're not getting these checks
from the government that they're waiting for.
And they're not working, and I know because I have some friends
who are going through this right now.
So, guys, like, let's get on that.
-[ Laughs ] Yeah.
-But, you know, there's a lot of people out there
who are struggling from day to day, you know, just to eat.
And in the United States, it's unheard of, you know?
So it was definitely a charity that we wanted to take part in.
-So, if you guys at home could donate anything,
go to feedingamerica.org/tonightshow
and give anything.
Even a dollar bill goes so far. You have no idea.
Thank you so much for even considering donating.
And, Jennifer, thanks for being on.
I love you so much.
-I love ya!
-I was gonna say, hug your mom, but you can't because she's --
so talk to her on the phone
and tell her that I love her and hug Alex.
-I will. I will. And I'll hug Alex and I'll hug the kids.
And everybody should be doing the same right now.
You know what? This time is a little bit crazy,
but once everything gets back to normal, we won't have it.
And we'll miss a little bit of this time.
We'll be thinking about it.
We'll talk about it for a long, long time,
probably for the rest of our lives.
-That's the attitude, bud.
Alright. I love you. Thank you. -Love you too. Bye.
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Jennifer Lopez on Changes Coming to World of Dance

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 3, 2020
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