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>> JEFF KROLL: Hi, my name is Jeff Kroll and I'm responsible for supply
chain and quality systems for McDonald's Restaurants in Canada.
So, we are here today filming a video about our beef.
We get asked questions all the time about our beef and one of those is from
Amy K., and she asked the question, "Is McDonald's beef rinsed in ammonia
or any other type of chemicals to ensure that it doesn't contain e.coli bacteria?"
Amy, it's a great question, and i can ensure you that we don't use ammonia in our beef.
In fact, it's not allowed to be used in food processing- it's
illegal in Canada and there's no other chemicals that are used.
Our beef arrives here in a sealed truck and it's inspected and it's used generally
within about a day and a half. All the beef comes from farms across Canada and
every beef patty that goes into a McDonald's Restaurant is produced right here in Sprucegrove, Alberta.
Our next question is from Micah G. from Calgary Alberta
and Micah's question is "Is it true that 100% real beef
means the whole nasty cow ground up in a big grinder guts and all?" And
Micah, the answer is absolutely not. The beef comes in two types- in lean and fat.
We mix them together, grind them, to make medium ground beef just like you would get at a grocery store.
There is absolutely no additives or fillers and no chemicals.
Our next question is from Catherine W. from Waterloo, Ontario.
And her question is "If you don't use any fillers,binders
or additives in your patties, how do they stick together instead of just crumbling apart?"
The key is for the patties to come out of the farming machine right at the freezing mark.
It then takes us about 24 minutes to completely freeze the patties
and that's how we keep them together.
We actually make about 3 million patties a day and over 70 million pounds a year.
Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed your visit and
I hope we answered all your questions about how we make our beef.
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See How McDonald's Canada Hamburger Patties Are Made

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