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Samuel Leo Fisher was born in Towson, Maryland, in 1957.
So he's older than I thought or offend at a young age.
He spent his youth at a military boarding school.
His goal was to join the CIA and follow in the footsteps of his late father.
Sam's career in government work was an impressive one, joining both the CIA and the Navy SEALs.
During this time, he found he at a particular neck for espionage and, ladies see on one of his missions, he fired off a few rounds into the wrong target and knocked her up.
So he married her.
They had a daughter named Sarah and Sam Fisher lived happily ever after.
No, wait.
He got divorced after three years in, his ex died of ovarian cancer.
Laughter with no other family about his daughter.
Sam, retired just 47 years old.
This time, he'd spend the rest of his days in Peace way all know how it goes.
Sam was too good to leave the agents like forever and was recruited by Third Echelon, a top secret sub branch of the N s.
1/3 Ashlan wanted Sam for their new black ops unit, focused on infiltrating Impenetrable locations, extracting information and escaping even the most impossible scenarios.
They called it the Splinter cell program.
Oh yeah, let me come out of retirement.
Do that the completely impossible talk.
But talk quiet.
I'll tell you anything, the biggest coward you've ever met.
That's quite a clean.
I've already went myself.
Well, then you've made the top 10 well.
Luckily, like other agents of stealth, Sam Fisher didn't have to work alone.
His support comes from Anna Grimm's daughter or Grimm, who communicates with Sam through subdermal implants in his ear.
It's just a tiny ear piece, which operates by directly vibrating the bones of his inner ear so only Sam can hear her.
Luigi's vibrating his bones.
E What is with you today?
I don't know.
Grimm is a world class hacker who started as third echelons lead programmer and might be aging backwards.
But that's irrelevant.
Together, they are a formidable team, although salmon grim have very different approaches to a mission and can sometimes butt heads.
While Grimm is very by the books, Fisher prefers to follow his instincts.
For better or worse, he will completely abandon a well laid plan over a mere hunch.
Surprisingly, this works out better than you think.
See, you don't always have the bland out, every little detail about every little thing.
I thought we agreed to never discuss that trip.
I just wanted a juror.
But no, it wasn't in the schedule, but it was delicious.
Oh, shut up, broomstick.
I'll kill you.
Grim direct Sam's movements, keeping him invisible on the field, along with the latest in stealth gear.
Hey, sports the Mark eight Technical operations suit a light diffusing black armor that's layered with Kevlar and rhino plate to help protect against bullets along with a layer of Gortex, a material that suppresses his heat signature to make him invisible to night vision.
But that's just a glimpse of the stealthy assassin that is Sam Fisher.
Tune in Tomorrow for a special early episode of Death Battle, where Sam Fisher takes on Solid Snake.
That's right, it happens tomorrow.
But right now check out the one minute Malay season finale, Kent Woman versus Black Widow Or find out if Nintendo's newest Games platoon is any good.
I hope it is.
Click the magical boxes.
Thanks for watching.
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Sam Fisher drops into DEATH BATTLE!

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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