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he's a review from BBC Learning English Hello and welcome to News Review The program where we show you how to use the language from the latest news headlines in your every day.
English Hi, I'm Neil and joining me is Tom.
Hello, Tommy.
Hello, Neil.
Hello audience.
Tell us what your story is.
Today's story is about tropical fruit who doesn't love tropical fruit?
Let's find out some more from this BBC World Service News Bulletin.
If you're a mango lover, you might consider this a good problem to have.
But for farmers in the Philippines, two million kilograms of surplus mangoes has sent prices plummeting, and it's slash their income.
The government, meanwhile, is trying to make sure the excess mangoes don't rots by encouraging people to buy more and cook more.
So the stories about mangoes there are too many mangoes.
In the Philippines, farmers have grown two million kilograms more mangoes than they need.
This is bad for them because it's making the price of mangoes drop, and the government are trying to encourage people to eat more mangoes and cook with more mangoes to get rid of them.
OK, it's good.
It's great for mango lovers.
That isn't it.
Yeah, it's a Philippines.
Shall we got a possible?
Okay, you've been looking at this story and you've picked out three words and expressions.
What are Yeah.
Okay, so they are.
Get rid off golden opportunity and sell like hotcakes.
So get rid off golden opportunity and sell like hot cakes.
Tom, get rid of how is that appearing?
In your first headline, I will tell you my first headline is from delish dot com food website.
It says Philippines introduced a campaign to get rid off two million kilos of extra mangoes.
Get rid off, Dispose off, throw away.
If this word means dispose off, why do we just not say dispose of Why do I need this complicated three word?
Would you make some very formal if you said that I get rid off is a very common expression.
Very common indeed.
Actually, I think I said it before.
You did?
What else can you tell us about it?
So the meaning comes from objective.
And the adjective is rid.
If we are rid of something, it means we don't have something.
We're not in a state of owning something.
For example, you've forgotten something I'm not supposed to have my pass on.
So I'm going to rid myself of my past, get rid off my past because after get rid off, we use it now.
Or or a pronoun or a pronoun.
So, for example, I was watching a football match the other night.
Already wanted my team to win.
It was one nil.
Yeah, there was only 30 seconds left, and one of the defenders was just playing around with old.
They on the ball down there.
Do you know?
So we shout at him, get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of it.
Take it away first, for example, in this headline, the Philippines needs to get rid off these mangoes they've got too many on.
They need to be taken away to other places.
Okay, let's have a look.
Now, your second headline.
Please tell my second headline Very easy for me because the headline is actually our piece of vocabulary.
It's room Enquirer dot net from the business section.
It says Golden opportunity.
Yes, a golden opportunity is an excellent chance to do something.
Now we will know the word opportunity that golden golden about it.
Why is that being used here?
I think gold is very precious, isn't it?
Has sort of this idea of money about it.
So a golden opportunity is a really good opportunity.
It's a really great chance that we can take.
Yes, we used Golden to describe things that are good in general.
You might hear about a golden era for, you know, film or movies or something like that.
Yeah, a golden rule is a rule we always follow.
Or a golden handshake is when you get money for entering a job for the first time.
Okay, there is an extra meaning here.
Isn't there connected to the mango itself?
Do you know why?
If you peel the mango, what color is it?
Well, it's kind of its gold is its gold.
And if you're a mango buyer, it's a golden opportunity.
It's a good opportunity, and it's an opportunity when you could make money from mangoes.
Now have you ever had a golden opportunity?
I'm sure you have.
We would love to hear about it in the comments on this page and, of course, don't forget to subscribe.
They shouldn't forget to subscribe.
They shouldn't.
This is a golden opportunity for you to never miss anything that Neil I or anybody else doesn't say.
Please subscribe.
Moving on now to our third and final headline.
Ah, third and final headline is from inquired dot net.
Again, it's actually from the news section.
It says Mangoes sell like hotcakes At D A fruit event D.
A's Department of Agriculture sell like hot cakes, meaning sell quickly due to popularity.
Okay, this is a bit weird, Tom.
We're talking about mangoes and then comparing them to cakes.
What's going on?
It's not as weird as you think, Neil, because a lot of people like cakes.
Great demand for cakes, especially when they're hot and they know very quickly nice and fresh out the oven.
So it's I side.
Excuse me.
It's the idea of large quantities of something being sold quickly.
For example, everyone's gonna want to buy hot cakes before they get cold.
Um, so is it just sell like hotcakes?
Weaken, say, Or can we use another verb there?
No way we can use Go, for example.
So in the headline, it says mango sell like hotcakes.
Everyone wants to buy the mangoes You could also say the mangos go like hotcakes.
They are going like hotcakes.
Yeah, many people around the world.
Um ah.
Pretty into the cricket world Cup of them They are, which is in England.
Well done.
If you got a ticket.
Yes, well, exactly for us living here, it's a golden opportunity to go and see some World Cup cricket.
But unfortunately, the tickets went like hot cakes.
They went like hotcakes.
I couldn't.
My one.
They've gone already.
Yeah, they've gone like hotcakes.
Wasn't excellent.
Used to piece of vocabulary at once.
Well done.
Um, the other thing we can do is we can separate cell and like so you could say there are websites, for example, the websites or selling World Cup tickets like hotcakes.
Okay, they're selling them very quickly and in a large amount.
Anything else we need to say about this word?
We often eat with the present continuous because he used the cricket World Cup, which is something that's happening now.
So there's a sense that they are selling like hotcakes is continuous action of selling tickets.
You often see it with continuous tenses time.
Now then, for a recap of our vocabulary.
Please, Tom.
Of course.
A recap of today's vocabulary.
Get rid off, Dispose.
We'll throw away golden opportunity, an excellent chance to do something and sell like hot cakes to sell quickly due to popular demand.
If you would like to test yourself on this vocabulary, there's a quiz you can take on our website BBC Learning english dot com, where you can find all kinds of other videos and activities to help you improve your English.
And of course, we also have a free app.
Thank you for joining us and good bye.
See you next time.
He's a review from BBC Learning English.
Thank you for watching the video.
I hope you enjoyed it.
Remember, we have lots more videos for you to watch to help you improve your English.
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Mango surplus in the Philippines: News Review

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 1, 2020
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