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My first time in the pool, I was 50 years old.
My coach was in the water telling me "Jump in, Vivian."
He said "Haven't you been baptized?"
I said "Not like this."
I was afraid.
What is gonna happen to me in all this water?
The kids said: "Look at that old lady trying to learn how to swim."
And I said to myself, "Why not now?"
And I jumped in.
I heard that blind people can't swim.
Oh yes they can!
And here you are showing off your first medal at your first Senior Olympics.
Oh, you were so proud of that, but now you have accumulated how many?
Mm-hmm, and still racking them up.
Here's the "L.A. Times" article.
"Doctor's warning made a champion of her."
You took that warning and ran with it, didn't you?
When I was 50, the doctor told me I was gonna die if I didn't lose the weight.
I was 320 pounds.
I had my teeth wired to lose weight.
That was so dangerous.
Something clicked into my head.
I realized it's up to me to take control.
You're kicking my butt, Vivian.
I am?
Yeah, you are, you should see it.
I went from a size 24 to a size 12.
I look delicious.
I look good.
I'm healthier.
I have more energy.
I started a foundation that teaches swimming lessons free.
I've become a city commissioner for people with disabilities.
On my 70th birthday, I got up rejoicing.
My work is not finished.
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Estelle published on June 30, 2020    Estelle translated    adam reviewed
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