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O Lord, where are You?
Brothers and sisters can't receive any supply.
They hunger and thirst and their faith grows cold.
Some no longer attend the services, distracted by the world.
But I'm unable to support them, because I am weak.
Lord. May You revive the church…
The sermon was boring. I didn't enjoy it.
I think you're right.
It's just the same old sermon again and again.
There's nothing new.
Coming to the service doesn't solve any problems.
I'm getting tired of it.
Do you think we can really enter the kingdom of heaven?
Sister, you can't say that.
Didn't Pastor Chen tell us?
We will all be raptured when the Lord returns.
I might stop coming.
I've so many things to do at home. I just feel that …
Hey, Pastor Chen.
Hi. You're all still here.
Hey, Pastor Chen, you're leaving now?
Yeah. It's cold out here. You'd better head home.
See you later.
Sister Gao, you're still here?
Pastor Chen.
I'm disturbed.
I just don't know how to be after the Lord's heart.
So I need your advice.
Thank the Lord.
May He lead us. Please explain your problem.
Our factory has had so much work.
My husband has asked me to come and help him.
That means I wouldn't have time to take care of the service,
which has made me struggle with which I should be doing.
Sister Gao, you know that our church needs a host.
No matter what, abandoning the mission and service
is not after the Lord's heart.
Which I feel, too.
I know my husband is burnt out from working very hard all day long,
and still I do nothing to help him.
This doesn't glorify the Lord's name.
Sister Gao, since you said so, I can say nothing more.
Of course, you're aware of the condition of our church,
that it really needs you.
Lord have mercy. Someone will be raised up in my place.
Brother Lin is zealous and donated much.
His grave illness was quite unexpected.
How could it come to this?
So many bad things have happened in our church lately.
We must pray for Brother Lin, ask the Lord to care for him.
We must tell others about it and ask them to pray as well.
I don't understand.
What's happening to the church?
Why doesn't the Lord keep us?
I think the Lord is testing us.
I almost forgot I met Brother Liu on my way home yesterday.
He's moving out of town for work.
He's what? He said he was going?
Yeah. That's what he said to me.
And did he tell you why?
He was in a rush to go shopping.
So I couldn't ask him more.
I thought if you could find a little time,
you could talk to him about it.
Let's go.
Pastor Chen, fewer and fewer are coming to services.
Most co-workers became weak.
We must find a way to restore it.
Yes. I've been praying a lot about it.
I haven't received any answers.
Do you have any suggestions?
What about a dinner meeting once every week?
All the brothers and sisters can communicate with each other.
And the long-time believers can testify
to encourage those whose faith might have weakened.
Brother Chen, you can stop reading now.
My mind's made up.
Brother Liu, please think this over.
I am quite sorry for you.
You've served the Lord for so many years.
So tell me, how can you give up so easily?
Is there some difficulty in your life?
Brother Chen, to be honest,
the difficulty in my life isn't the only reason that I've decided this.
I'm hesitant to tell all of this to you.
Please don't worry. Just go ahead.
I am a minister.
But there are some things.
It just isn't right for me to say.
But I would like you to hear the truth now.
I've believed for a long time.
I pray every day and read the Bible.
But I am always alone in darkness.
I can't feel God's presence.
I have no way to go.
And what am I going to do if this continues?
What if the Lord rejects me?
Other believers also seem to …
Brother Liu, the Lord's promise is reliable.
The Lord has promised us,
Haven't you often said to others
just wait patiently until the day when the Lord comes back to rapture us?
Thanks for the Lord's mercy.
Brother Chen, I can preach a lot about faith.
Faith can't come from wishful thinking, though.
Don't try to persuade me anymore.
I'm really indebted to the Lord.
Hello, Sister Cai? Thank the Lord.
I haven't seen you in church for a long time.
How are you doing?
Fridays we're having a kind of dinner meeting.
We can get together.
That's right.
And we can have the chance to talk as well.
Yeah. Then I will see you at the meal?
Oh. That's great! Bye.
Brothers and sisters, peace to you!
And to you!
I would like to thank the Lord for such a good time.
So we can get together and enjoy the Lord's grace!
This meeting will hopefully connect our hearts
in the bountiest love of the Lord.
It says in Romans 12:5,
Today, how nice to see all of you brothers and sisters here
who may not have been to service in a long time!
Thank the Lord!
Thank the Lord!
I hope that within this meeting,
we can have a good spiritual communication and sustain one another.
And those who have testimonies
testify all the wonderful ways the Lord has blessed you.
Or in other words, let's fellowship!
And now let us all sing a hymn.
What a wonderful turnout!
It's been so long since she's been to the service.
This is a good turnout.
May be twice a month, and different menus each time, all right?
Worried about my son's marriage.
I've been so busy with it.
No way could I find the time to come to church.
I'm really indebted to the Lord.
Sister Wang.
Does your son have insurance?
No, not yet.
Ah. You had better find him some.
General plans are pretty good.
Oh, yes. A sister sells the plans.
The care is excellent. Yeah.
Well, here's the soup, sisters!
Oh, here's more soup.
I bought the same plan last year. It's good! You should try it.
You won't be sorry.
Hey, so how'd you feel about our health product?
Oh! It was amazing! I really liked it!
My skin has never felt so soft and lustrous.
Well, I think it was a big success.
How do you feel about our dinner meeting?
Thank the Lord. It was pretty good, wasn't it?
Many believers who haven't been to church in a while,
they showed up tonight.
You're right.
So many of them we haven't seen for a long time.
I truly feel God's love.
Because of today's meeting,
our brothers and sisters who are weak
will all come back to the Sunday service, don't you think?
I think they will. I spoke with many of them
and I asked them to come back to the service.
They said they were coming.
Thank the Lord.
Hurry up, you'll be late.
You're not gonna go?
I think we'll have a lot of people there today.
I have a meeting with our son's wife.
I'll go next week. Time to leave.
Well, goodbye.
Brothers and sisters, peace to you.
And to you!
In your Bibles, please turn to Matthew 7:13.
O Loving Lord Jesus! Where are You?
The church, it is desolate.
All the sheep are lost. And I am powerless to help.
I am unworthy of Your good grace.
My Lord, what should I do now?
Co-workers, this is the end of today's meeting.
If you have any questions, then please ask now.
Elder Qian, there's a question that I would like to ask. (Hmm.)
The day of the Lord is soon coming.
Yeah. Right.
But we don't have anything new to preach. (Yeah.)
Believers can't get any supply, distracted by the world.
Less and less attend the service.
What can we undertake to combat this terrible plight?
It is normal that the church is in this position.
Of the Lord's return, the Bible says,
So then all of us must patiently wait and pray more.
The Lord will surely appear to us.
Wouldn't you agree, Pastor Chen?
But, elder, I am so greatly concerned. (Yeah.)
At this rate, our churches will soon be empty. (Yeah.)
We are the lead sheep.
When the Lord returns,
how can we give account for all of this?
Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah.
It says in Revelation 3:15 and 16,
If this continues, will we be rejected by the Lord?
Yeah. No one knows for sure.
What will all of us do if we are rejected by the Lord?
Yeah. Right. Yes.
Pastor Chen, the Lord's reliable and faithful.
So it is important that we have faith in Him. Never doubt.
The church is in the condition that it's in,
because the Lord wants to test our faith.
Did the Lord really forsake us?
O Lord! Why is the church so desolate?
What should we do?
My Lord! I've come to a dead end.
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Gospel Movie Clip "Caught the Last Train" (1) - Search for the Lord's Footprints

41 Folder Collection
libby published on June 25, 2020
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