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  • a new study shows that children who eat fast food

  • have lower IQ's causation

  • correlation that's really the question I have this is the study

  • that was conducted at the University of London

  • reports that children who consume more fast food

  • in there adulthood have lower IQ's than those who eat regularly fresh cooked

  • meals four thousand Scottish children aged three to five

  • were examined to compare the intelligence dampening effect if bad

  • fast food consumption versus quote from scratch

  • meals and doctor Sophie bonds done with the Department of Psychology at the

  • University of London says

  • its common sense that the type of food we eat will affect brain development but

  • previous research

  • only looked at the effect that specific food group

  • on children's IQ rather than at generic

  • types up meals higher fast food consumption by children

  • was linked with lower intelligence and this was even after adjustments were wet

  • were made

  • for wealth and social status there's another study

  • from the University other de lead in Australia

  • which was published a couple years ago which shows that toddlers who consume

  • junk food

  • grow less smart as they get older

  • in that study seven thousand children were examined at the age of six months

  • then again it 15 months and two years to examine their diet

  • when they were examined at age 8 the children who were consuming more

  • unhealthy food at IQ IQ's that were about two points lower

  • then those who were eating a wholesome diet

  • this is a fascinating study I don't deny that and I don't deny the effect

  • %uh diet on intelligent and development however

  • we have to ask is this an instance of causation

  • or correlation in the sense that number one there

  • is there is debate over the heritability

  • how hereditary IQ is let's assume

  • it is to some extent hereditary but still drastically influenced by

  • back tears during upbringing if we assume that

  • the there is a slight tendency for the parents above the children

  • who have the more fast food the heavy fast-food diets

  • to have slightly lower IQ's already we know that lower IQ

  • in adulthood is linked as is socioeconomic status

  • to higher consumption is fat a fast-food

  • so it stands to reason that the children who have more fast food

  • are ending up will lower IQ's not necessarily

  • as a result eating fast food but because

  • at least the heritability aspect a bit

  • is related to their parents lower IQ's is this possible Louis I think we have

  • to ask this question yeah

  • I think so but I i youth big that you have to admit that it is

  • are almost certain that stopping yourself

  • although chemicals while your brain is developing certainly would have an

  • impact

  • no question about it I think that there are numerous factors here I

  • also I would agree with louis that they're probably is some

  • impact from the food from the diet itself and number three I would say that

  • even though the study says it adjusted for socioeconomic factors

  • the the effects the overall

  • facts above wealth and and income

  • on children me are difficult often to quantify and qualify specifically so

  • even though I agree an attempt was made to normalize for socioeconomic factors

  • I think there's probably more to that that wasn't taking into account in the

  • study is very tough to

  • absolutely normalize for socio-economic impact when it comes to you two studies

  • so I think that all three of those things are factors here

  • XO yeah there there are just so many variables in a situation like this that

  • I I think it can be hard to determine

  • I think what is absolutely clear is that there is no positive affect

  • to having a a diet high in fast food and junk food when you're a kid that we can

  • be

  • absolutely sure I'll even if we debate the specifics at this particular study

  • let's take a break we have a lot to talk about today we'll also be talking in

  • very interesting interview today

  • about for profit colleges this is something we haven't talked about

  • I think since the 2012 election stay tuned for that report

a new study shows that children who eat fast food

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Study: Kids Who Eat Fast Food Have Lower IQs

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