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-Welcome to "Late Night." How's everybody doing?
I just found out we have termites,
so I guess I am doing this for an audience.
Let's get to the news.
The Supreme Court today blocked
the Trump administration's attempt
to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program
that protects more than 700,000 immigrants
from deportation.
Man, how many times is the Supreme Court
going to shut him down this week?
Tomorrow they're going to say, "We're also making it illegal
to wear suits that look like trash bags.
Sorry, my man."
President Trump tweeted today about
former national security adviser John Bolton's new book
and said, quote, "Wacko John Bolton's exceedingly tedious
'New York Times' book is made up of lies and fake stories,
said all good about me in print
until the day I fired him.
A disgruntled, boring fool who only wanted to go to war
and never had a clue, was ostracized
and happily dumped. What a dope."
Okay, but, you know, everyone already knew that,
and then you hired him.
Trump's like a McDonald's manager who puts
a golden retriever on the register
and then gets mad about the long line.
It was never going to work.
In a new interview,
former national security adviser John Bolton said
he believes that Putin thinks he can play President Trump,
quote, "like a fiddle."
I don't know. Fiddles are notoriously hard to play.
If anything, Putin is playing Trump like a drum machine.
[ Russian accent ] "Yes, I like this music."
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway
told reporters yesterday that publishing
former national security advisor John Bolton's upcoming
tell-all book is a national security risk.
And for once, I got to agree with her.
The organizers of hundreds of LGBTQ Pride events
across the world have announced that they will
hold a virtual experience later this month,
which will include speeches
from former Vice President Joe Biden
and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
But other than that, it should be a lot of fun.
The Senate yesterday passed a bill to spend nearly $3 billion
on conservation projects.
Unfortunately, it's for the conservation
of confederate statues.
I know.
But you can't let a beauty like that go into disrepair.
The former CEO of Bumble Bee tuna
was sentenced to three years in jail on Tuesday
for his role in a tuna price-fixing conspiracy.
Well, technically, one year for the price fixing,
and two years for bringing tuna into the courtroom.
"It was evidence, you guys."
This Sunday is Father's Day, the day we all pretend,
"What time is it where you are?" counts as conversation.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday
that New York City is expected to enter Phase 2 of reopening
starting Monday, which is odd,
since Phase 40 apparently started last week.
And finally, the CEO of Netflix announced yesterday
that he will donate $120 million
to historically black colleges around the country.
The news was first reported as a new Netflix category.
And that is a monologue.
Thank you, termites.
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Supreme Court Blocks Trump Administration from Ending DACA

28 Folder Collection
izumis007 published on June 21, 2020
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