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You all say that the Lord has come back. Where is He? Who has seen Him?
Do we believe the lord Jesus is the true God
because of seeing Him?
Sister Qi, you all say that the Lord has come back.
Where is He? Who has seen Him?
Momo, I ask you a question first.
Do we believe the Lord Jesus is the true God because of seeing Him?
Now among so many believers in Jesus,
no one believes in Him because of seeing His flesh, right?
The Bible says,
Because we've received peace, grace, and blessing in believing in the Lord,
we are certain that Jesus is the true God.
Besides, the Bible records that the Lord's word is the truth,
so we believe that Jesus is the Lord, right?
Right! Since you all believe that the Lord Jesus has come back,
do you have any evidence?
Of course we have. Auntie.
We believe the Lord has come back
according to the word God expresses in the end time.
From God's word and utterance,
we recognize that Almighty God is Jesus who has returned in the flesh.
Yes, we're not believing groundlessly.
The Lord Jesus prophesied that He would return in the end time.
Actually, the Lord's returning in the end time is to save man.
He will surely bring the work He wants to do,
express the words He wants to say, and reveal His disposition. (Mm.)
From God's work, words, and disposition,
we can see that He has God's substance and God's being.
So, we can recognize that He is the returned Lord Jesus.
Momo, you haven't read the words God expresses in the end time,
so don't condemn it blindly.
Well, let us read to you a passage of words God expresses in the end time
and you discern it yourself.
We can't force you to accept (Right.)
but only hope you can make an investigation before drawing a conclusion.
I don't wanna listen.
Words are but wind; seeing is believing.
I haven't seen the Lord comes,
so I won't believe no matter how well you fellowship.
Momo, if we circumscribe the Lord's returning with our notions,
you won't know Him even if you see Him with your own eyes.
Think it over.
Isn't it the believers in God who crucified the Lord Jesus?
Yes, so what?
In retrospect,
at that time many Jews and Pharisees waited for Messiah every day;
however, when Messiah really came, they didn't know nor believe in Him.
They couldn't recognize that Messiah is Jesus
and they even condemned and blasphemed Him.
Didn't they still crucify Jesus?
Nevertheless, those Gentiles had never seen Jesus' flesh,
but they believed in and followed Jesus
through listening to Jesus' way from others.
Right, Momo. Without a heart of seeking,
even if one sees God with his own eyes, he won't know Him. (Yes.)
And he will condemn God.
Momo, let's read a passage of God's words together.
We all know that the Bible prophesied,
in the end time, God will open the scroll and break the seven seals.
The Holy Spirit will speak to the churches and supply man all the truths.
God will reward the good and punish the evil; God will decide man's outcome.
In the end time, God will express the mysteries and truths we have never heard,
do the work of judging man,
and bring those who are purified by His word into the pleasant destination.
Almighty God expresses millions of words
and discloses all the mysteries in the Bible.
He tells us God's six-thousand-year management plan,
the inside truth of God's three stages of works, and the mystery of incarnation.
Besides, He exposes and dissects the root of corrupt mankind's sinning
and shows us the way of having our disposition transformed,
so that those who truly follow Him can thoroughly break free
from the fallen life of committing sins in the day and confessing them at night.
With such work and such words, nobody can achieve.
From that we can completely confirm that
this is the true way and the appearing of the true God.
Sister Qi, since you all say that the Lord has come back,
let me ask you: In the past, we were great in faith and very strong in spirit.
Even though we were very busy and had many things to handle,
we didn't forget the Lord.
Moreover, every time we had a meeting, we could receive some light.
Now the co-workers raise envy and strife among themselves,
there are divisions in the churches,
and many believers become passive and weak and grow cold in faith.
Doesn't the Lord know these?
Why are the churches still so desolate after the Lord comes?
What you asked is the question that had been puzzling me for years.
Now through reading Almighty God's words,
I understand the real reason why the churches are desolate.
Xiaomo, you can read this passage of God's words.
Xiaomo, from God's words we can see
now the whole religious world is disordered and desolate,
because the Holy Spirit has already stopped working
in the churches of the Age of the Grace
and started to do the work of the Age of the Kingdom.
Only the God of today is the spring of living water.
Only those who follow the working of the Holy Spirit can have strength.
Right, Momo. As a matter of fact,
you know better about the situation of the churches than me.
After investigating many times, your dad and I firmly believe
that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus from God's word.
Xiaomo, can you accept our fellowship?
Mm, but I still have some questions.
OK, tell me.
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Gospel Movie "Mission of Love" (1) - How to Recognize the Returned Jesus

5 Folder Collection
frank chun published on June 20, 2020
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