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Yo I'm Heartzel from Malaysia
So, the purpose of this video
I want to make a "Double Ralik Whistle" Tutorial for all of you
So, you call it "Hii"
After that close your tongue
Go up to the ceiling and don't cover everything
leave empty in the middle
So, the second part
after you can "Ralik Whistle"
like this one
so, while you do "Ralik Whistle" that
You have to close the front lip
Cover tightly
As you can see, at the end of my lips I didn't close tightly
Because, I want the wind out left and right lips
Okay, maybe that's all
and if you still can't understand the comments below, I'm ready to help
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Heartzel Whistle Tutorial

19 Folder Collection
單純 published on June 17, 2020
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