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In this video today, we've decided to share with you ten things that you should not do when learning a foreign language, so let's jump right in.
Number 1: Don't start with all you've got, because soon you'll be feeling frustrated and you're going to want to give up; instead, start slowly and improve along the way.
Number 2: Don't be afraid to speak.
If you wait until you're ready, you'll be waiting a long time, so just speak.
Number 3: Don't apologize for making mistakes.
Making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.
Unless you've unintentionally insulted someone, don't apologize.
Remember, embarrassing moments are educational and memorable.
Number 4: Don't be afraid to ask questions.
It's okay to say, "I'm sorry. Can you please repeat what you've said?".
Number 5: Don't forget that you can always paraphrase.
You don't have to speak exactly as it should be if you can explain what you mean.
Number 6: Don't translate.
Try to understand the meaning of the phrase instead of translating it word by word.
Number 7: Don't do long study sessions.
Learning a new language is fun; don't turn it into a task that you have to do.
Number 8: Don't just use any material.
Use the right books and the right apps.
More to it in our future videos.
Number 9: Don't forget cognates.
If you speak French, for example, and you want to learn Spanish or Italian, cognates can be very useful.
Number 10: Don't think immersion is all about living abroad.
Although it is the best thing you could do, it's not necessary to travel abroad to learn a new language.
Remember, every one learns differently.
If you can understand and can be understood, you're already halfway there.
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10 Things you SHOULD NOT do when learning a foreign language

782 Folder Collection
nanako.kamiya published on June 16, 2020
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