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Jennifer Lopez is taking back her crown as the rom-com queen! The trailer for her new film 'Second Act' just dropped and you don't want to miss the sweet moment her character shares with Milo Ventimiglia's!    The rom-com is back, and so is leading lady Jennifer Lopez! STX Entertainment released the first trailer for its film Second Act on July 19, and we're SO here for it
JLo stars in the movie as a 40-something year-old woman who ends up landing a dream job thanks to some major embellishments on her resume
Seriously, this isn't just saying you know Excel when you don't. She had convincing photo-shopped photos of her with Barack Obama and said she was fluent in Mandarin
(Or, well, her best friend's son said all those things and applied to the job behind her back, but still
)    But having JLo return to her romantic comedy glory isn't the only excellent casting decision that was made
 Milo Ventimiglia stars as her husband, and yes, he does totally give off those supportive hubby Jack Pearson vibes that we love so much about his This Is Us character
The pair even share an affectionate kiss early in the trailer, so you know these two are gonna end up hitting you right in the feels with their adorable onscreen marriage
JLo's real-life best friend Leah Remini also plays her best friend in the movie, which honestly, what more could you ask for? Oh, you want a spunky co-worker who ends up looking up to JLo's character despite not knowing her true identity? Cool, Vanessa Hudgens has got that covered!  We haven't seen Jen star in a rom-com since 2012's What To Expect When You're Expecting (and, before that, 2010's The Back-Up Plan), so honestly, it's about time that she graced our screens again
Especially since Netflix decided to revive the genre this year to basically everyone's delight
 Second Act drops in theaters on Nov. 21. We'll bring the popcorn!
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Second Act

7 Folder Collection
Daivd Chi published on June 14, 2020
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