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♫ [Rising by Jeff Williams ft. Casey Lee Williams]

♫ Stay close, move fast ♫
♪ The darkness cannot last ♪
♪ No hope, no path ♪
♪ But we've got a dream to catch! ♪
♪ And we cannot wait ♪
♪ Trust the way we're made ♪
♪ The sparrow's born to fly ♪
♪ The mountains ♪
♪ Tower ♪
♪ The river knows to reach the sea ♪
♪ The rain will help the flowers be ♪
♪ We're the same, you and me ♪
♪ The lightning doesn't take advice from anyone ♪
♪ The willow doesn't need to learn to stand ♪
♪ As sun seeks day ♪
♪ We'll find our way ♪
♪ And we'll catch that dream together someday soon ♪
♪ We're rising like the moon ♪

It should get us to Solitas.
After that you might want to try materializing yourself some snow boots.
You know Neo..
Someone once asked me if I believed in destiny.
And I'm happy to say, I still do.
[gunfire] [Grimm roars]
[Officer]: All units be advised, Leviathan-class Grimm has submerged, but is still on approach.
Preparing hard-light shields, over.
[Officer2]: We're getting slammed by hostile out here where is Cordovin?
[Cordovin]: This is your fault, do you hear me!
[Yang]: Ruby!
Yang, Blake!
Are you okay?
[Blake]: What happened?
[Leviathan roars]
Was that a giant Grimm?
[Weiss]: Yes.
And we just ruined the only thing capable of stopping it.
[Cordovin straining]
[Cordovin screams]
This is your fault!
Your fault!
[Officer]: Ma'am, what's your status? We need an answer, over.
Your fault.
[Blake]: I'm so sorry.
Don't be.
This isn't on you.
[Ruby]: You're safe
That's all that matters.
[Maria]: I suppose I have to be the bad guy and say it.
Getting the lamp to Atlas is still our top priority.
And right now we have the perfect opportunity to head straight for it.
We may not get another chance like this.
[Yang]: No way.
We can't leave, not like this.
It's like you said, a Huntress is supposed to protect others to the bitter end.
We need to head for the Leviathan.
Jaune, can you and Ren be ready to mask our ship?
I think we can manage.
Got a few ideas?
I've got one.
[Qrow]: Eyes up everybody.
Its back.
[Officer]: Argus base, this is Manta 3-4, Leviathan has hit the shallows and resurfaced.
We need those shields up now! Over.
[Officer]: Target stopped, engaging, over.
[Oscar]: It tore straight through..
[Officer]: All squadrons fall back to evacuation procedures.
Disengage Leviathan, I repeat disengage, over.
No, wait!
-Huh? -Ruby!
We can stop it!
[Officer]: Who is this? Identify yourself.
I'm a Huntress, my team and I are heading to the Leviathan and can weakened it for you to attack.
We can?
I can.
When I said trial by fire-
-I did it at Beacon, and at the farm.
You really think you can do it now?
I don't have a choice.
[Officer]: Manta 5-1, your ship is currently flagged as hostile, you will receive no support, over.
Fine, we'll do it alone if we have to.
We can hit it while it stops at the next barrier.
Ren, you're up.
We're too late, pull up!
Damn it. -That's all I've got.
It's on the move again, we need to stop it.
What do we do?
Eyes on us, ugly!
Is it working?
[Maria]: Unfortunately, yes.
Hang on.
Okay, okay.
You can do this.
You have to do this.
[deep breath]
[Yang]: Ruby?
Ruby hurry something- [groans]
Why'd it turn away?
No, no, no, no.
Jinn! (echos)
(fading) Ruby!
I'm sorry.
I don't have a question for you.
I just..
I just needed a little more time.
I know.
And while you don't seek knowledge,
Just this once I shall give it freely.
I will not allow you to use me without a question again.
Even if this was clever.
[stone cracking]
[Cordovin]: I'll take it from here!
After all
I was sworn to protect the people!
[drill whirring]
Thank you.
And, I'm sorry.
The Atlas military can handle the stragglers.
What- What are you saying?
I'm saying I don't think anyone would notice if one more ship went missing in my, lengthy report.
[Maria]: We should have just enough fuel to make it.
Thanks, Miss Calavera.
Hey Ruby.
You did great out there today, kid.
Just don't go giving me heart attacks like that again.
I love you, too.
You weren't half bad yourself today, Qrow.
I feel like they did all the heavy lifting.
But, you were there to help when they asked for it,
And you were there to catch them when they fell.
Literally if I recall.
You know, it was pretty incredible getting to see the Grimm Reaper in action.
Ha, you should have seen me when I was your age.
I'm sorry you went through that nightmare, but I'm glad Yang was there for you in time.
We were there for each other.
Took the words right out of my mouth.
Hey, stop it.
You petrified a Leviathan
After diving down the barrel of a cannon!
Oh, Don't act like you all haven't done crazy stuff before.
I mean Oscar, made a successful crash landing!
He's a 14 year old farm hand!
That was, seriously impressive.
We'd have been stranded without you.
Thanks, but...
I've been meaning to tell you guys
I didn't land the ship on my own.
We're gonna crash, we're gonna crash!
[Ozpin]: 'Stay calm, it's going to be okay.'
[Nora]: Ozpin took control?
No, he guided me.
And then he was gone again.
Does that mean he's been watching us this whole time?
I don't know, but..
It at least means he was looking out for us.
[Qrow]: Hey, if you've never seen Atlas in person before, you don't want to miss this.
Is it weird that I'm sort of nervous?
No, I'll believe we've made it to Atlas when I see it.
Believe it.
You know, you make the trip up the Atlas over and over, but you never get used to that view.
Oh, come on!
Weiss, what is it?
[Weiss]: The Atlas air fleet.
I knew all of our ships were called back but..
They're set up like they're expecting an attack.
[Officer]: Manta 5-1
Welcome home.
[Grimm screeching]
Mercury, I wanted to...
What is she doing?
[Hazel]: There's an old saying..
"If you want something done right"...
"Do It Yourself".
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RWBY: Volume 6, Chapter 13: Our Way

263 Folder Collection
張裕哲 published on June 13, 2020
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