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No way, you can create a 'lock in' on your relationship here.
They say true love never gets old… well may be just a little :-)
Hey and great to see you're back in the city of the future. Welcome to Singapore.
It's one of the smallest and most densely populated cities in south-east Asia.
It's convenient to visit for just a couple of days.
Navigate around town either by cheap underground or a taxi.
Some neighbourhoods still smell like their origins like Little India or China Town.
They used to use houses like these for trade...
...however today they are mostly used by hotels, restaurants and shops.
What stayed is the ambiance and colour.
Do take note of the local climate. 30 degrees and high humidity are a constant in Singapore.
It feels like 45 degrees.
Bring extra shirts or polo's as you'll be going through them 2 a day like with me. And 2 spray cans of deodorant.
The lowest temperate ever accounted for dates back to 80 years a go.
Temperature touched 20 degrees. I'd wish for that now!
It does rain here quite a bit as a result of the local climate.
But when it does rain there's no need to stay at your hotel, it's time to go shopping.
Some of the biggest malls in the world can be found here and the most popular ones are located on Orchard Road.
If you're like me and you like boutique shops then head for Haji Lane.
Great local vintage shops...
...lots of young girls taking pictures being the Instagram influencers they are...
...and a great place to hang out for food and drinks.
You can go a completely different way.
Here at Bugis street they sell stuff which you wonder, will I ever need this.
The city was founded on the crossroads of important historical trade routes during the British ruling.
You can still see some of that in the spectacular size port and general wellbeing. People live a good life here.
The city became one of the biggest asian economies after becoming independent in 1960.
The beach gets overlooked quite often which is a shame. They made this island specifically for chilling and recreation.
Sentosa island is the most southern point in Singapore.
It's really one big theme park with things like a cable car, adventures...
...pets, and a beach all to yourself.
The city offers many spectacular views across the city like from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel...
...a boat shaped swimming pool lodged on top.
Nowadays you need to be a guest at the hotel to visit the rooftop swimming pool.
Do I'll be visiting a different place, the Singapore Flyer.
It's like being in a 70's or 80's James Bond movie.
I totally expect the big steel teeth guy to start chewing away the cables any second now…
But we're still here ;-)
Singapore also is home to 1 of the biggest rooftop bars in the world, 1-Altitude.
It's not cheap, 45SGD a head to get in which will give you 2 drinks.
But the view is simply stunning!!
Singapore operates a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rules. Don't litter.
A fine for littering is a heavy fine.
But there's more, bringing cigarettes from abroad can set you back 200SGD per pack.
Don't, or just quit smoking.
Forgot to flush the toilet in public areas: 300SGD.
It's prohibited to sell alcohol between 09:30 pm and 07:00 am.
When you vape? Just leave it at home, e-cigarettes are strictly forbidden in Singapore.
There are many expensive restaurants to visit or you can eat in your hotel...
...however there's a great market place to eat. It's popular with the locals: Lau Pa Sat.
Let me show you this real quick. It's super touristy but when you're here anyway and you happen to step by…
Just walk through Clark Quay.
It's quiet during the day, and a place to eat, drink and party at night.
The merging of architecture and nature happens right here at the Gardens by the Bay.
You'll see the Cloud Forrest and this waterfall right here. Big right?
The trees outside are stunning though my advice is to go here in the evenings.
They'll be even prettier then because they're lit up at night.
Did you like the video then please if you can do a thumbs up. Thank you.
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It's free and opens up a view to the world for you.
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Travel Guide Singapore. Welcome to the future in Asia.

7 Folder Collection
Yeung-On Yu published on May 24, 2020
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