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-Our next guest is the star and creator of the new Quibi show
"Nikki Fre$h." Please welcome Nicole Richie.
How are you, Nicole?
-I'm doing great. How are you?
-I'm doing as well as can be expected.
You are outside in your beautiful garden.
-Yes. I am outside.
I'm learning a lot about the lighting in my house
now that everything has switched to Zoom.
I am more of a natural sunlight type of gal.
I don't have the --
I have a lot of overhead lighting inside my house.
So this has been -- this has been my Zoom area.
And it's nice because I'm in nature.
-Yes, and you're very lucky to be in California.
I'm on the East Coast, and early on,
I also found that natural light was better for me,
but, one, it's freezing,
and, two, the sun is very inconsistent.
-Yes, I'm very lucky to be living in California.
Although, right now it's about 72, so I'm freezing.
-I'm hearing some light chirping.
I know that you have some chickens and iguanas.
-I do have chickens.
You don't hear them right now, but I have chickens.
I have seven chickens.
And then I have -- He's not an iguana.
He is a bearded dragon. -Oh. Apologies.
-[ Sighs ] I'll forgive you this time.
-[ Laughs ]
-He was very excited that I was going on your show
because your show is his favorite.
So he... -Oh, wow!
-...decided to make an appearance.
-[ Laughs ] That's fantastic.
How long have you had your bearded dragon?
-He is...
He's either two or three.
-And what is his name?
-His name is Speedy. -Speedy!
That's -- I love -- I love -- I guess, I don't know.
Are they actually pretty fast?
-I mean, he's pretty fast.
Bearded dragons are very chill, actually.
They're really great with kids.
They just like to be held.
They like to sit in the heat.
They like it like 110 degrees.
And they just, like, lay in the heat and chill.
And I'm like, "Oh, well, that's what I like to do, so."
-A perfect match.
I'm very jealous of you about something
because you and your husband are doing a thing that my wife and I
did a couple of years ago that I wish we were doing now,
which is watching "The Sopranos" together.
-Yes. Yep.
This is my first time, actually.
-It was her first time.
And I so loved watching it with her.
It had been about 15 years
since I watched it and it was as good as I remembered.
-You know what? I needed someone to guide me a little bit.
-Sure. -And it's nice just to have
somebody there next to me that could take me on the journey
because it is a -- it's a -- you have to -- you know,
you have to put your phone down and it is a --
it's a slow romance with this -- with this family.
And now I'm just so deep in.
-It's funny because I watched it when it started,
I was in my 20s, and I very much would have described it
as a show about the mob, and then I watched it again
and I realized it is 100% a show about a family and a marriage.
-To me, I took it as, like, family, parenthood, marriage,
and then the mob.
The mob stuff, actually, a lot of it flies
right over my head and Joel has to explain it to me.
My brain just doesn't work like that.
I'm, like, very attached to the family story
and his therapy story.
I love it. -It's really great.
-How far into "Sopranos" are you?
-I'm on 6B. -Oh, wow!
-Fun. -Yeah.
It's so sad when it's over.
-I know, like, I'm not ready to say goodbye.
-Yeah. It's also like extra sad now, because James Gandolfini
has passed away, and so you kind of realize, like, oh, this is --
-Oh, my God, yeah, the fact that he --
Yeah, the fact that he's not here.
One thing that did freak me out a little bit is I've obviously
watched the entire thing in a span of two months.
And I'm not ruining anything, but to see the -- to watch
the son have any sort of like sexual scene, like,
is very disturbing to me.
-[ Laughs ]
-You know, but like -- I'm like, no,
this has been a big chunk of time.
-So that's more of a personal problem.
-I also remembered in re-watching it
because we did it the same way,
where we just knock out so many in a row, like,
watching "The Sopranos" in real time,
there were weird long, two-year breaks.
-Yeah. Yeah. And you have to tell yourself
that to skip -- I mean, I have a rule that
when I'm done with a season, I won't, the same night --
Do you know what I mean?
If I'm done and it's only 9:00, I won't watch another episode.
I'll wait until the next night just to give myself
a little bit of a break. -Yeah.
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Nicole Richie on Watching The Sopranos for the First Time

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 14, 2020
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