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-You mentioned your son Blake.
I believe -- you know, obviously we have great respect
and appreciation for our essential workers
during this really scary time.
Your son Blake was one of those, yes?
-Yes, he was working at a grocery store for the first,
like, month and a half.
And I was panicky and saying to him,
"Please, my son, come home."
Now my other son, my oldest son, who's 24, is in the Marines.
And as much as I say that to him,
he can't come home, you know? -Right.
-I say the same thing to him every day.
"Parker, can't you come home?" "Mom, I'm in the Marines!"
"I'm aware, sweetheart.
But isn't there, like, a mommy neurosis leave
that you could get for the next few days?"
So he did. He worked at the grocery store.
And then he started to get a little nervous
when I kept saying, "You have to wear a mask.
Tell them you have to wear a mask."
And there was some kind of discussion at work
whether masks would be appropriate at the time.
You know, now everyone there wears masks.
But he's not doing it anymore.
I got him to take a leave of absence
until the pandemic's done.
-You -- you've been active
on a lot of social media during this.
And you and your daughter have been doing stuff on TikTok.
Have you enjoyed your foray into TikTok?
-Well, it's hard to find a TikTok that's, like,
not going to make people horrified at the language.
-Sure. -It's, like, the worst rappers,
noise that you can -- you know?
And then we found one that wasn't exactly, like, crude.
But it had a -- bing bing bing bing bing!
Which I didn't think sounded like gunshots.
Not that I know the sound of gunshots.
But I was doing, "Bing bing bing bing bing," whatever,
and people are writing in, "How dare you do that?"
I'm like, I'm in the middle of a pandemic with a 17-year-old
trying to make her happy, please, you know?
That should be the least of our worries.
But they're fun. Some of them are so creative.
It's really shocking when you get down that TikTok wormhole.
-Yeah, no, it's incredible some of the things
people are doing there.
Do you have all of your -- so you mentioned you've got
obviously one in the Marines.
Do you have all your other children with you right now?
-Three of them. I have three of the five.
The 7-year-old, 17, and 20.
And then my 22-year-old is in Wisconsin, has a baby.
And then Parker's in the Marines in North Carolina right now.
-How are -- how do a 20-year-old,
a 17-year-old, and a 7-year-old get along together right now?
-They're really separate countries.
-Yeah. -Everyone's in their own room.
And there's not a lot of talk until,
"What do you want to order for dinner?"
Then they all come down, and we have a good 15 minutes.
They take their food and go back to their hovels, you know?
I mean, everyone's kind of really isolating within it,
unless I make a big stink and say,
"You know, we're still a family, even though this is a pandemic!"
They're like, "Mom's off the rails again.
Let's get to the kitchen."
-It was funny in the early days of this,
I was saying to my friends who had older kids, like,
"I think I'm really lucky because mine are two and four,
so they're not that scared.
And they're enjoying spending time with their parents."
But now, man, what I wouldn't give for some teenagers
who didn't want to spend any time with me.
Because... -Yeah, I understand.
My 7-year-old, the same thing.
She's like Velcro on me.
I can't get her off me, you know?
And she's not so into her Zoom listening from the teachers.
So, you know, it's pretty much all day
that she is demanding of your attention.
She kind of loves it. She's like,
"This is great not having to go to school
and getting to play with you all the time, Mommy."
-Yeah. -I'm like, "Yeah, really great."
-It will be a very strange thing for my children
to look back on, that weird, you know --
however many months it turns out to be that we all
just spent all this time together.
You know, I can't imagine, you know --
I think in time they'll understand how awful it was.
But you know, in the moment, they're really digging it.
-Yeah. They'll probably never remember it.
-Yeah, that's true. -Yeah.
-Hey, I want to talk about your great new miniseries.
We'll be right back with more Rosie O'Donnell.
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Rosie O'Donnell Is Making TikTok Videos with Her Daughter

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 7, 2020
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