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-Your new miniseries,
"I Know This Much is True," will be premiering on HBO.
This is a fantastic book by Wally Lamb.
Were you familiar with the book before you took on the part?
-Yes, I was. I was a huge fan of his
since his first book, "She's Come Undone."
And I was amazed by that book,
and then, this was the next one that he did,
and I thought it was stupendous.
And I've been shocked that none of his books
have become movies before this one.
And so I was thrilled when they said that
he wanted to make this, and it was Mark Ruffalo involved.
I wanted to be a part of it right away.
-Mark Ruffalo is such a fantastic actor,
and this proves it as much as anything you're ever gonna see.
He plays twin brothers. -Yes.
-And what was it like --
You know, I think oftentimes people will ask what it's like
for the actor playing the twin, but I imagine it's also
such a weird experience for the actors
playing against the actor who is playing two roles.
-Yes. Well, my whole character's
involved with just Dominick and Thomas -- that's it.
I don't really interact with any of the other actors
in the movie and -- miniseries, whatever you want to call it.
And he is just stupendous.
So, we did the first character, Dominick, when he was himself,
you know, looking like Mark Ruffalo.
And then we took about a month and a half, a little more, off.
And I came back, and I was a late call,
and I walked in, and I saw this guy by the craft services.
And I said to one of the security guys,
"There's some guy by craft service."
And he sticks his head out, and he looks.
He goes, "That's Mark."
And I didn't even recognize him.
He had gained like 40 pounds.
They had cut his hair with a shaver
like a crazy person would cut their hair.
And just the way his eyes looked,
like, it was very, very eerie.
And then, we went back and redid scenes where,
you know, they had this tremendous actor
named Gabe who played the part that Mark wasn't playing.
So, if Mark was playing Thomas, he was Dominick.
So, to sit and redo all those scenes
with now Mark playing Thomas, it was very, very trippy.
And trying to match a performance from the first round
that you did into the second round a few months later
was kind of an exercise in acting skill, as well.
-I imagine, especially with a multi-week layoff like that.
-Yeah, it was tricky.
It was tricky to not gain weight.
He had to gain weight, you know, Mark, for the part.
He's like, "What am I gonna do, 40 pounds?"
I'm like, "Honey, I can give you a little free tip on that
if you want to talk to me."
But to try to look exactly the same
and have your hair and everything --
I mean, they have of course great hair and makeup people.
But it was a challenge. It really was.
But it was one of the best experiences
of my life doing that film.
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Rosie O'Donnell Didn’t Recognize Mark Ruffalo on the Set of I Know This Much Is True

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 7, 2020
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