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-Guys, it's your boy Eric!
You guys are gonna freakin' flip right now
because guess what came.
I ain't messin' around! [ Air horn blares ]
I ain't messin' around!
The hot tub, baby. El tubo loco!
I finally did it.
We're talking eight seats, pulsating jets,
stereo system preloaded with Coldplay's "Fix You."
So, next weekend, I'm having all you boys out here.
I'm talkin' Gator, Squish, the Joshes.
[ Air horn blares ] March 14th will be a day
that lives in infamy.
It is the summer of the tub, baby.
Nothin' gonna stop us! Yeah!
Hey, guys, your boy Eric here.
So, it seems like Tubfest 2K20 is gonna have to wait.
But, hey, when things open back up in just two weeks,
we're gonna pick up where we left off, 'kay?
I'm talking Gator, Squish, Cheddar, the Joshes!
[ Air horn blares ] Brews on brews.
This state-of-the-art bro boiler, it's all going down.
So bless up. We'll see you all in two weeks.
Woof, woof!
Hey, guys, it's -- it's your boy Eric.
I just been full on pruning in my man cauldron
for the past, uh... 14 days.
Looks like it'll be another month till things pop back open.
But, hey, the tub is still a great investment, you know?
It hasn't -- hasn't at all tanked my marriage.
And, uh, besides...
we're all gonna be up in these bubs pretty soon, 'kay?
I'm talking about me, Gator, Squish,
Cheddar, Cheddar's dope wife, Karen.
Josh C., Josh R. Get pumped, you know?
'Cause it's gonna be --
Hey, boys, 'sup? Not sure if you're
getting these messages or not, but, uh...
Ha ha ha! I'm still killing it, man!
Uh, got some new boys I'm hanging out with.
Check them out.
What's up, dudes? You all good?
Hey, Larry, I think you need some SPF there.
You're turning a little red. You know what I'm sayin'?
[ Chuckles ]
Dave, you need another one? Do you want me to claw you?
What's up? [ Splash ]
Anyways, guys, next month,
we're gonna be killin' it, right?
Well, at least I found some toilet paper.
Mother [bleep]
♪ I will try to fix you ♪
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Hot Tub Eric's #TubFest2K20 Gets Canceled by Coronavirus

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on May 1, 2020
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