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questions 32 through 34.
Refer to the following conversation.
Good afternoon.
I'm Robert Merrill.
I have an appointment for a checkup with Dr Sanchez at one PM Yes, I see your name on the list.
Unfortunately, the doctor is running about 20 minutes behind schedule.
In that case, I'd better call my office to let them know I will get back later than expected.
Of course, but could you go down to the cafeteria on the first floor to do that?
We'd rather that you didn't make phone calls here in the waiting room.
Questions 35 through 37.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hi, my name is Sandra Browning, and I recently applied for a credit card with you.
I still haven't heard whether I've been approved for the card, though.
I'm sorry, Miss Browning.
Let me check our records.
Do you remember when you submitted the application?
Um, I don't remember the exact day, but it was about a month ago.
I sent it by mail.
Unfortunately, it looks like we never received your application, but we can complete the application over the phone.
I can put your information directly into the computer, so it will be processed right away.
Questions 38 through 40.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hi, Lisa.
I just got an email that our clients from Singapore are attending a conference in New York at the end of the month.
They were wondering if they could visit our officers since they will already be in the area.
Oh, this will be a good opportunity to show them the new mobile phone app we're designing for them.
Do you think the design team can finish it in time?
I think so.
But I'd better tell the design team right away that we're moving up their deadline.
So it's ready in time.
The client visit.
They thought they'd have more time to complete the work questions.
41 through 43.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hi, I'm looking to buy another delivery vehicle for my catering business, one that will keep the food hot or cold.
You've come to the right place.
We have a lot of vehicles that will suit your needs, and they all include heating and refrigeration compartments.
Great, but my catering orders air usually quite small, so I don't need anything too big.
Our Siri's 10 trucks air.
Quite compact.
There are a few in the parking lot.
Why don't you take one out for a drive?
Questions 44 through 46.
Refer to the following conversation with three speakers.
This has been a productive meeting.
Thank you both for coming to discuss the Oakland Building project.
Fredericks done a terrific job with the project so far, and I'm really looking forward to taking over from here.
Frederick, is there anything else Michelle needs to know?
Just one more thing.
The client wants all communication in writing, so make sure you send emails confirming anything you discuss over the phone or in person.
Got it.
So, Frederick, I hear you'll be working overseas.
My next building project is in Cape Town.
Which is exciting since I've never been to South Africa before.
Questions 47 through 49.
Refer to the following conversation.
Welcome to Lehman Law Offices.
How can I help you?
I'm with Hanover Express Shipping and I have a package here for Mr Dennis Lehman.
Is he available to sign this form?
I can sign it for him, if that's all right.
This package must be signed for by Mr Lehman himself.
Well, Mr Lemons, in a meeting with clients right now.
Okay, I'll stop by later.
Questions 50 through 50 to refer to the following conversation.
Hi, Eunice.
I called to get seats for the play we wanted to take our colleagues from Paris to, but there weren't any tickets left.
Do you have any other ideas for activities?
Oh, that's too bad.
Well, the weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend.
How about taking them out to dinner at Harborview Restaurant?
It's on a cruise ship on the riverfront on I've taken people.
They have a full.
I've heard of that ship, and the view of the city from the river is supposed to be spectacular.
Would you mind finding out how much the dinner cruise would cost?
Questions 53 through 55 Refer to the following conversation with three speakers.
The last item on the agenda is next year's officer innovations.
Their innovations will be pretty substantial, so we won't be able to hold client meetings here during that time.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Yuko and I were discussing this earlier, and she mentioned an advertisement she saw in this morning's newspaper.
What did it say again?
You go?
Well, it looks like there's a place not very far from here called open venue solutions.
They own the building on.
They rent out meeting rooms.
I think this would work for us.
Can you go there this afternoon and take a look around?
Sure, I'll do that.
Questions 56 through 58.
Refer to the following conversation.
Sumi, is everything ready for our interns First day on Monday?
Yes, they're office space is set up, and I just put together their information packets.
And did you remember to ask some staff if they can come in early on Monday to greet the interns as they arrive?
Oh, thanks for reminding me.
I'm sure I'll be able to find a few people willing to do that.
But how will the interns know who the volunteers are?
Why don't you give volunteers a T shirt with the company logo?
We have some available there left from the ones we ordered for our last trade show.
I'll go get them for you now.
Questions 59 through 61.
Refer to the following conversation.
Ansel, How did this morning's marketing meeting go?
You were going to ask for help without departments.
Workload, right?
Yes, The company director agreed to increase our marketing department's budget by $200,000.
That's a big increase from last year.
Do you know how that money will be used?
Well, the department managers already agreed that most of the money will go towards hiring two new staff members.
Having another artist in a digital advertising specialist would really help us deal with our workload.
Question 62 through 64.
Refer to the following conversation and packing slip.
I can help the next customer.
I moved house recently and I broke several dishes in the process.
I ordered replacements online from your store.
They were delivered yesterday, but the problem is only three Super Bowls were included instead of six.
I'm sorry about that.
Can I see your packing slip?
Here it is.
Unfortunately, this dish patterns being discontinued.
You've got our last three bowls with that pattern.
So what I can do is give you a refund for the total cost of the bulls.
And you can keep the three you received for free.
I appreciate that.
65 through 67.
Refer to the following conversation and flight schedule.
I just checked the airline's website.
James Kim won't be arriving on time.
Yeah, I heard a lot of the flights were delayed because of a storm.
Well, I guess we can leave to pick him up later, then.
Actually, I heard that the traffic is horrible today, so let's just leave now or else we might end up being light.
Oh, okay.
And if we have enough time before he arrives, we can eat lunch at the airport.
Question 68 through 70.
Refer to the following conversation and chart.
I'm looking for an Internet provider, so I thought I'd stop by to find out about your service plans.
We offer the best prices in the area.
As you can see from this chart, the longer your contract is, the lower the monthly cost.
But what if I have to cancel the contract before it ends?
Well, we do charge an extra fee for that.
Um, I'm being transferred overseas in about a year, so I don't want the two year plan, but I do want the lowest possible price.
Okay, then the one year plan would be the best.
Would you like to sign the contract now?
Let's do that.
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474 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 29, 2020
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