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questions 32 through 34.
Refer to the following conversation.
I'm glad your store carries the new E p G eight smartphone.
I've been waiting a long time to get it.
Yes, there's been a lot of interest in this phone.
What colors does it come in?
Three white, black and gold.
However, since the phone has been in such high demand, our store doesn't have all three colors in stock now.
Oh, what colors do you have?
Let's see, we have black phones, but no white or gold.
We can place an order from the warehouse.
The black phone looks nice.
I think that's the one I'll get.
OK, follow me to the register.
Now ring up your purchase.
Then I'll activate the device for you.
Questions 35 through 37.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hi, Charlie.
The driver who usually delivers our merchandise to the J.
M Cuisine store is out today.
Do you think you could make his four o'clock delivery for him this afternoon?
All right.
But I've never made any deliveries to that store before.
So while need some directions, how do I get there from our warehouse?
I suggest taking root five and getting off it.
The sixth Street exit once you're there, don't forget to have the store manager signed the delivery.
Confirmation form questions 38 through 40.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hi, I'm calling about the International Food Expo next month.
I tried to sign up online for display space, but I couldn't submit the form.
Are you accepting any more registrations?
I'm sorry, but we're currently having some problems with our website, but I can register you by phone.
Is this your first time attending the Expo?
No, I had a booth last year.
In fact, I'd like to have the same exhibit location again, if possible.
Let me check.
What name was the registration under?
I can look up the records from last year and see if that space is still available.
Questions 41 through 43.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hi, Tricia.
I was just looking over the advertisement that you finished for Jenning Bank and you did a wonderful job.
It was a great campaign to work on.
Would you consider joining my team for our new contract with circle bookings?
They're a popular travel website and they're looking to expand their market with some new advertisements.
It sounds exciting, but at this point, I really can't say I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow morning, though.
Would it help if I stopped by your meeting and go over the details with both of you?
This way your manager will know what the project entails.
That sounds good.
Questions 44 through 46.
Refer to the following conversation.
I'm calling about renting a furnished apartment from your agency.
I'll be in kid for two months on business, and I'd rather stay in an apartment than a hotel.
We'd be happy to help you.
Can you tell me a little more about what you're looking for?
My offices in the city Centre on Pushkin Skirt Street and I want to be within short walking distance off it.
ID like a one bedroom apartment that has Internet and cable television.
Do you think you might be able to help me with this?
We do have several rental properties in that area, though I'll need to check their availability.
What are your exact arrival and departure dates?
Questions 47 through 49.
Refer to the following conversation Mr Colson.
I'm a journalist for Health and Wellness magazine.
May I ask you a few questions about the new employee wellness program that you introduced that your company?
I've heard wonderful things about it?
Sure, thank you.
Well, basically, we focused on changes to our employee cafeteria.
We hired Capers caterers to create healthy menu options.
They now provide all of the food for the cafeteria.
So what about costs?
Doesn't that make the program very expensive?
Well, yes, it does, but we feel the increase in cost is worth it in terms of employee health and morale.
Questions 50 through 50 to refer to the following conversation.
I can't wait to hear William McGraw speech today.
I've read so many of his articles on risk management.
I think this is one of the best business management conferences I've ever attended.
I know.
And there are so many people here, it looks like the only available seats air here in the back.
Let's just sit in this road the last row.
I think we can do better.
I'd like to see the slides that go with the presentation up close.
Oh, don't worry about that.
Look over there.
Their presentation handouts piled up close to the front entrance.
I'll get a copy for you if you'd like.
Questions 53 through 55.
Refer to the following conversation.
This is Jeremy Sato.
I was a patient at your medical clinic, but I recently moved to Kyoto.
I requested that my records be sent to my new doctor here, but they haven't received them yet.
Yes, I see the request in your file, but because it's not signed, we haven't been able to transfer your records.
Oh, I must have forgotten to sign it.
I don't need to come in to do that.
Do I know?
I can email the form to you?
Just sign it and send it back by express mail.
Questions 56 through 58.
Refer to the following conversation with three speakers to start today's meeting.
I'd like to talk about the recent drop in sales for our vitamins.
Does anyone have any ideas?
You know, what we really should do is start advertising on social media websites that would increase our client base and give nectar vitamins a more modern image.
Bob, didn't you create ads for social media at your last job.
Yes, I did.
I was responsible for promoting all of their products online.
That's great.
Well, Bob, would you be willing to present some tips on online advertising at our next team meeting?
Shuriken Do that Questions 59 through 61.
Refer to the following conversation.
Hello, Mr Tan.
Didn't your company you Zane staffing company to find a lot of your employees?
Are you happy with the service they provide?
Yes, we've used Zane several times to find qualified temporary help.
Now that it's summer, my landscaping business is getting pretty busy.
I'd like to hire a few part time employees to help with some of our larger outdoor jobs.
Oh, actually, Zane focuses on filling office jobs, so I don't think that their company would be the right one for you.
I'm sure if you look on the Internet, you'll find a company that specializes in staffing for landscaping work.
Though Question 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation and chart Tom.
There's a new theatre production opening at the Town Playhouse, and some of us from work of planning to go.
Are you interested?
Sure, I've heard it's a good play.
How much do tickets cost?
It depends.
Look, his information.
We already have more than 10 people interested, so we should qualify for that price.
That's certainly reasonable.
Would that be for this weekend?
After work on Friday.
Do you want to go?
Are you going to order the tickets?
Mary Jones in the Finance Department is You could give her a core and let her know to include you.
Question 65 through 67.
Refer to the following conversation and room schedule.
Schaefer, the president of Greenwich Industries, just called.
He's looking for a new law firm to represent his company, and he wants to commit on Thursday afternoon at three to discuss our legal services.
That's exciting news.
Greenwich Industries is a huge company and then be our biggest client.
Could you please reserve Conference Room A for the meeting?
It's a nicest room, actually.
I already tried to, but that meeting rooms already booked at three.
Let me take a look.
Ah, it's being reserved by Greg.
Well, I'm sure Greg wouldn't mind using Room B instead.
Yeah, that's true.
I'll give him a call and ask him if he's willing to make that change Question 68 through 70.
Refer to the following conversation and list.
Hey, Jenny, Is the Internet working on your computer?
I'm not having any issues with it.
Well, I can't connect to it, so I can't see my email.
Did the one with the latest budget report come yet from?
Let's see.
Here it is.
Do you want me to send a response?
That won't be necessary, but could you print it out for me?
I need a copy of the budget report for the meeting this afternoon.
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林宜悉 published on April 29, 2020
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