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I've decided to rap in English.
Hi, guys.
Welcome back much.
I know this is a key First.
I'm sorry for not having posted a video for a while.
I was doing quite busy.
Anyways, thes days have been kind of thinking like I'd like to do something fun in my video and I've decided to rap in English.
The song we're gonna wrap today is Eminem's rep got, which is the fastest rap in the world because I didn't have enough time to cover hose on.
I just picked up the fast poor and practice it.
So let's get to it.
Someone another matter about us.
Something on my career.
What I gotta do they're going to do with my innovator on the matter opposite anything is a record shake off of me.
You never said a word about them until they had to give my mother the car.
Yes, if you like, has ever that it.
Never feeling none of the head of hair for everybody, for the Nuggets have one of them is terrible because another way to get in Montevideo, make whatever that music you make a habit of music.
Oh, he's too mainstream.
How did you like it?
I know my English pronunciation is not perfect, but, you know, at least I try my best.
So I hope you enjoyed it.
So thank you so much for watching this video.
And also very soon in the next video to Dan Take care.
I never said in mood.
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Japanese guy tries the fast part of Rap God

25 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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