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What is going on?
Guys, welcome back to my channel.
This is a key.
Today I'm gonna show you five best European countries I've ever visited in my life.
You ready?
Let's get to it.
Number five friends.
The capital city of Paris is one of the most major sightseeing places in the world.
They have a lot of famous tourist attractions.
I thought our triumphal arch daughter Damn cathedral in the world's largest museum, Louvre.
If you find this lady in this museum, be careful.
Don't ever make eye contact with her.
She's gonna stay.
Are two onto you crying.
And my favorite place in Paris is sent chapel.
This Chappo has the most beautiful glasses I've ever seen.
You can also enjoy eating in France.
Best French food is chicken cramp her life with dessert.
Number four region Isolated by the sea from other European countries, Britain has developed its own culture.
London is a massive city.
The scale off buildings can be compared to nothing of other places and even in this city will show you a whole another view.
Oh, by the way, if you want to come to hug words, you gotta hurry up and come to platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station.
Don't miss the train station committed to you.
Yes, Abbey Road.
Make sure you have your friend with you before taking pictures.
Otherwise you'll be pretty embarrassing.
I have no comment about food Number three bells.
There are full must go cities in Belgium, Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent.
I wanted to share some pictures of those cities, but my phone got stolen and I haven't taken pictures himself.
I'm showing you pictures live in a town where I stayed on my exchange.
But it's beautiful, right?
I want to go back.
Visit this town in the future.
If you're be a lover.
Belgium is like a paradise on Earth.
They have more than 1500 kinds of beer.
Then what about people like me who don't like beer?
No worries.
They have fruit beer because they're fruit flavors like cherry apple or peach.
There really evening to drink.
People might call you a girl, but don't listen to them and keep drinking a beer.
They're awesome.
Number two Italy.
This country has thousands of things to see.
One month is not long enough to see all the attractions I would say if you walk around the city of Rome, you can see an old Roman building every 100 meters.
Most famous things are colossal Pantheon Tree V fountain.
I don't know what it's gold and Spanish stairs, but don't forget about Vatican City.
This is the smallest country in the world.
You don't need your passport to get in here.
But you want to go to the deeper part of the city.
Apparently, you have to do some kind of battle with this dude.
My favorite place in Rome is the Hadrian's Pita.
This place is a bit far from the centre of Rome, but have never sent this beautiful nature.
It's a complex of classical buildings, and it's being designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
This place was so peaceful, I felt like I was purified after visiting this place.
This is me being purified.
Number one Hungary, Capital city Budapest is the most romantic place I've ever seen.
River Daniel vis running through the city.
The west side of the river is called Buddha.
On the east side is gold past.
They used to be two separate cities, but now they have become together and called Budapest.
In contrast to its beautiful looking Hungary has a sad history.
History of defeat.
This place is called Heroes Square, dedicated to the memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of their people.
With such a sad history, people he Hungary are said to be really pessimistic except for my friend.
All right, time to show you the reason why I chose Hungary as my favorite already.
Yes, Hungary has a next line night view.
It is breathtakingly beautiful.
If you're planning a trip with your partner, there wouldn't be a bit applies down here.
Shame my camera.
I cannot show you how beautiful it is, but it's definitely better, really?
So why not?
Come on, see with your own eyes.
So thank you so much watching this video.
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5 Best European countries I've visited

271 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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