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  • what is going on?

  • My welcome.

  • But my video disc jockeys.

  • So first of all, I have a question for you.

  • So if you're an English speaker, have you ever heard Japanese people using were English words that don't make any sense in a context?

  • Or if you're Japanese?

  • Have you ever had an English conversation where you were 100% sure about what you're talking about?

  • Somehow your words cannot be, and I stood by their Isner.

  • That's maybe all because of Japanese English.

  • So what is Japanese, English, Japanese, English?

  • His English words created by Japanese people to express things that are difficult to put in Japanese works there especially useful when they're talking about something Lester or something imported from other countries.

  • Now they have become a part of our language, and they're confused pretty off with the real English worst by Japanese English learners.

  • So today, on what I introduced five Japanese English words that are often confused with the rial English worst.

  • So first I'm gonna say a Japanese English word and you get the meaning.

  • You're not Japanese, and if you are, guess the correct way to say it in English.

  • Okay, let's start.

  • 1st 1 is gasoline stumbled?

  • I think this one is pretty easy.

  • So the answer is.

  • Gas custodian refers to Goessling and stumble refers to stand or shop so it means a shop to sell ghastly sick on the war.

  • It's propensity.

  • The answer is a conical pencil chop refers to sharp and pence.

  • You did the 1st 2 pencil sharp pencil.

  • It really sounds like a real English work.

  • The 3rd 1 is bite.

  • The answer is buffet.

  • It's coming from the Wish word bike because the way people behave, that buffet is so aggressive that he even looks like fighting the 4th 1 day Saturday.

  • Even it is also Japanese English, but it got so popular, and these days it's even used outside of Japan as an English word.

  • The answer is his worker.

  • 1st 10 every month, the first demand.

  • It's used as a salaryman English.

  • The last one is consent.

  • Until quite recently, I had to play be taking this word for an English work.

  • The answer is outlet for love.

  • It's coming from concentrate and someone shortened it and became consent, which has nothing to do with the English word confident.

  • So these are the five Japanese English words that all confused with English, worst by Japanese English dollars.

  • How many you get, right?

  • So that's pretty much for today's video.

  • If you like this video, be sure take the like, but I'm sharing with your friends and I'll see you very soon in the next video to then they care by.

what is going on?

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