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What is going on?
Guys, welcome back.
My video.
This is a key today I'd like to talk about the reason why I decided to study abroad.
I mean, it was a long way.
It started when I was back in high school.
Back then, one of my English teachers was really glue and in English, even though he was a pure Japanese.
And he always told us his experience abroad in his class.
And I found a really fascinating.
That's when I started thinking, Oh, English is so cool.
I want to speak English like him so that I can travel down out of countries.
So I decided to measure in English in university.
But after ran during my university, I felt my motivation dropping down because there were too many distractions like, you know, club activities and drinking parties and Japanese universities.
Difficult enter, but easy to graduate.
So you don't need to study really hard to get great.
And that spoils out out of university students in Japan.
And unfortunately I was one off them.
I didn't study up gold, but in the beginning, off my third year, I started to think about my own future.
Even though my major was English, my English sucked.
He had an improved on old since high school.
I was like, Oh, my gosh, What the hell am I doing?
I have nothing.
Nobody's gonna hire this useless person.
And I thought about studying abroad to improve my English.
But again, I wasn't brave enough to do that.
The later one thing would change my mind.
Three of my best friends from my major decided to study a pro for one year.
And I thought to myself, While they're brave, I wonder how much their English is gonna improve.
But why Tasek that step me.
I will be the only one who cannot speak English among four in one year.
No, I cannot let that happen.
So I decided to study abroad.
This would be the greatest reason to study abroad for you guys.
But it was for me because I had always hated losing and I didn't want to fall behind my friends.
And that's maybe why he was so motivational.
Anyways, whatever the reason was, I'm so glad I made a choice because at first English was the only reason for me to study abroad.
But I ended up with way more than that.
And I promise you the same.
If you want more information about studying abroad, please check out previous videos.
And also I'm gonna upload more videos about studying up road, so please stay tuned.
So thank you so much for watching this video announcing very soon in the next video today they care.
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What made me decide to study abroad?

48 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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