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What's going on, guys, welcome back to my channel.
This is a key in today's video.
I'm gonna be talking about how to memorize English.
Worse so everyone knows vocabulary is very important in English learning, but it's tough.
I mean, it's boring, it's time consuming and even you feel succeeding.
Memorizing them, they easily slip out of your memory.
For that reason, I used to hate memorizing English worse, but no longer.
Now I know a lot of English worse, and they actually stay very long in my memory.
And what's more surprising, I haven't made a huge effort for that.
So how did I do that?
I'm going to give away D Best way to memorize English.
You ready?
Let's get through it.
So, first of all you need at it or liberation, go to a bookstore nearby, and shoes have a capital re book that you like.
If you're planning to take a toy tests, get a twit book.
If you want to memorize English phrases that is used in dating conversation, get that kind of book whatever your life.
But there is one condition.
Get a book with an audio CD, and it's better if it's recorded both in English and Japanese.
And when you're back home with the rodeo into your portable music player like iPods or Walkman or whatever you like and make sure it has a beauty speaker.
This is very important.
And if it's water proof, that could be better.
All right.
Once it's done, your old set or you have to do is to bring the audio player into bathroom every time you take a shower and listen to them.
This doesn't cost any of your free time or any of your report.
Just keep listening to it.
And best thing about this method is that you can memorize worse in sentences so you can actually learn how to use them.
And, amazingly, they will stay in your brain for very, very long time.
Trust me on this, I started memorizing English words this way back in high school, and believe it or not, I can still reproduce many of the phrases that I memorized five years ago.
Isn't it amazing?
And if you want to double the outcome, repeat after the rodeo, both in English and Japanese.
After three months, you be surprised this is actually the best what I've ever tried to memorize English.
Worse so just try it.
So I guess that's the for today's video.
If you like this video, be sure taking the like button and subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss any of my future videos.
So reversing the next video do that they care by.
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Best way to memorize vocabulary words

66 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 28, 2020
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