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  • Cinderella tells us to have courage.

  • Where there is greatness, there is goodness.

  • And when there is goodness, Rapunzel says you do not someone you just need someone to accept and dances.

  • Advice is to just let it go.

  • This isn't sure what effort doesn't teaches us, OK, it's going to grow up a brave, strong to be able to change the world.

  • And this is indeed true.

  • Like Jesus himself said, If you can dream it, you can do it.

  • Oh, you mean she's a princess?

  • Is believe in yourself that will help you find your But is this really what everybody look important?

  • Does this idea transmitted by young girls create totally wrong perceptions about there?

  • Judge Rose, Have you wondered why all crisis?

  • My name is Alex.

  • Today I will be explaining why you see negative oils for young girls, but 12.

  • So why is dizzy?

  • Princess is still staying popular models for Children all in just all around the world.

  • Thanks.

  • Very multicultural experience, regular manual and strong.

  • What makes them examples of beauty, talent, bravery for Children all around the world.

  • However, with the seemingly positive messages decent princes, genders which teach girls run ideas here and rose.

  • First of all, because Disney places usually have passive roles in modern site, such as WeII, singing, dancing get in trouble so that even the most amazing who are more self sufficient strong are still considered to be homeless.

  • Most important main figures were supposed to see the race actually under my fingers under mine.

  • Even the news people have more, such as area cool or more are still impressed that other wonderful characters and that their father's there's a sign or theirs.

  • Do you think princes are supposed to have some qualities which is beautiful, being hated for nothing by a vicious witch waiting there?

  • Prince?

  • All right, it is upset how compared to many characters who teach boys to be dedicated, ambitious and to reach their goals to make their dreams come true, no matter who they are, where they come from, Disney Princes sees the only role model for girls, second, that the beauty transmitted by price can make drug story about their version of that that they transmit a special question princess such as Cinderella.

  • No way, great girls who are trying to think what they should look these aspirations to their self esteem and make them worry about themselves and, most importantly, prevented them from themselves, even though now it is done.

  • Show us an evolution in their appearance.

  • For example, we can see Deanna as the first black and more considered to be the first agent Reese and bright red hair, just like family and take a look.

  • Miriam is the first Francis for just dizzy after a three year old gap when they did not use pain.

  • Smeets.

  • So saying this bright girl after the more conservative version of Sleeping Beauty isn't David Price.

  • However, even though we can see the evolution of your appearance, which decent show shows us with comparing their fortune to the diversity that was in today's world?

  • Do you think Prince is still followed the standard?

  • They have counseling fingers, big eyes and long here I'm talking about.

  • There goes for life.

  • We can see how princes for the priest of classical era it was.

  • The most important thing in their life was to find him for the Princess of the Seven.

  • Our goals are significant.

  • They're fighting in Syria and breaking your own for the princess of power.

  • The girls, they're fine.

  • You find happiness in different weights phrases like for being an actress like and following their dreams, even though it was this gene and it is in their girls time Princess still have to face huge bone structure and misunderstand to make their dreams come true.

  • And, yes, is with a deal's still traditional.

  • When producers mix asked whether they could come up with a story with me.

  • Princess, No way.

  • I can't when even artist feels like this cannot find a way out of this.

  • Jack Friedman.

  • The abolition of the actions, Friends this article How came expert?

  • I'm not saying that most prince is angry.

  • That's why until we're all waiting or disease animated films, most revolution conditions about a happy girl.

  • Not where, because a Cinderella was very good.

  • Here, take Thank you.

  • Okay.

Cinderella tells us to have courage.

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Disney Princesses as Negative Role Models | Alexandra Shevtsova | TEDxCATSAcademyBoston

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