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[Break time after Baseball of Number] You guys have done Baseball of Number and as for us
we were doing Baseball of Lunch.
Sweet and sour chicken! Oh, one strike.
Bossam (boiled pork eaten with a salty sauce and wrapped in greens)? Oh, two strikes~
But look, we started out with 10 people right?
-11 people you mean. -(Not good with numbers) Oh right, 11 people I mean.
We now only have 5 people left.
[Terribly bad with numbers] There are 6 of us right now.
No wonder he lost~
[Counting ability of the lost one] Oh, there's reason to why I was out on the first round.
Now that we see here
[In the end, you guys were not aces] it looks like we only have the masters left.
[Accounts for the word 'storming' in the Brainstorming] Seriously, you can say that only the real brainiacs have survived.
[Stands for B in Brain] Yeah only the main brains are remaining.
So we can't miss out the final words of each contestant can we? THE 8!
How will you carry out the rest of the game?
In a great way.
[A pro of reaction]
Okay Mr. Wonwoo?
I'll try my best to even fill in quotas for DK and Dino.
Oh to fill in for DK as well.
[Neck (synonym with quota) that Wonwoo will do great filling in] Okay thank you~
I'll try my best to even fill in for our professor Kwon.
We'll try our best!
We're doing this together.
One two three. Do we have to?
(CARAT mode) How cool, how cool.
[3 people Omok / Unlike conventional Omok, 3 people omok is played by three different teams! / Three teams get to take turn and place a stone on the board and the first to complete a whole line wins!]
This is the last team game.
It's Omok, but unlike the Omok that we've done before which is played one to one-
Oh, so it's one to one to one!
Ueah because it's 1:1:1.
[Trying to come up with something] Its rule is drastically different from
the original Omok's rule that we know of.
With original Omok, the team that completes the row of 4 stone wins right away.
-But for this game, even with a complete row of 4 stones, the other can still block. -Yeah the possibility to be blocked became higher.
[What they came up with earlier] What! That's unbelievable!
When it comes to Omok, I'm confident.
In our team, we have SEVENTEEN's 'Lee Sedol' (the famous Go player)
(Ver-Sedol) Wait, you're going too far.
[Yo! This is how SEVENTEEN harmonize] No let's do the 'Wowie wow' thing.
[Leader of reaction makers] I'm sorry for bothering you. Please don't mind it.
We are the 'Lee Sedol' of SEVENTEEN.
And we are the idol-
Then we should go on first.
First, we should block the middle.
Let's play apart from each other.
[Playing solo]
It might be better for each to place the rock differently.
For now they're lightly trying to build up a line of their own.
It's funny how each player is all making a separate line.
They're playing Omok super competitively.
[Since they're playing Omok there] Since it's Omok
[We're playing the alphabet game] it reminds me of Mr. Dumok (leader) doesn't it?
[King of improvised skit] -Dumok! (Leader!) -Um~ I see I see.
Jumok (attention) everyone!
Let's all be hwamok (in harmony)!
[So what if we lost? We're in harmony, that's all that matters]
I don't think this is going to end soon.
Yeah this takes a while.
Let's pick up the pace then.
Is it our turn?
[Speed up the game]
It will be blocked. Two teams can block us if you place it there.
[Even with 4 pebbles are on a row, it can be blocked by two teams]
Even after making the row... That's why I said one can't easily win.
Right now they are in a fierce competition playing Omok.
Yeah it's a cut-throat competition.
Ah! The blood just splattered on my face!
[Fierce competition on making jokes] Since we're doing this fiercely('cheeyeol' in Korean), should we sing 'CHEER UP'?
Cheer up a little more~
Since it's Omok it should be 5 pebbles to complete a row right?
Yeah of course.
But since it's played by three teams
[Stating the obvious] we should put careful thoughts into it while playing the game.
Since it's three teams, there could be a case where
[Ridiculous thing to say] it could be multiplied into 15 pebbles but that's unlikely to happen.
(On the point) You're mouthy but have you even seen an actual game before?
I watch every one of them.
[Lie again] I watch all of them.
We're lost.
[Chaotic 3 people Omok] I don't get the intention of laying it out this way.
In a way, it could be a strategy.
This can bring something into my mind unconsciously
because there are three teams.
Anyway, the competition is taking place in a very fierce way.
In this quiet atmosphere, without a single word spoken,
this is what a war of nerves!
Wow, how many pebbles should we take into consideration?
This is so hard.
[War on making jokes / Brain war] Seems like there's another wall here.
[It's more comfortable to be here] It's as if the filming is done in two different locations.
Unless it's a situation where you can make 5 rows with certainty, you can't use the chance
because that's the same as giving the opportunity to the person right next to you.
The way I see this is that since this game involves three teams
it will be very new.
-I think we should put it like this. -Oh yeah I agree.
It will make a way.
Mm, that's right.
Even the black stone over there, if we quadruple it, then it's tied together anyway.
To be honest, for a game like Omok, Vernon is normally good at it.
So we could call him an ace.
I wonder if there's anyone who can go against him.
I was the only valid candidate. What a pity.
[Out of focus] But it was an inevitable decision because Mr. Jun blocked all the reaction cameras.
[On the verge of having 5 pebbles in a row]
I mean we have to block this right now.
This is also a psychological warfare. They don't necessarily have to block for us.
You guys block it.
We definitely have to block this by all means.
So it turns out like this.
[Severe attack] If that's the case~
Okay we should place it here.
Because unless we don't block here, we loose.
You should just block this instead!
[You guys block it / No second turns] You've already put it. It's over.
Then we should block this right?
Oh so we are able to block it.
[Doing reaction although unable to understand what's going on] Wow~
-This is it~ -This game is so difficult.
What is it? I'm curious.
This is how you block the winner.
Seems like it's going to end but it doesn't.
This game looks like it's about to end but it doesn't.
It's a very fierce competition.
[Rhymes with 'Fi'] It's very fierce and also finely calculated.
It's very fierce(synonym with teeth arrangement in Korean).
[Celebrity with healthy teeth] You're teeth are really straight.
[F rhyme] The fierceness of first-name relationship.
They're fierce, first-name close and hemorrhoids(starts with the same letter in Korean).
What the...
[Embarrassed] Why would you include that?
Shall we put four in a row?
[You guys block it] Block it there, and we'll do ours here.
[In danger of creating 5 in a row] Wow, you've dominated the board.
You get to decide.
So there are currently four in a row, right?
So decide who you're going to hand the victory to.
Hey, don't you find them annoying?
They kept telling you to block it.
-But you have to block it together. -Hey, wait
[They're evil] They kept telling you to block it.
Where is-- Is it this? The white?
[Here and here] This is the white piece.
So you need to block them here.
You get to decide who wins.
But to be honest, no matter what we do...
Wow, I can't do this.
Can't you just do rock paper scissors this once?
-But rock paper scissors is really... -It's not that great.
-Don't you find them annoying? They kept telling you to block it. -He placed it.
It's been placed already.
It's over!
The end.
It's over!
[Do We Have To Team Wins]
-I knew we'd win! -But honestly
nobody knew what would happen at the end.
That was really fun.
It's a fun game.
[Doesn't know what happened because he didn't watch] Could you tell us in brief what the end result was?
We won.
We're going to watch this game through the broadcast too. (Don't Lie)
The 'Do We Have To' team ended up winning again.
[Recruiting a new family member] Don't we have to pick 2 more people to drop?
I think we can just do rock paper scissors now.
[Doesn't remember his own team name] 'KwonShuGyu' team's rock paper scissors.
If you don't put anything out, you lose.
Rock paper pooh!
Joshua usually uses rock.
[Lost] Joshua uses rock a lot.
We'll just roll a dice.
Speaking as someone who's shared a room with Joshua many times, he uses rock a lot.
Okay, I'll go sit over there.
[Losers] -Let's go! -Mingyu and Wonwoo lost.
So there are 4 left in total.
So you thought this was the end!
-But! -Wait!!
[Nobody told them to do this] -If we leave it like this, we won't be able to show our intelligence to its full potential! -That'd be a shame~
So we have prepared!
-A -Con
-so -lation
- Ta - Da
Our fight-
Consolation match of all-
Because I'm the real brainiac,
I deliberately lost in order not to waste my brain power (he's stammering because he's not using it right now either).
[Consolation Match / Memorize 12 cards with numbers and mathematical expressions, and if you can make the number given by the production crew, you pass! / Only 3 people can pass!]
[Consolation Match START]
[Last shred of dignity] No, losers-to-be.
We're not losers, and we're not failures either.
[LOSERS] we could pass this match and win!
[Not me] Only three members can pass this match and rejoin the game.
To explain this simply
Vernon will reveal the number over there,
and there are numbers and mathematical expressions there.
And when the PD gives us a number,
you will use the cards given to make an equation to make that number.
[End of explanation] Oh~ I see!
We're holding hands right now
in order to get an equal view.
[Is that really necessary?] No, they're not holding hands.
So, shall we begin?
I heard that if you hit your head like this, you can remember things better.
[He doesn't hit his own head] Okay, let's go.
[Card reveal] Let's go! 1,2,3,4,5,6
-Wow, this is hard. -7
-8,9 -Wow, this is hard.
[End of card reveal] That's it~
[Goldfish] But I've already forgotten it.
Hey, this is hard.
The first number is 70.
Do we only get one chance?
[Infinite number of chances given]
I have the answer! 3,6,7
How did you do it? That's amazing.
[Forgot that he'd forgotten] I have the answer too.
[9] -3 -It's a multiplication sign? It definitely won't equate to 70.
[x] -6 -It won't work, it won't work, it won't equal 70.
[50] Failed!
Definitely not.
[100] -13
[15] -15 -Wrong!
Dino! Dino!
[50] 7
[1] -2 -Wrong!
[Already memorized it all] What are you going to multiply by 13?
[Answer 1700] -Wrong! -Okay, 1700~
(Don't Lie) I don't know.
[100] 13
[16] 9, wrong!
I don't think we can get it.
Instead of all doing the same thing
we need to open them all and remember where the numbers are.
Oh, okay.
[Eyeing each other] -Everyone's only doing 13, but you can't get the answer with just 13. -10,6,12
[10] 10 and then 6.
[x] 6 times 12 is?
[17] Oh! Mingyu!
[Forgot the answer] -Wait, was the answer 70? - Mingyu!
[Wow, 5 of them?] -Is it not 5 of them? -Wow! It works!
[10] 10, and then
[x] times by 3
[9] 3, okay 90
[Gave up because it wasn't the expected mathematical expression]
[15] -15 -times 6
[x] 6
4! Please let it be 5, open sesame!
-Wait, it won't be 70 if it's 5? -Mingyu! Mingyu!
It shouldn't be 5.
I'll finish it, I'll finish it.
[10] 10
[x] -6 -10 times by 3
First 30
[-] -14 -Subtract?
[100] -13 -Then 100 minus -10
No? Why? Why? Why?
It's minus, because multiplication comes first.
How did I say it?
Didn't I count from 100?
[Lacking in arithmetic] -Took out 30 and said 100. -Now I'll be starting!
[100] 13
[-] -14 -Right right.
[10] -6 -It's 90.
[x] Multiplying 90 multiplying
Right it's over.
[3] -4 -Oh, it's a shame for the order~
[Resurrection of Wonwoo]
[Today's comrade] One member from our team is coming.
[Tomorrow's enemy] But after this it's on one on one.
Two people are left, two people.
[The second number 33]
Just say any number to begin with.
[17] 12
[50 7 wrong.
-Mingyu! -SeungKwan!
-I was faster, I'm faster right? -SeungKwan! SeungKwan!
-Mingyu. -7,14,12
[50] -14 -12
[-] -13 -12
[17] -12 -Ah it's done, 33.
[Resurrection of Mingyu]
It was neat.
-Nice one Mingyu~ -The last brainiac!
[He eagerly answered mathematics workbooks] My mom told me when I was young to learn math by myself diligently.
[The last number 22]
-Oh the man of resurrection Hoshi Kwon~ -Dino!
-It's a multiplication? -Wrong.
[3] -4 -6
[x] -6 -12
[-] 13
[So interesting] It's a minus?
[17] 12
[16] 9 wrong.
Ah I'm not good at these kind of things.
Oh it's done.
Dino 12,10,2
12,10,2 ah okay.
[17] 12
[10] 10 Wrong.
Ugh, I don't know.
-I could have done it. -It's 22 right?
What's the answer?
It's confusing. Just say it separately like 16,10,7
16 wrong.
[Soon to be forgetting] It's a division.
I think I found it.
Can't we divide first? (Genius) Just divide it with the zero.
Hey why can't we find the addition?
[Finding '+'] Oh it's done.
[+] Just for 11,2,1
-One last remaining. -5?
[Getting the answer right while watching them] -10,11,2,1,5? -It's too bad.
[14] If I can only get 2 then it's done.
What's 2? Where is 2?
[10] 10
[+] 11
[1] 2
[x] -1 -4! 4! 4! Is it 2?
Is there 2?
Was there any 2?
Was there no 2?
But this is kind of fun.
[10] 10
[+] 11
[1] 2,1
[x] 7!!!!
[50] 7 Wrong.
[10] 10
[+] 11
[1] -2 -I don't think there's any 2?
[x] -1 -I think there was one.
2 might not be here. Can it be 22?
Don't try to find the number you want.
-I must be really stupid. -Hoshi!
[100 ÷] 13,16
[50] 7 okay 2~
[x] 1 is a multiplication.
-Oh~ you made a 2. -If it was multiplying by 11!
[Doesn't know where 11 is] Hey there is 11, there is 11.
Hoshi you've just made 2.
-How? What number did you have just now? -The last one was 11.
Where is 11?
Can't you give us only 5 seconds more?
I think we'll be over with it tomorrow.
[Revealing the card for 5 seconds] We'll give you 5 seconds.
[5 seconds have ended]
-I must be stupid. -I don't know anything at all.
[9] 3
[x] 6
[3] 4
[10] 10
Hey isn't it over as we saw it all now?
-This must be done now if it was seen. -4,11,15
[3] 4
[+] -11 -15
[10] -10 -We're supposed to remember what we opened.
[x] -6 -But we don't.
[9] -3! 90 -We can take it easy.
[÷] 16 division
[3] 4
There isn't anything left right now.
It's done but that needs an addition!
We only have to find the addition now.
-10 -No you're taking it to difficultly.
-10,11,3 -Wait!
[Happy new year] What on earth is he doing?
-What are you doing? -7,4
-10,11,3 -Good!
One plus plus
[10+] 11
[9] -3! 19 -You almost got it all!
Next you said 7 right?
-Ah it's not 7. -Nope!
[50] Wrong.
-Oh I was nearly done. -It's 22 right?
Wait wait.
-3,1,4 -Yeah~ End end end.
-Now 3,2,1, end! -14!
[Moment of a hero] Huh?!
-I'm gonna lose my mind. -6~
[3] -4 -14
[-] 14
[9] 3, nope!
-Why why why? -it's 21.
Oh isn't it 21?
It's 22.
[Good memory but bad hearing] All the time I was doing it as 21.
It's about time you know.
[= What the staff feels] -Hey this is not 15. -10,11,3
[10] 10
[+] 11
[9] 3
[15] -15 -15 really is 15.
-Can't we just reveal for the final 3 seconds? 3 second reveal? -5, 4!
10, 11, 3, 5, 4
Oh 6, 4!
-Oh never mind sorry, 5, 4, sorry -10, 11, 3
[Hello there / 10 + 9 ]
[14] 5, wrong.
3 second reveal, 3 second reveal.
I'll call out right away.
Here goes the 3 seconds.
[3 second card reveal] Go!
We have to play rock, paper, scissors for this!
-Hey I can do all of it! -Raise your hand when I tell you to start.
[It's a mess]
[DK is picked] The one with a loud voice!
DK reacted first.
[Must be fun seeing him forget] And he might forget in the middle of all this.
-10, 11, 3 -Now in the middle of all this will he be able to get it!
8, 4!
[10 + 9] -Wow he got it! -10, 11, 3
-Add! -8
4! 4! 4! 4! 4!
4 to 19
Barely did it.
-Wow.. -Nice job.
One more time!
[That wasn't enough... One more round?] If we play another round I'm confident I can do real well!
No if we do it this way it takes too long, better we just reveal straight away and streamline it.
[Open book memory game] So we reveal it all?
What kind of game is that?
[If it's these guys] -But it might still be difficult even with it open. -Yeah I think so too.
[Truly the last number, 141]
-141 ready? -Okay!
-Hoshi! -100...
[Acting smart] 14 times 10 plus 1
14 x 10 + 1 = 141
- Wow Hoshi~ - Wow Hoshi!
[Can't give up yet] 100 - 50 +... no
100 + 50 - 9
Hey now!
[Hey] Yes that's 141 too.
100 + 50 - 9
[Hoshi resurrects] And I'm back~~~!
-So your "big picture" succeeded. -It is a bit embarrassing.
But a success is a success.
So everything's going according to plan up to this point.
Yeah we weren't really thinking that hard, it was on purpose.
[You're going to keep it up to the end] Because I'm brainy.
Actually here as well, I kept myself back on purpose.
I actually remember all of it.
Everyone was just writing on the floor and everything.
That's why I didn't use my head, and instead used my hand.
-Shall we do an O X quiz for the individual finals? - Okay!
[O X quiz - SEVENTEEN BRAIN SURVIVAL FINAL ROUND OX QUIZ! Let's find out who is the most brainy!]
[Promoted to become an MC] Who will...
turn out to be the most brainy SEVENTEEN member?
Brain! (* Sounds like "yes" in Korean)
-Final game. -Brain!
It's an O X quiz.
Who is the brainy one?
There are members here who have survived after fierce competition and tight games.
Joshua, do you usually do well in O X quizes?
[Isn't it more a game of hunches?] I think I can rely on my timing and hunches.
Solve the problems.
[In the end, brain games are about hunches] -He's saying he won't solve the problems, but rely on hunches and tact. -I'll survive with that.
Hunches can be a method.
But the O X quiz is not a complete pushover.
-It is the finals. -Right.
I think we'll be able to see who is the real brains of the group.
-Who is the smartest in SEVENTEEN? -Brain!
-Let's begin. -Okay!
The side Jun is seated is the O side.
And the side Dino is seated is the X side.
I think that's the first time you spoke after the opening.
I will ask DINO's opinion every now and then.
You can tempt people.
You could say things like, 'Of course it's X' even if it isn't.
-Oh okay. -You can tempt us.
[OX game begins] Now for the first question.
The long awaited first question.
[As of the date of the shoot (19 December, 2019)] SEVENTEEN debuted on 26 May, 2015, which was 1672 days ago.
-Move to O if this is true, otherwise move to X. -Wow how do you know if this is right?
-How do you tell right away? -Do you know this?
[Guide bot] If true, O. If false, X.
-5 -Everyone here's choosing X?
-He's going to make or break the game right there! -4!
[YOLO] -I don't know either. -3!
-2 -Hey all foreigners come to this side.
I can't let you win alone.
Because S.COUPS mentioned it being 1400 days a few days ago--
-That's CARAT. -That's CARAT's day.
You still have a chance to switch.
Wait, exactly how many days?
[Transfer] 1672 days.
Wait, this is just guessing, huh?
The reason I came over here
Is because THE 8 was alone over there.
[A kind-hearted guy] I can't let THE 8 win by himself.
[Conflicted] -That's why I came over. -I have no idea which is right.
-Whoa, what do we do? -5!
-You can't calculate this. -4
-I can't count it! -3!
-What's this? -2!
[Selection time is over] It's over.
You can't move any longer.
Mingyu's words were very confusing.
Hoshi, you said you were good at O X quizzes. Are you sure about that?
Yes yes of course.
Okay here goes.
SEVENTEEN debuted on 26 May, 2015, which was 1672 days ago.
The answer is..
[Everyone is united for a moment]
-It's hard. -Wow it's hard, it's hard!
As of today, the debut was 1671 days ago.
It's a one-day difference!
What is this!
So now
-Hoshi, Vernon and THE 8 are already out from the first question. -It's already been more than 1600 days since our debut?
[The essence of mind games = luck] There's a high chance to win! If you're lucky!
The second question is also related to SEVENTEEN.
-What is the sum of the year of birth of all members? -The sum?
How are you supposed to calculate that?
The sum is 25,955.
If you think it's correct, move to O If not, move to X.
-25,955 -I can't believe they actually calculated it.
If you need time to calculate, I will give you the time.
-Wow... -How are you supposed to get it right?
-This is impossible. -25,955
Assume that it's 2,000 per person.
[A genius...?] -Oh... -If you were born in 1997, then it's -3.
Do you need more time?
-5,4,3 -DK, if you are not going to calculate, then just guess.
[Inner conflict] 2, 1!
Time's up!
-It's like he's like running away. -DK!
DK, are you with O?
The answer is O.
[Master of social skills] I told you, you have to go with the majority.
[The last 3 survivors] -See? -Alright.
We still have a lot of questions left.
[We never thought it would go this quick] -But we only have 3, only 3 members left. -Wow!
-Let's move on to the next question -DK brain~
[Former reaction ace / in the TOP 3] -Brainiac's dream can come true. -Brainiac's dream.
Now, the third question.
I can do it only if it's something possible.
-It's really scary to just guess. -Just guess.
Now, the question.
A spider!
[A Goose's Dream?] A goose? (* Goose and spider are homonyms in Korean)
-A spider is -A spider is
an animal. If you think it's true, then move to O. If not, move to X.
A spider is an animal. If true, O. If not, X.
If he gets it right, then he wins.
Hurry and make your move.
-Why do I think a spider is an animal? It just feels like it's not an insect, why? -A spider is an animal.
The answer is,
should I move?
It's O!
[Final Winner, Mingyu] It's not an insect right?
You're the sexy brain now?
-Of course I am. -Then let me ask you one more.
-No, actually, if you get 3 questions right in a row, then I'll count it as a Golden Bell. -Why do I have to do that much?
[Question Bargain Sale] -I thought I'm already the sexy brain. -It's because there are too many questions left.
The only mammal that can fly with wings is a bat.
If it's true, then move to O. If not, move to X.
Can I give up on the Golden Bell and just be the sexy brain?
[Wants to see him get it wrong] -Yes, you are definitely the sexy brain. -Really?
Mingyu, trust your guts.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1
So how do you feel about being the main brain of SEVENTEEN?
It feels really great to win the battle with myself from the beginning.
-I just feel satisfied that I made it to TOP3. -Me too.
-Oh, you were in the (top) 3? - Yes, I was.
That's cool!
[Number 3] I hope you guys can stop ignoring me from now on.
[DK Awakening]
It's no longer, "Please just ignore me"
Now, it's "Don't ignore me"
That's frightening.
Anyways, that wraps up today's OX Quiz session.
[The two are wrapping up] I think it was a great time, having the opportunity
[Looking over the leftover OX questions] -to pick the brain of SEVENTEEN. - That's right.
[Dropout Representative] Whoever lost,
[Winner] whoever won,
SEVENTEEN will continue to
-show you the best of ourselves. -Yes.
Anyways, please give a round of applause to
the sexy brain of the day, Mingyu!
Lastly, 'sexy brain' Mingyu
[Sexy dance from a sexy brain] will wrap up the day with a sexy dance.
[Sexy brain dance]
[Brain wave]
That's a brain wave?
[Laughter of the brain]
-A day like this reminds you of a song. -What is it?
5, 6, 7, 8
It's really cold right?
Oh man, the lyrics...
The end!
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52 Folder Collection
莊詠婷 published on April 15, 2020
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