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Washington Wizards, here's the starting lineup once again rolled out for the Wizards
We mentioned Thomas Bryant Ruia Hatchin Borah boys a good rookie that it's kind of brightening
Up for the Wizards towards the middle of a road trip. They'll hang around here. It's later, but they can't play anything
dead last in the ratings
Repeated shoot they're gonna have to kick us out of the baseline and down it gonna quit engage. They'll shoot a lot of please
Lakers put it over
They've tried to find the crease on down vanilla chai boys dive away in this time initial that it wasn't effective to his shot
Bradley Beal
Whip it over to on itea Thomas rattles it in we hear the murmurs
Well who is pitching the shutout blocked shot by ad?
Is off the bar if you see alive LeBron is the first bucket for the Lakers tonight
Skip pass and Bradley Beal the distance winner Jeff the hot chip Bora
You playing with so much crazy on the ball right now here
Scarred affairs that not to use his left hand on the charge
They can speed the since they did happen for ten to the logic kid wizard post all-star break last year Leblon
Interior passing took the TV he's got to get out of the peas. Danny Green he was do
Normally that dominant rebounding teams earlier as it season
David lets it go and Barrett goes good
33% of downtown this year we
Caught up to it. Go with some bacon bikini close it down that what a point you sink. I know what your fans
It's fun to watch that's what we're eating hold on to it needs to move
It eat some help fine to the Brawn LBJ past 33 thousands of the other
And the number one assist player in the league by the way interested mint is also in so is mo vogner
Suppose in with this young man. You'll ever meet three points
Lock your averaging over to 14 a game over the last seven in the quarter. Let is rock genre points yet played
25 huge minutes the other night
Rondo alone set fire
Year which is not played first Nick back at 2010
Start this season
Coming off the bench Tim Smith will ditch it out
Good ball movement bond is gonna try a three and Banga hits the triple room his dynamic on this end of the floor
He asserts himself
Rondo the floater the little Runner and the soft touch
Smith bounce baggage by
Loose on the ground Bogner Smith will pull up from 18 feet and hit it full
Lop on dirt
LeBron will plate it's a four-on-three LeBron again, here. He goes all the way
Block chops are 5 nothing Lakers
Bradley Beal
So far so good holding him in check, but not Thomas Bryant just a lot a little thinner
Dwight didn't come out and he knocks down the mid-range jumps
Who's my waters in the lane? And the weather is good couple of minutes. Just looking for their tenth win in a row
There's 17th out of the year LeBron James
That's nothing put-down sequence support the the Wiz if you're gonna break down ever feel somebody other than LeBron
Shows what he kicked on showed us that when he was with the Spurs in
79% Rondo cirthree Rhonda. What is that his third one? I'm diggin in defensive Minelli for shooting nearly
60% they've got 53 points six and a half to go on the quarter and it it's a hot effort
LeBron could until we start it with table and quiet
You've got Brussels in front was thinking I can't have him flow. Find me and get a dump but give up the solute beyond
We won't to the real meat it's 14 alone on the wing Anthony David
Hill quarterback and bring it out Isaiah Thomas down the middle. He goes all the low blow it up and throw it in
by a points over
35 today rest adenine egg is protecting the paint behind the back today to Greenfoot LeBron
Started with heavy weekend Lakers and LeBron best record in the NBA
All bump kcg he gets it again down low got to get out of the teeth and now it's Vicki gets another opportunity to
Let those control things Danny Green
And the Lakers that's a good effort on the defensive end
bounce perfect Iggy
These stars and one like blitzing him. Danny Green is knit deep
He'll kick me right back out for Davis now LeBron open straight away and LeBron rings up
Runs the third sack suitcase LeBron leads intellipedia Jack
Watching piece both charted 16 2-tuple acres in the past
With the left dominate 8850 Wanda
Baseline walks up behind by lzj. He naps between in the right place at the right time understands the game of basketball
action bar and the eight keep sort of being very very
confusing players drugs for you born in Japan played for Japan's national teams
Bochy Boris with a little mini right here last seen
Reverts jihad lies in the NBA. They allow the votes points was raided defense bounced by Bogner
There's worse saachi's shot. That's where he feels comfortable perhaps
What the shoes choose?
There's a three by Thomas
101 73 the Lakers to up on Kepler who they will see on Tuesday another three
If smith-waters it pitch it out Bradley Beal George
Martin's Radley feel the roll to Roger
That's a great Alvin if you want to bet the guy you don't want shooting the three really Bradley
These are the frontcourt up to chop the onion find a difference, but he's off that two years
Down the middle there zip all the way and he beat powered at the Lakers engineer student career double-double
She could get it up here in the fourth to it get another one quit carping knocks it down
So hard not to complain when you think you a recipient of a bad call, but at the same time
Decision by LeBron big monster rock Colton go to his village
But the wine bucket
Volatility Pizza, Bob. What does that mean? That's because they did
You have to make sure you give your teammate an angle to pass the ball to you whether it's tricky on their zip Baltic state
Smallest guy on the floor comes out
Gets it. What are they yelling - Nathan you
his boss
spinning and scoring
The left-hander's ripples, maybe not. Yeah. No, he doesn't so the numbers double double by the minute Kalle
54 Pink Floyd's for the Lakers. We had a three wish field look to describe
Rejected all right crowd rises to its feet
They get fed. They get jerseys they get a win
LeBron 23 and 11 and three rebounds a b-26 a
1315 a double-double
Six in double figures they shoot over 50%
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Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | November 29, 2019-20 NBA Season

19 Folder Collection
謝帆伊 published on April 14, 2020
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