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so sweet The journey when you come to love yourself except yourself.
Forgive yourself.
Respect yourself.
Believe in yourself.
Be yourself.
Dianne Reeves in her song Testify at the age of 13.
I found myself not wanting to be who I waas.
There was no joy in my life.
Living became a rut and routine in a recent Florida Times Union article.
It reported that according to research conducted by the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center status of Girls and Florida, we are in crisis one and three girls believe that life is not worth living.
I was one of those girls, but then I received a small gift that sparked a revelation for me.
I needed to see who I wanted to be and who I waas.
I wasn't going to be defined by my past experiences or the effects of intergenerational trauma.
This mental shift gave me the permission and strength to deal with all of Huai Waas.
I needed to see the me that was curious about the why and how off the world the me that have been questioning their sexuality since the second grade.
The me that had been festering in anger and confusion for as long as I could remember it gave me permission to deal with the girl in the mirror who was afraid of what it would mean to find herself as a lesbian black woman.
This is my journey.
I had to first unpack my parents words.
You don't know what it is like to have problems.
Stop crying.
I'll give you something to cry about.
Why are you so sensitive?
Their words affected how I handled my emotions.
They unknown.
Lee trained me how to deny my feelings.
But this learned denial on Lee brought me closer to my truth.
I wanted to be my best true self.
My honest itself.
What this meant was for me to be on a journey to discover my values, become more precise about what was needed and be determined to find my piece.
I know that you out there today, I want to find your own piece, and you can do so by taking charge of your mental health.
So what does it mean to care for your mental wellness?
Begin with acknowledging and being honest with yourself.
To hell for my trauma.
I had to pinpoint what it was that was causing me pain.
I had to change the negative ways.
I spoke to me about me.
I'm not lazy.
I'm tired.
I'm not a disappointment.
I'm finding my own narrative.
Practicing, acknowledging and being honest with myself looked like understanding that my parents, peers and people in my community have projections that did not belong to me.
Nor did it define me.
This revelation was emotionally groundbreaking.
Like some of you in the audience.
I'm a survivor of my parents divorce.
I did not know how much losing my family was going to affect me.
I felt angry and eight.
I didn't trust anyone.
My inability to trust affected how I was able to commit to relationships where the platonic or romantic, I wasn't able to be vulnerable enough to establish a relational foundation.
I had to do more personal work.
I had to learn and practice how to feel.
You practice how to feel close your eyes brief ground yourself.
Is your head hurting stomach turning heart being just a little bit faster?
When I allowed myself to feel and digest that anger, I realized I had projected onto my parents what I believed a marriage should be.
I needed to see they were human and hurt people, too.
My prayers were affected by their own into generational trauma.
Intergenerational trauma can be defined as trauma that is transferred in between generations.
After the first generations of survivors experienced trauma, they can pass that trauma onto their Children and generations.
Examples of this phenomenon had been seen within the African American community and the ever lasting effects of slavery and oppression in the Native American community, in the lasting effects of suppression of culture and depression and in the Jewish community with the lasting effects of the Holocaust recognizing entry, generational trauma, Israel and relevant.
And it gave me a different context for looking at people.
It allowed me to be more self aware and make healthier choices regarding my mental health.
I started to become at peace with who I waas and my emotions.
Teen depression, anxiety and suicidal deaths are rising among Children like you and me.
We need to know how to heal.
We must create a healthier dialogue with that we want to be.
We must stop the cycle of intergenerational trauma.
We must take care of ourselves so we can be our best Selves.
So my good people I invite you to cry When you feel like crying Laugh If it helps subside The anger Take that mental health day If the day just isn't your day And let your journey be sweet Accepting and forgiving while you find who you are And gain your piece you matter Thank you.
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Stop the cycle of Intergenerational Trauma. You Matter | Jabrea Ali | [email protected]

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on April 7, 2020
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