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Hey! my name is Rob Riley and I want to introduce
the class that we offered to students at 台大 every Friday afternoon
at 12:15 in electrical engineering building number two [電機二館]
and classroom 102 every week
we are trying to have some NTU students come together
and we're introducing the Bible to
student at 台大 by watching a movie
a movie about "The BIBLE" every week the classe are offered in English
and is taught by native English speakers so it's a great opportunity
for students to come and practice their English
if something that they would like to do and also is a great opportunity for them
to come and learn a little bit more about
The Bible they would like to know about that as well
so we invite everyone to come every Fridayafternoon at 12:15
the class lasts for about an hour so please come on
Hi! :P
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English Conversation Class for NTU Students

1230 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 4, 2014
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