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Welcome to Cinema Summary, ladies and gentlemen.
Today's movie is all about one question: What would you do for a million dollars?
This is the Box
The movie starts with a classified document.
It's about this guy named Arlington Steward He had a terrible accident
which we will find out about later.
After his accident he starts making these weird, wooden boxes
and delivering them to people.
Norma Lewis, a woman who lives in Richmond, Virginia.
Finds one of these boxes on her doorstep one day.
It's morning, it's foggy and there is a black car driving away.
She brings it inside, and her, her husband,
and her kid try to figure out what it is.
The box is locked but through the see-through cover they can see a big red button
They find a note a note with the box and it says that
Mr. Steward will visit them at 5:00 PM
and none of them know who Mr. Steward is
Okay, real quick, I'm gonna introduce you to the family
before we get to the real crazy stuff, okay?
So, Arthur the Dad works at NASA
Norma the Mom is a school teacher
and Walter the Kid studies at the same school that his mom teaches at.
Together they are the Lewis Family
They leave home to go to work and in class, a creepy kid
asks Norma why she limps and we find out that Norma's foot is disfigured
Later, at school.
She meets the principal.
Who tells her that the discount given to the teachers who have kids at the same school
has been cancelled.
And oddly enough, when they are done talking, the principal gets a nose bleed.
Back at home, Norma hears the doorbell ring
and she opens the door to see: A man with a burned face.
Norma is shocked by his appearance and almost doesn't let him.
Until he introduces himself
"My name is Arlington Steward."
Inside, he gives her an envelope with a key inside.
The key that opens the glass cover.
and he tells her that if you push the button 2 things will happen
1) Someone, somewhere in the world will die 2) You will get 1 million dollars in cash
In a briefcase just like this one and before he leaves he gives her a $100 bill
for her kindness. Huh.
She doesn't believe him and in fact she's freaked out by him.
But he convinces her that
It's all real and if she presses the button, she will find out the truth
and the money is all hers
So Arthur is at work building a fake foot for Norma so she can walk normally.
When he gets a letter from his boss.
He has been rejected from the astronaut training program.
He cannot be an astronaut because he failed his psychological evaluation.
That evening, Arthur opens up the box with Norma and they find out that it is just wood.
There is no way this box could send any signal or message to anyone.
and even after this, they still do not know if they should press the button.
At NASA the next day, a man receives a phone call from his wife.
and she's freaking out because their daughter has been kidnapped.
So he drives to meet her, and we see someone spying on him.
Arthur comes back home to tell Norma that The $100 bill she got is real because
he tested it and they begin to feel greedy.
Suddenly, Norma presses the button, after all:
"It's just a box."
Someone has dialed the 911 (the police)
the person calling said they heard screaming and gunshots.
The police are on their way to the crime scene where a neighbor tells them there was a guy
with a briefcase who drove off.
Inside the home, the police find a woman shot dead and a little girl locked in a bathroom.
The door bell rings at the Lewis's home
Arlington Steward has come back
He asks for the key back and opens his briefcase.
The Lewis's are shocked and horrified! Arthur asks Steward if someone died.
To which Steward says
“Well of course someone died."
then Norma asks Steward what he will do next
and he tells them that he will take the Box to
another family and make the same offer to them.
He leaves the briefcase full of cash and the house taking the box with him
but Arthur can't handle this. He's guilty,
and tries to return the money but Steward drives off
and Arthur gets the license plate and rushes back in.
At the police station, we learn more about the murder.
The police think that the woman's husband might be the killer.
but it doesn't make sense: He's a good guy, never hurt his wife,
Never committed a crime.
Who is the husband?
Jeff Carnes: The same guy who got the phone call from earlier and was being spied on.
That night, Arthur gives Norma the fake foot.
and we see how she is able to walk normally now.
Together they go to a wedding rehearsal dinner.
There they meet Norma's parents
and Arthur wins a prize and he chooses a present.
He opens the present and Inside is a photo of Arlington Steward.
and then he sees the creepy kid from Norma's class.
Holding 2 fingers up.
At home with Walter and Dana the Babysitter.
Dana sees something
We don't get a clear picture.
But we can also see something or someone.
Standing outside of the window.
She doesn't say anything about what she sees but
Dana does ask to see some of Arthur's other stuff.
So, Walter takes her downstairs to the basement.
Arthur has a private talk with his father-in-law who works for the police.
Asking him to find information on Arlington Steward
by searching for Steward's license plate.
Norma is told she has a phone call waiting for her by waiter.
and at first, the waiter is confused but then gives her the phone.
The waiter leaves and gets a nosebleed.
Okay, now you're gonna notice something, different people are going to start bleeding from the nose
Now there is a reason for this and I will tell you later, but stick with me.
Back to the movie
On the phone, Steward and Norma talk.
Steward tells her that he knows that Arthur
told the police about his license plates.
He knows about this since.
"He has many employees."
Huh, creepy and what's even creepier.
Is that he tells her that actions have consequences.
And to 'enjoy the party'
Arthur sees the creepy kid from earlier laughing at him.
He yells at him outside.
“Why are you laughing?”.
“Do you think my wife's foot is funny?”
He's angry and loud and everyone sees this, including Norma.
So, they leave before Arthur does something bad.
and as they drive away one of the valet's raises 2 fingers.
When they get home, Arthur drives the babysitter to her motel
and during this drive, the babysitter starts talking.
Saying creepy things like “You have blood on your hands"
“Somebody pushing your buttons?"
and warns him to “Look at the light”.
Then she blacks out.
and as soon as they get to her motel.
She wakes up!
And tells Arthur.
He is in danger and that only he can save himself.
Then the babysitter gets a nosebleed.
She goes to her room and as she's walking.
People just stand outside their rooms watching her and we hear a broadcast.
About spaceflight technology.
She goes into her room and there's a wall with photos of Norma, Arthur, and Walter
and other information connecting them together.
And she's looking at this.
Like she's seen this for the first time.
It's weird.
Outside we see a group of people standing around a glowing swimming pool
When he gets home, Arthur asks Norma how she knows Dana the Babysitter
She tells him, she met her on a field trip and that Dana is from Richmond but then Arthur
shows her Dana's drivers license:
Her real name is Sara and she is from Boston.
That night, Arthur goes downstairs.
To check the photo of Steward he got from the party and he finds that it matches the
photo in his basement. The photo of the people who worked on the Viking 1 Probe
The next morning, Norma answers the phone.
It's Mr. Steward, who asks where Arthur went and he asks
if Arthur is investigating something he shouldn't.
Norma asks if Dana is one of his employees and all he has to say is
“I have many employees”.
She asks to meet him face-to-face.
and Steward tells her that he's in her backyard.
and outside, there's some random dude.
Standing outside her window.
That was the guy who Dana saw last night.
He had been standing there, watching them.
Since last night.
and then we see where Steward is calling from: It looks like a giant complex built underground
like a bunker or a secret military base
Meanwhile, Arthur is at the police station
talking with his father-in-law who is a policeman.
He tells Arthur that Steward's license plates
are used by government agents.
Steward's license plates are used by NSA agents, in fact.
And then Arthur notices photos on the desk Photos of the murdered wife.
It's all coming together.
His father-in-law (the police officer) is really casual about it
Telling him the details: she was shot to death;
No signs of a struggle, and that her husband worked at, NASA.
Then the he tells Arthur that The gunshots were heard sometime around 4:40 PM and Arthur
then has an idea of why she died.
and he asks if he can look at the crime scene
Meanwhile, Norma is shopping with her mother When suddenly this woman comes to her and
She says “The NSA is letting him do it.
NASA can't stop it.
All test subjects are under the age of 40.
Happily married with a single child.
Go to the Richmond Public Library and follow this call number.
Don't trust anyone.
Not even your husband.”
The woman collapses in Norma's arms, and the woman gets a nosebleed.
Norma decides to go to the library to see what that woman wanted her to see.
At the crime scene, Arthur sees a desk
on it is a photo of Arlington Steward,
before his accident with his wife, Clymene.
And there are other things on the desk like
this polaroid photo of the Human Resource Exploitation Manual.
There are numbers on it's rim.
These are library call numbers for books.
Those numbers on the spine of books, that help you find out where they are in a library.
So, Arthur sneaks the photo out and goes to the library to check out the call number.
Norma is there now, and she's looking for her call number.
When she sees Arthur.
She remembers what that woman said “Don't trust anyone.
Not even your husband”
She hides from him and goes downstairs.
Arthur doesn't know she's here but he finds a book.
But somewhere in the library, a group of guys suddenly turn.
The book Arthur found is called The Lightning book.
Inside is a newspaper clipping reading “NASA employee struck by lightning”.
Downstairs, Norma finds what she is looking for, a film reel.
She takes it out and plays it.
Upstairs, Arthur leaves the book and on his way out.
Comes face to face with that group of guys from earlier who follow him.
He runs away and they follow him.
It's seriously creepy.
They don't even talk.
Downstairs, the film reel shows a building.
A NASA building.
It looks like a place to put airplanes in and
we see scorch marks on the building and tarmac.
Arthur is still running away when he enters this big room.
As he gets closer and closer, to what he thinks is the exit.
The people there turn to look at him.
He asks the librarian for directions and he realizes he knows her
From the photo!
That's Arlington Steward's wife : Clymene Steward.
Norma continunes watching the film and sees: Arlington Steward.
Before his accident looking into the camera.
Arthur asks Steward's Wife, Clymene “Why is he testing us?”
and she answers “He's testing us, all of us."
And then she asks him to follow her to a side room.
there she tells him that there are 3 gateways, but he must be careful
There is only 1 path to salvation
Whatever that means, it doesn't sound safe.
ander nose starts to bleed
as she holds her hand out and below, 3 floor tiles open up.
and from them come these weird pillars of water.
Norma is trying to get out of library, but she is taken to meet Steward.
Steward tells Norma that he was struck by lightning, and now he can talk with the people
who control the lightning.
Arthur asks what happens if he chooses wrong or if he doesn't choose at all.
Eternal Damnation.
So Arthur chooses Gateway 2.
Okay so, to clear up a few things: why did Arthur choose Gateway 2?
Well, if you remember the kids from earlier: the creepy kid from Norma's class and the valet
All did this. They all stuck up 2 fingers and Arthur realizes this
and choose it because of that and you even see him hold up 2 fingers in the scene
Steward asks Norma what she felt when she saw Steward's face.
She tells him that she felt 'love' for him
She knows his pain since she has her
own foot that is messed up.
Steward seems pleased with her answer and asks her to take his hand.
And as soon as she does she blacks out.
Meanwhile, Arthur goes through the gate and he's taken into a tunnel of purest white
Like something from another world.
Then Norma wakes up.
She's on her bed at home, and Arthur's there!
In a water box that's floating above her.
Arthur collapses onto the bed
with the water flowing out of the room.
He's alive but wet and water is everywhere.
So they have to clean it up.
Walter helps them out but he asks them if they remembered how they got home.
Their silence is telling.
So he tells them what happened:
They came home in the car.
They walked in like zombies and collapsed on the bed.
Arthur and Norma don't know what to say.
As they try to clean up
Arthur's boss and the NSA head Martin talk.
Where Martin tells Arthur's boss that Mr. Steward was struck by lightning,
at the same place they are standing at right now.
Steward was declared dead and put into the morgue.
Where he came back to life and it was discovered that he could heal very, very fast.
As they talk, Steward listens in on their conversation, in his underground base.
Later the Lewis's go to a wedding, where Arthur feels unease
and without his notice is being watched by a man through a window.
In Steward's secret base briefcases and Boxes are being prepared. Steward is asked by Martin
“How can people pass the test and when will this all end?
His answer is simple:
The only way to pass the test is to not press the button
Back at the wedding, Norma and Arthur have a talk and Arthur describes seeing a light
The way he describes it seems like he went to Heaven, a perfect paradise beyond time and space
Arthur feels sick after dancing and
goes outside for fresh air only to be held up
at gunpoint by Jeff Carnes, the guy who got that phone call earlier.
Jeff takes him on a car ride and together they leave.
At the same time Walter walks out looking for Arthur.
Norma follows him outside and then both her and Walter
get kidnapped.
Jeff shows Arthur classified CIA documents about the Human Resource Exploitation Manual,
about the gateways, and tells him that something not human.
Has put something into the brains of humans, to control them.
Which causes these people to bleed from their nose.
Meanwhile at the motel swimming pool, we see Norma taken into the pool.
To be judged whether she is good or bad.
Jeff then tells Arthur that the reason why he had to kill his wife was because of a decision:
it was either kill his daughter or his wife.
They stop as a mind-controlled Santa stands in their way and they are run into by a truck.
Jeff dies and Arthur is taken somewhere by someone.
Meanwhile at the Langley Research Center, the NSA Chief Martin and Arthur's boss oversee
an operation.
Soldiers wait with guns ready to shoot, as the doors open.
From the inside, Arthur walks out and collapses.
He is taken by them back to his home with Norma and there.
At home, they meet Steward.
Who is sorry about everything that has happened.
And he tells them that Walter has become deaf and blind.
No human medicine can heal him.
Only one thing can and that is a choice.
1) Live the rest of your lives together with Walter, who will
forever be blind and deaf but you will have 1 million dollars;
or 2) Kill your wife with this gun and when she dies
Walter will be able to see and hear again.
If they do, Walter will get the money but it will be put into an account he can only
access when he's 18.
There are no other options and we see Walter figure out that he's blind and deaf.
Arthur puts the gun to Steward's head but Steward tells him that it won't do much.
Since Arthur will go to jail for murder and Steward will get a replacement.
Before he leaves, Steward tells them that Walter is locked in the bathroom and they
try to open the bathroom door.
But now they have a choice: save Walter or let him suffer.
They come to a decision, and say their goodbyes.
We see another couple with a Box of their own.
and as they press the button *Norma dies*
The police are called and Mr. Steward arrives.
To the home of the other couple with a briefcase full of money.
"Shall I come in?"
The police arrive and arrest Arthur and he is taken away by the NSA while Walter is left
The movie ends with Mr. Steward leaving the home with the box in hand.
The cycle continues.
Who knows when it will end.
So what just happened?
Yeah, like 'real life' aliens!
and we know this because of hints throughout the film
Like radio broadcasts talking about space stuff or Mr. Stewart coming back to life after
being struck by lighting and of course, Walter!
Who at the end of movie can't see or hear.
But suddenly is able to after his mom dies?
How would you explain it?
Super advanced alien technology.
Now I did say I would explain the nose bleeds
The aliens are operating on people, they're cutting open
people's heads, and putting something inside their heads.
To control the minds and bodies of people
Now the surgery isn't perfect, so sometimes, people bleed from the nose.
And if that isn't enough then my
favourite clue in the movie is when
Norma and Arthur get back from the library
They don't remember how they got there (home)
This is an experience known as
“Missing Time”
which usually happens after being abducted by aliens.
What happens is you have gaps in your memory and you
can't remember what happened to you or how you got somewhere.
With that being said
Thank you so much for watching, ladies and gentlemen.
If you liked it leave a like down below, and subscribe to get updated on our latest uploads.
and if you see a box with a big red button...
...enjoy the money!
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THE BOX: movie explained

13 Folder Collection
wonderfulguy published on April 2, 2020
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