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Hey, what's up, guys?
Yesterday we're gonna be doing another creepy video, and in today's video, we're gonna be talking about some of the scariest unsolved murders of all time.
So first we're talking about a murder that was so shocking, so graphic that it actually inspired a movie.
And that movie is strangers.
So the strangers was a movie about a couple.
We're getting terrorized by three killers that were wearing masks.
The guy was wearing a bag over his head.
The girls were wearing these doll masks, and they were chasing around this couple through their house in the middle of the woods until they eventually tied them up.
Now, when I saw this movie, I was shocked.
It was so intense and so graphic and just so insane to even think about that happening, I did not know, was based on a true story.
Strangers is based on the Caddy murders.
So heavy is an area in the middle of the woods in California that has an extremely low population.
I think it's literally like 66 people and in caddie there are capped.
Each cabin is kind of far from the next one, so if something bad happens.
You're kind of in the middle of one night on April 11th 1981 something really bad.
It happened.
In Cabin 20 a woman in Glen Sharpe was renting Cabin 28 with her five Children.
One night she was home with her two youngest sons and one of her sons.
One of her daughters have been confident well.
The next morning, her oldest daughter, Sheila, came home from hanging out at her friend's house on what she found.
It changed her life.
In the cabin were three bodies dead on the floor.
Her mother, her young brother and his friend and her younger sister, Tina, was 12 years old, was nowhere to be found.
Now the way the bodies were is very graphic.
So I'm warning you, it's a lot.
Their bodies were bound and tied up with medical tape and appliance wires.
They were stabbed a legend with big objects like bats and pots and pans, and they were also strengthened.
The mother and the son had been stabbed repeatedly while they were tied.
That was blood.
There's blood on the car on Soo's car.
There was blood on the back stairs and blood at the back door.
There was a lot of weapons found at the crime scene, including a table knife, a butcher's knife and a bloody.
And to this day, the murderers were never found.
Nobody knows who did.
Now there were a few suspects.
There was a man named Bobo Dad, who was a supposed hit men, and there was a man named Marty's.
Now, even though there was a lot of evidence to show that these two guys might have done it, they were not put in jail.
Now you're probably wondering what happened to the little sister Tina, who was missing four years later.
She was 29 miles away from the cabin.
Three years after the murder, Tina's school was found in the woods, so years later, 2000 for Cabin 28 was demolished, along with a few other condemned.
But before it was torn down, a lot of people went to the cabin, filmed their experiences, they said they felt ghost.
There they felt presence.
Also, a lot of psychics went there and said that they could talk to the victims and that they knew the murders.
Just check out this video of a psychic cabin 20.
They knew them, they knew them.
They really want you to know they knew that, he said.
Across the street from my house, going like this to your next.
She's so angry.
She's so angry until you find them until they're she wants a murdered she wants, um, she wants to torture them now.
His daughter, Sheela is grown up now, and she has been talking about her childhood.
Just last year, she didn't interview talking about what it was like to walk into her house and see her family murdered and how it's fucked up.
And it is.
One of the main things I have a hard time with is getting close to people you know, for fear that something's gonna happen.
And I know I always look around.
I'm not, as I got some more cautious of myself.
Okay, this next murder literally sounds like a movie, and it's not.
It's really life.
This is the 1932 Atlas vampire.
Back in 1932 there was a 32 year old prostituting lily.
She would take her clients back to her apartment building, have sex with him, was very common in place.
There was a lot of other prostitutes doing the same thing.
Well, one night, Lily went missing her downstairs neighbor, Mini Jansen is the one who noticed this because she was a prostitute, too, and she went downstairs to borrow some condoms and realized that Lily was going well.
She alerted the police, and they went to Lily's apartment and what they found scores.
Lily's body was face down on her.
She was completely naked, and she had been dead for 2 to 3 days.
The police believe that she had just had sex before she died because there was a used condom found in.
They said the cause of death was that somebody hit her over the head of multiple times and killed, and this is where it gets really fucked up.
They said that her blood had been drained from her body and there was a teeth marks on her neck.
Now the police questioned all of Lily's clients, and none of them had any information.
And they were all like to this day, nobody knows who killed her.
Also, there's a fucking vampire out there that really okay, now this next story is a lot so estate with but this involves a satanic cult on the murder of two teenagers.
Okay, so first let's talk about the victims.
Sally McNally and Shane is Stuart.
Now, Sally and Shane were teenagers who were so in love that shade ignored some weird things that were going on.
Sally had some very interesting friend, and she introduced her boyfriend.
Now just to put in perspective how interesting these friends were.
This is something that happened to Sally in a party.
That friend, her friend Howland said that she was invited on Sally's parties.
She said that sadly, went into traits.
She said it was really scary and that it felt like a ritual.
Well, Sally brought Shane into her friend group and then things well, the group of friends were into some really messed up shit.
There was drugs.
There was group sex.
There was also guns and weapons.
Things that were going on in this friend group were starting to look a lot like a satanic cult.
Well, in March of 1988 Chain and Sally want to get away from this group of friends.
They were given a gun by one of the people in their group and the person said that the gun had been used in a robbery.
Well, Sally call the police and turned in the gun.
And then they both left.
Four months later, they both were reported missing.
Now, in June, a month before they were missing, Sally had called her friend Helen.
The one who went to the party with her was like, freaked out.
She told Helen that she thought somebody was trying to kill her for leaving.
Well, Helen told her, Hey, I'm sure everything's gonna be okay.
Maybe you're over exaggerating, like you just need to calm down.
And then a month later, she was despicable.
Four months later, on November 11th 1988 Sally's body was, and then three days later, Shane's bodies, both of them, had been shot in.
Now, to this day, nobody knows who did it.
But the police think that it was a group of friends.
They think the colt, But they think that witnesses that might have been in the group are too scared to come forward.
So now this next thing isn't really unsolved murder, but it kind of falls in the category because it's very mysterious, very scary.
And this involves the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
Has a lot of you guys know?
On July 17th 2014 the flight was shot down, 283 passengers were killed and 15 crew members were killed.
Now the reasons for why the planes were shot down a little sketchy and a little confusing, too much to get into in this video, but very mysterious.
Not before the flight took off.
One of the passengers took a picture of the plane like outside when he posted the picture on his Facebook and he said this If it disappears, this is what it looks like.
And then the plane took off and then shot percent reason that one really gives me the chills, just the fact that he, like, made a joke.
But it turned out to be real.
Okay, so this next murder really freaks me out because number one terrifying ships and boats.
Anyways, Mistress makes that worse.
This is the murder and disappearance of Amy Bradley.
So Amy Bradley was on a Caribbean cruise with her family.
She left her room at 5:30 a.m. To go smoke, and then she disappeared.
Now, when she went missing the ship handled it very strange.
Number one.
Even though the parents reported her missing early in the morning, nobody on the ship did anything until after 8 a.m. They also didn't send out a big announcement over the P A system because they didn't want to wake anybody before she disappeared.
Amy had told her parents that the crew on the ship was being really creepy, she said.
They were giving her creepy looks.
They were asking her if she wanted to come ashore with Hang out alone.
One witness claimed that Amy was hanging out with one of the bass players on this ship and that he had her went off alone together on shore.
But the bass player came back, and this is where it gets fucking creepy.
Amy's brother was on the ship to talk to the baseball.
That bass player went up to her brother and said, I'm so sorry for what happened to your sister and the fact that she disappeared.
I hope they find the only thing is nobody knew she disappeared yet.
Nobody on the ship New family didn't know.
Her brother didn't know.
So how the fuck did he Well the night before when Amy was hanging out with the bass player and they were all, like, you know, having dinner and hanging out with the crew they were taking.
Pictures and pictures were posted on the board in, like the common area, while the next morning, when he went missing, the mom went to grab the pictures to, like, see who maybe was hanging out with that night.
All the pictures have been taken down.
Now this is what you truly sensor disappearance.
People on the Caribbean islands have said that they've seen a walking around the island.
They even describe her with very specific tattoos that nobody would know about.
So that makes the police think that she was sold into sex slavery.
Now, this leads to the theory that the cruise ship was actually a cover on that there were people on the ship and on the crew pointing out girls for people to come grab, take so into sex.
And since 1995 hundreds of women have gone missing.
That one is heartbreaking.
I just can't explain feelings I'm having.
But it also just proves that this is very, very real.
That shit happens.
Police be alert.
And if you notice anything strange police reported to police and keep your distance.
Okay, so this last murder is probably the most eerie.
This is the murder and the Twitter account bill Comments on January 7th, 1980.
Bill Cummings was 14 years old.
There was walking home from a party and then he went missing around 9 p.m. Only a few blocks from his house.
His dead body was found in the snow, strangled by his own winter scarf.
And to this day, the killer has never been.
Now his younger sister's name was Kathleen.
She was eight years old when her brother died.
Well, Kathleen has grown up, and now she has a Twitter account that has Bill Commons as the name and she tweets.
Now the reason she's tweeting is because she wants to bring light to this case and make sure that people know that the killer is still not been found.
But tweets are still very.
He was just some of the things that build tweets.
They tried to silence me 30 40 years ago, but I'm louder than you killed me and got away with murder for 34 years.
I know you're reading this.
It's time confessed.
I forgive you.
I forgive you.
You strangled me to death.
It hurt and I was scared until my eyes opened.
And 34 years ago today I was I was 14 and had my entire life.
My family is still looking for my last meal was half a bowl of ice cream.
I put it in the freezer so I could go get my sister.
That bull stayed in our freezer three years.
I don't know.
There's something so, like, chilling about it.
I mean, I know it's his sister, and I know she's just trying to bring awareness, but I don't know, like reading those tweets and hearing it in the voice of a young who was murdered by somebody that has never been found.
That's fucking intense.
Well, there you guys go.
Hopefully you enjoyed this creepy video.
And once again, I hope that this is not disrespectful to any of the families that lost somebody.
I just find this stuff interesting and hopefully talking about it brings awareness to some of these cases and hopefully we could find All right, you guys, if you want more videos unsolved murders.
Give me a thumbs up.
So I know also subscribe to my channel right down below.
Hit the notification because I make videos every day.
And if you want to see my last unsolved murder video or any of my other scary videos, I will leave a link to a plea with straight top of description.
If you drink that whole thing, you would be dead in five minutes.
You were probably safer off drinking all of that bucket liquid starch, but it's pretty.
I mean, I'd say successful and then slowly dying.
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林宜悉 published on March 31, 2020
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