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  • all right let's go into this incredible story of dogs driving around this is a

  • really really good story the uh... so funny bs pcd auckland

  • new zealand thought that a good way to showcase that these dogs that are up for

  • abortion

  • uh... i'm sorry for her before adoption excuse me collateral freudian slip there

  • and still does disturbed by that earlier of republican social policy story

  • dogs that are up for adoption

  • are really really smart

  • so what better way to show how smart they are going to keep them to drive

  • this is market that

  • who is teaching dogs to drive and the visual is incredible if you've been

  • listening to the podcast you're listening on the radio look this up

  • online and our youtube channel

  • it's unbelievable take a look at this

  • bully

  • yes it's exactly what it looks like

  • that woman is teaching that dog

  • i've trainer mark that idea nine was in the dominican for someone to those

  • windows striking and uh... guys you know

  • you know that i get

  • because these animals haven't driven a car before their third the starting with

  • brooke is if he had been working with experienced animals were familiar with

  • driving

  • it would've been a totally different training process but he's dealing with

  • animals new to driving right

  • static can

  • and in the position

  • on you're in

  • place base on the listed with senator

  • tagal

  • and in on the street maidstone which that you can be done by doing

  • packet training with stickers

  • and rewarding them with lots of praise entry staged a trying idea right them

  • into a sequence that's a lot to do after seven weeks

  • on road

  • month he's ready to try the real thing area

  • handball

  • monte waits for skiing

  • that's eight fort celebrate ur

  • and is off

  • moderate is driving a car

  • committed

  • um... inside

  • and mark that believes it's proved any job

  • so unbelievably that they have never seen anything like this

  • i love that the dollar's driving in the hooper i'm not that impressed that they

  • couldn't parallel park that i would think about your dog hello parked the

  • car

  • pretty pretty impressive

  • data really well and also one prose is that

  • and then all that all of the people who have okay

  • know what they're trying to think

  • now we're going to runs across the road when somebody yells that bitch cut me

  • off they may not actually be making a massage mystic statement they might

  • literally be talking about a female dog driving around rape you know

  • could be taken to text and driver you stay off the road new zealand i might

  • have to

  • yeah i'd like a dog drive my car as long as he didn't move my seed i hate it when

  • i'd go to an oil change i get back in to see if the move

  • yeah i would have preserved docs lover over the steering wheel that'd be okay

  • with other after it's impossible to find the exact right spot pricey enough you

  • know here

all right let's go into this incredible story of dogs driving around this is a

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Incredible Video: Dogs Learning to Drive

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    Why Why posted on 2013/03/29
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