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Hey, what's up, guys?
Welcome back to another creepy.
Now, we talked about some very scary Instagram accounts.
We talked about the account.
I know exactly who you are, and we still don't know exactly who runs that account.
But when you d m then say who am I?
They send you back a bunch of in depth details about your life that nobody would know.
And yes, that account is pretty creepy, but it gets worse today.
We're going over some of the scariest accounts.
That's right.
Instagram isn't just a bunch of pictures of people doing yoga and posting their avocado toast that they had in the morning.
If you dig deep enough, you can find some of the creepiest pictures on the We're gonna start with an account called Mom Maester.
Now this account is incredibly terrifying and almost feels like you're looking at somebody's in 19 years.
I mean, just looking for recent pictures gave me chills.
You have people wearing clown masks and dark suits standing in the middle of nothingness.
You have old dying clowns holding on to Sam.
That's sad.
You have clouds that have black eyes that you could not see any.
So I did some research on them, and what I found was that their whole idea of their page is to challenge traditional beauty standards.
And they want you to be looking at the Explorer page, be seeing pictures of Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and then randomly get to one of their pictures, and it kind of messes with your head.
Now it's a couple that runs this account, and they said they get their ideas from their nightmares.
That's right.
They wake up from a nightmare.
They write it out, and they turned it into a picture.
Now I'm gonna show you a few of their most disturbing pictures and literally, if feels like a nightmare.
Yeah, the pictures are nightmare fuel, but even more to find now the world were all of these pictures and videos take place is somewhere they like to call.
Now, in this land of nightmares, anything is possible.
You might notice that a lot of times they're holding what looks like a dead, and that's because it is.
That's right.
Not only are the instagrammers there taxidermists now, for those of you who don't know a tax attorney is it's a lot.
It's basically an art form where they take dead animals and they freeze them in a lifelike state by moving their insides and putting stuffing.
So now when you look back to pictures knowing that it's really a dead animal exhibit Okay, so those pictures probably made you feel very young.
This next account is going to make you feel even more uncomfortable in different.
We're gonna be talking about the INSTAGRAM account.
Madam, Madam is a Russian stuntman who risks a very horrifying death with every post he started a trend that I'm sure you're aware of called on the roofs.
Now this is a type of photography where people will go to the highest places they confined and take your fine pictures of their feet dangling.
Just looking at these pictures literally make inside shake.
And if you're a guy, you could probably feel your balls like go inside of your body when Mr I mean in this last one, thinking about what would happen if that guy accidentally tripped or if his grip slipped, it's intense.
I mean, these pictures are incredibly risky.
I mean, one slip and now on the roofs.
When supervise one video that made got 63 million views his friend claim China's Shanghai, which is over 2000 feet.
Just I want you clip this.
It's Yeah, I literally could not watch the whole thing just now.
Of course, they made it to the top, and they were perfectly fine.
It doesn't always end up.
A couple of years ago, a boy named Conner Cummings went to New York to try to take his pictures.
He took an elevator to the top of four seasons.
Him and his friends sneaked onto the roof to get some shots.
Here is just a couple pictures that he got now.
Those were the last pictures that Connor ever took because he miscalculated his steps and he fell 52 stories.
Now his camera survived, and that's why we have All right now, I'm warning you.
This next Instagram account is intense and I have to blur a lot of it.
All of it because this is an account of a human dissect that's right.
Missing Jimmy does dissections and post them on instagram.
Now here's the 1st 1 obviously had a literal faces, but the caption says cadaver heads set up for educational use.
Yeah, those are heads real heads on Instagram.
And then look at this one.
You can see her digging into somebody's body.
She posted a picture of a guy's face being peeled off his ambitious ones like this.
And this one's captain just says Finger versus heavy Wood door.
Oh, and she even post pictures of severe injuries that caused by bad accidents.
But she does.
This is kind of like a caution, for example, shall post a picture of a hand that was exploded because of a firework.
Now I can't show you that.
Obviously, I'm gonna show you something very similar.
She posted a picture of a hand that her friend made, who makes once again this is not really It is a prop.
So YouTube do not block my video.
But it looks Oh, that's very close to what her instagram account usually looks like.
And usually it's real now.
Sometimes she posts like strange deformities or unique, like illnesses.
For example, here's a picture she posted of somebody who had an extra finger.
Yeah, from far away.
It looks normal.
And then when you really look at it, you're like, Oh my God, there's six on each hand.
Speaking of hands, she also posted a picture, the guy's hand after he got to a huge electricity accident.
Oh my God, Oh my God.
Uh, now a lot of people think she's exploiting the dead or exploiting illnesses, But she says it's all in the name of education.
And when she shows pictures of bad accidents, there were accidents.
She's trying to show you the results of doing something dumb or unsafe, because when you see a picture of somebody's and exploded in me to rethink your choices, use the same reason they showed those drunk driving accident videos in school.
Which brings us to our next.
We're gonna be talking about a girl.
Now, when you go through this 16 year olds instagram account, it seems pretty normal.
Her posing with your friend and a near her.
She'll have her makeup and jewelry, while the disturbing part Sophia.
Her instagram account remains a reminder of the dangers of drinking, and Sophia captured her last moments on Instagram.
Now, first it looks relatively normal.
Two young girls having fun in a car, but then we see champagne and Sophie's hand and realized.
Then they swerved off the road, and Sofia is her friend from the mirror.
Selfie that was wearing a pink dress was declared dead moments later.
This clip is very disturbing.
You don't see anything that just sounds for Here's a picture of what was left of Sofia's.
And if you go back on her page, we could see her getting into that same exact car.
Having no idea.
Now I know what gets repetitive and annoying, hearing the same thing over and over.
Don't drink and drive driving bad you'll die.
But cases like this with this poor girl who was probably so sweet, so great, and it's all over because she was drinking.
And this happens time every 51 minutes, somebody is killed in a drunk driving accident in the United States alone.
So please, please make sure.
Okay, now, this last account is something that I have not even looked like.
I know about it and I haven't here on my computer.
I have not wanted pictures.
Give him scared.
This is an account called it.
I have ever heard of a theory called meta phobia.
Pronouncing that Yeah, well, it's a fear of taking care of you.
cleaning your eye, touching her.
I get anything near your that would be here.
Well, this INSTAGRAM account I hear is meant to trigger, you know, I don't know if I have it or not, but I have a feeling I do because just the idea.
I just All right.
1st 10 my God.
Uh uh, That is the worst.
Oh, my God.
All right, OK.
Is that even?
Is that all right?
Let's go to another 10 Oh, just like the way that the pin is being pushed like it's gonna pop.
I, uh Get out.
Get out.
Oh, what is that?
What is that?
That looks like the strips that you test like pee with isn't a birth control test.
What is that?
I I think I have a name for her was gone, but I have it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, What is that?
Okay, That was not too bad because the razor's not touching, but it's still way too close.
Oh, that looks relaxing.
Something about that.
It's good to be like, Oh, I don't know why I watch my No, no.
Next Where you purple by.
Why are you ruining forks for me?
Oh, my God.
What is that?
Are those charms?
Is that like a new jewelry thing?
I don't I don't get it.
All right, I got it.
I'm leaving.
Where you go?
Those were some of mysterious accounts on its degree.
If you want, go follow all of them and never sleep again.
All right, you guys, hopefully into that creepy video and let me know if you want a part to give me a thumbs up.
Because trust me, there are so many creepy accounts.
Some of them I was too scared to put in here.
But I'll do it if you want.
Also, make sure you subscribe to my channel down below the notification bill because I make videos date.
And if you want to see some of my other spirit videos, I did one on the scariest catfish is ever.
And I did one on the scariest debts.
Open a link to a playlist on top description.
All right, you guys have fun on the gram.
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21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 27, 2020
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