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penguins of guys might be his destiny will come back to you.
What the fuck?
Five yesterday, Wolf shirt man.
Thanks did so First off, I just want to say thank you so much.
The user Taylor is weird to suggest this week's video.
If you want to leave your own suggestion for one of these videos, leave them down in the comments down below.
So that said, for days with about five, we're talking about the five creepiest kid shows.
Everyone's well, I think to myself, How did I end up so fucked up?
But then I remember that shows like this existed when I was a kid, and I'm like, Oh, right, it's a surprise.
I'm not more fucked up That in mind The number one on this list ghostly 90 Show the Teletubbies.
Have you never seen the show telling Tummies and count yourself lucky because it's made out of 100% nightmare fuel?
Yeah, so tell him he's was a show that ran from 1997 to 2001 on PBS and generally was received pretty poorly with one of the nicest reviews off this show.
I've seen saying, Holy fuck this show sucks.
And as someone who used to watch the Teletubbies when I was younger and constantly dance around the house to the theme song and annoy my dad, I should have worn a condom.
Watching the show again makes you wonder why I ever watched it at all.
Because this shit is fucking terrified.
Like, why is the son of baby Why do they live in the ground?
Why is the googly eyes on a fucking vacuum?
Why does one of them have a giant erect voter on their head?
Do I even want to know what that one does?
The vacuum it spare time.
Especially terrifying.
Why are the Teletubbies themselves?
Apparently seven feet tall.
What the?
And to make the hellish nightmare that is the Teletubbies.
Even worse, some sadistic asshole has we made the Teletubbies in 2016 and it's equally as fucking horrifying.
Tanny number two, Mr Meeting.
Let me ask you a question.
What are your thoughts on puppets?
Your answer was any field.
Then they should all be burned.
The chances are you're probably fucking weird.
Media was a show made entirely out of weirdly realistic puppets that could honestly not beam or creepy and several episodes that were super creepy stories, one of them being about a tapeworm, the one where the characters intentionally burned their hands in fry oil.
Here, I'll show you.
You ended well, you have a delicious and nutritious snack.
Ooh, yeah, with crunchy parts of my favorite.
Well, the premise of the show, which was about two teams working in a burger place in a mall, wasn't all that scary.
It was more so about just how creepy the puppets were than anything else.
So the show aired from 2005 all the way till 2009 with a total of just 21 episode with a fairly decent ready had around three out of five stars.
Most people who watched it in agreement that it should have been an adult swim show rather than just a show on Nick.
As kids from around this time are probably still having nightmares about this shit, I think for me the reason that it's always been really scary is that you gotta think that there is someone operating those puppets of all time and like who the fuck is operated puppets?
Do you know anyone who just in there.
Spend time operates puppets.
Probably not.
Because you're a normal person.
I'm hoping and have normal friends.
If you do know anyone who operates puppets, you should probably get the fuck out of that friendship.
Number three Courage.
The cowardly dog.
This one is a show I'm sure you have heard of before.
It's not.
You probably had a normal childhood.
Well, if you did watch this show when you're younger, you're probably still scarred from it.
To this day, you're probably wondering what could be so bad about a show about a cute little dog?
Oh, I don't know.
How about this or this or this or this?
You will be visited by three plays I'm not saying or this for this entire fucking video is gonna stop right there.
What the fuck?
What the fuck's idea?
Was it to put this in a Children show?
Who reviewed this episode?
It was like a total.
Let's put that on me.
And I don't need good dreams or defect mental health.
Despite all the creepy shit that's in that show, it's actually really great.
Definitely worth watching.
But I'll say, don't watch this show, but do watch it because it's really good, but the same time, Don't I was really confused.
Number four Wiener Ville.
I don't you're digging it, I said Weiner.
But now that we've established that we're both four years old, let's talk about scary shit.
So we didn't have the pleasure of growing up in the nineties.
It was generally pretty awesome.
We had Wonder balls, Furbys fucking awesome toy commercials.
A shitload of Disney movies came out those years.
And, of course, this design on literally everything you ate.
It wasn't all bright.
Happy, though, has proven from the 1993 to 1997 show Wiener Bill, which again showcased the twisted and demented ship that passed for Children's entertainment.
Bet that aside from the show being again all about live puppets, so is also filming from a very uncomfortable studio audience who didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the terrifying shit to show for trade from apparent with a man's real face on it that looks like an autistic big bird from Sesame Street to the show's house, bringing Children from the audience on set to be made into live puppets and ever sitting to spray slime all over them.
All right.
This is the nineties where every single Nick show spraying slime on people was the funniest fucking thing they'd ever seen in their life that I don't know without thinking.
Oh, God.
Did you see it?
Yes, they do this every episode.
I know it's the best thing I've ever seen.
Barley And number five.
Are you afraid of the dark?
Okay, forget the other shows I mentioned on this list and being creepy.
This next one is downright for if I have you ever seen the show?
Goose bumps.
This is essentially the same thing.
But I always just thought when I was a kid that this was just way more scary.
But the things that I was most scared of in the nineties it was this show.
And in the thriller music video for Michael Jackson.
My mom said I literally put my pants every single time Him, which makes you wonder if I watched it.
Now, if it would have the same effect.
Okay, well, that didn't work.
There's definitely no poop in my pants right now.
I have to go find the lost city of Atlantis.
I just want to get this show was on Nickelodeon and from 1992 1996 with 91 episodes of the course of its seven season run.
The premise of the show was basically a group of kids that told scary stories around a campfire that doesn't sound all that scary.
Tried watching this scene when you're about five years old, about a terrifying, cool monster that would suck you in if you got too close to a pool or this.
Oh, it's a or this for this, you know, actually didn't find Atlantis when I went just a second ago.
So I'm in a minute ago has definitely not because there's an abundance of shit my pants right now.
But is it for this episode of what the fuck?
Hopefully you guys are thoroughly creeped out.
And if not, have that now, bitch, I'm really sorry you're not a bitch unless you don't check out my channel on youtube dot com slash captain Estes, In which case you totes are also guys.
As always, make sure to leave in the Commons down below your suggestions for the next with five zones and I'll check those out.
That said, I will see you next time for another one about five.
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6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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