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Hey, what's about you Hollow Queens Boot to Tyler Perry's boot to my idea.
Okay, It's Halloween.
So I was thinking we should do something.
Spooky candy.
Oh, my God.
I was shot.
This video.
Let's put your okay.
So I have heard that there are cursed videos on YouTube where if you watch them, you will die.
Um, okay.
First off, yeah, I feel I'll actually be a little scared when I go home.
I hope they're fun.
Know what's gonna be like?
I honestly just hope it's every rekindle a music video way, literally.
Just typing in cursed way.
I feel like I need to like Halloween up the joint.
Pretend this is red.
This'll is the type of person you want a date because you could project everything on to the body.
Did you make this queen?
Should we put the bitch later on?
Oh, my God.
It's kind of fun.
I like I love her squad.
Oh, get it on my face.
You know the thing about this shirt?
My mom, Where's sometimes?
And she gets mad at You called her a bitch.
Could you go?
Hey, there she goes.
No, it's just the shirt.
Is this called the cuddle buddy?
Like you take it home.
You just noticed the hands.
Yeah, I am.
This first cursed video is called Sadako.
Nothing scared, Static.
Is this like a Don't make fun of it or you die harder.
That's my videos.
I forgot how much this video scares me.
Like I won't even watch this movie.
I'm facing my fears right now.
She's just brushing her hair.
Sister does next that before taking the beach, do there's something scary about empty forest.
That's true, because what's gonna go down on my God?
This is from 2005 the original YouTube video that scared.
Okay, I don't think that anything bad was gonna happen out of this.
Although a lot of the comments say that their phone service, this one says Drew and Shane will watch this in five years and kill each.
Okay, well, I feel like we conquered that one.
Is it the ass?
There's kind of you feel that.
Oh, hard one.
This one just says cursed video from the actual show.
Do you know what is this?
Just type in Bella Thorne.
What if I type in Bella Thorne.
Scary who?
Everyone hates fella.
Let's just give it 30 seconds and wait.
Figured out backstage.
Be prepared.
Be prepared.
Boy Scouts.
That was kind of shady.
I kind of wanted.
I've never done a video like that.
You open your eyes open.
Wait Your video.
Recreating ballot thorns.
Instagram We'll just do it here.
I have two options.
I love foreign when she went crazy or Bella Thorne which went crazier.
I'll take crazier.
We should recreate this specific moment.
Oh, my God.
Can you look great?
I'm gonna need you to shut the fuck up, Doctor.
Cursed video.
The next one.
Just Israel Curse video.
Not fake much.
Pennywise dancing for this one's making me feel weird.
They only had 200 views, started something new.
What's that?
It was something about this is weirding me out?
Is it okay?
Can I say why?
That weirded me out.
That reminded me of like, something like, kind of funny, like a weird stuffed animal.
But if you didn't put it there like some weirdo came in your house, you would leave a stuffed animal house.
Any wise dancing?
Oh, my God.
David Daniel Brickley.
What are your thoughts on her?
Never was a fan of the country outside of video, but I haven't really explored other contact.
I guess I'm Norma Nog Viewer were killing her costume.
Wait, E what else?
Standing Thio slob.
My knob slob on my corn on the cob way.
Let's just type in like, scariest video of all time or typing bird killing itself just to see Okay.
Oh, my God.
Birdy way bird.
Fucking business is literally called bird fucking kills itself a quick one.
Oh, my God.
I think of like, what's the scariest thing?
Oh, I have one.
Have you seen the vine of the girl throwing the turtle into the water?
You know, really, it didn't die.
She thinks she's saving it, but it's a tortoise, And I guess tortoises don't swim.
Okay, so here's a little note to self.
If anyone runs into a turtle, say that.
Don't just leave it on the road.
Turtle saving is a hobby.
Actually, I survive.
Wait, Sorry.
This isn't scary, but it is.
If you've ever been heavy and had fallen high into water.
This one actually really scared me because like I can feel it.
Little who laugh That could be you Everybody in the whole country laughing once is so fucking me.
Oh, fuck!
Have you ever seen the videos of me dancing to people crying?
I wonder if there's one of you to my favorite one is me dancing Tanimoto apologizing for the word things Like what?
I would dream like the audio way I wonder if there's a druid Interested?
Get on.
Let me pull up the video of me crying I I have one person in my life, you know?
I mean about it, Trish True and only friends have been so great.
And now I'm just in a place where Yeah, that's what my life is gonna be I want to be honest about it.
Grand finale.
And I don't want to lie.
And I don't want I'm on a date with a guy that comes up to me and takes a I don't want it to be a thing.
And I don't want to be like machines Has a life.
Oh, my God, You first.
I did not remember saying Don't stand thio.
I'm trying to think about what actually scares me.
Car crashes.
You get off on those car crash moment on tape.
She knows and dancing too.
You really dead people in your ready for nobody.
I just I just looked it up.
Like what?
Something that keeps you up at night.
I can't think of anything that really scares me.
Watching people get punched in.
Yeah, well, that's sad.
Like intensely punched in the face without knowing it's coming is a huge fear.
Yeah, if you're feeling angry, don't come to my books.
I just got punched in the face Who punched him in the neck way.
This is going to 16 seconds.
Oh, records.
She's like waiting to be remix.
Oh, there's probably a remix remix of that one, but there is Girl gets hit by Apple remains.
Let's watch one more, actually, scared.
Supposedly this one is actually cursed, and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.
I mean, it looks like my camera.
Wait, the whole thing.
Stop it.
26 seconds and it doesn't count.
That one actually made me feel really weird.
It was the sound editing.
Good job.
You guys go.
That was us watching.
Hunted, scary, cursed videos and videos of people getting punched in the head If you go over the truce channel, you see a video of us reacting Thio, It's true Mountain.
People editing me into things that I didn't want to be in over there.
Check it out.
Subscribe to make sure you get this figured thumbs up.
If you want a video, it's me.
Go Bobo snaps They're killing it.
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8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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