B1 Intermediate 4 Folder Collection
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sponsored by Eighth.
Next legends.
Here you go.
Wait in the face again.
Oh, master Shot out again.
Multiple times the apex for sponsoring the stream.
This is an incredible game.
Having so much fun.
If you guys want you can Donald this game right now for free on P C.
P s or an Xbox Apex.
Legends like the panel down below to download the game.
Fire friends, I need to execute you.
I'm sorry.
Come, You.
I killed the whole squad.
That was probably the coolest under time.
Ninja is going in right now because your mobility I'm coming, Frank out ragout that was so good.
Took out an enemy good niche.
I don't know, bro.
I kill the whole squad, huh?
No, not that Throwing out of hell over here way Don't really need it.
But do the mambo d m r fully semi auto sniper rifle.
Coming, coming, coming, coming ground.
So everything.
I'm not not playing this character anymore.
He's so fat.
He just got shot at the time.
Like you and me.
Yeah, started clapping.
Dude, I don't know what Amon asked for have a p 90 but I'm no emo tunnel.
This is that, like your riff dude Prequel portals.
Do that.
Can I take this?
Seriously, Come back.
Oh, my God.
I got a legendary skin.
Oh, I It is about four packs Had shot the big guy.
Not one, not one.
Let's go do a whole squad down, John.
Could be I think that usually dese ponds.
Yes, I am running away running away.
Nadia has always as weak flank out.
You got a leader 40 field twice is on that.
I didn't really know him.
Prey, drop their blue armor down.
All right, let's see.
I'm gonna be executed.
Get me!
There's a team waiting the north.
Uh, let's go.
I got you 20 seconds after I was actually nuts.
I want it.
Want it running away?
That was so sick.
Dude, you Wow!
For you.
Getting me up to be one shotting The sliding was fight.
Wait a minute.
He's punching.
Get off him!
Here we go again.
No idea.
I know how hard it down twice this game.
How it feels down again.
You got full shield over there.
No, three.
Thank you.
You right click.
Thank you.
And then and then the ghost I ever.
And then you see how like 100 0 my God.
I'm trying to crawl back to you guys And it's the largest rock I've ever getting mangled, kind of weak.
You know that, don't you?
Move me down, Reloading Children and me.
Good job.
I'm gonna feel tangled kind of low.
I'm no ammo.
I need this guy's ammo.
I want it down.
Get in my way.
I'm taking all that Get up in the booth.
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Ninja Plays Apex Legends Battle Royal!! #ApexPartner

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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