B1 Intermediate 9 Folder Collection
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but we have a huge shot at the apex response in his video of those guys who don't about Apex.
Now, we're in season for these, for a packed lunch is out now.
New legend.
Weapon map changes revenue and his human get man turn robotic serial killers Setting a fastball action.
Sniper rifle is not on the same planet Harvester with guarantee.
Lou, get away.
All right, so this is the new legend, guys.
I have no anyone Any of stuff does training, firings, playbooks?
I mean, let's just go.
Let's just go in a regular match, man.
I mean, we got it.
Okay, Maybe I do it.
Third time's the charm.
Whole squat down.
What is that?
I mean, I guess I grab it.
Don't even grab the shit.
Well, now I got these.
What's on the line?
And most I gotta keep moving.
No fall damage, right?
I love this game.
45 seconds on the ring's not close.
I'll follow you guys.
Get it?
So how do you Holy okay for this thing, This thing.
Okay, uh, what's my I use this news to Kidder.
I have no idea what my guys old does.
No one can die.
You know what that means.
Let's go.
Double time it mess their feet.
All right, so just clapping.
Free, Free, free.
Luc, Really?
This thing is insane.
Sniper ammo doing shock on bull.
This guy lie around, Grab don't need him.
He's got it.
Well, so let's get it.
You know what's weird?
Dude, let's go.
We're kidded.
If we lose, we suck your brother.
Can you explain to me how my old works?
I have no idea What the hell out of me if you stay with you.
Okay, Well, I just used it and I ruin it.
So you must put told him down hit X or whatever.
And then you continue until they lose health and they will replenish your totem.
Yo, what's up, bro?
Like he's, like, multiple levels.
Kind of joke.
Uh, let's hold a minute.
Hold it.
Hold it.
So, baby, how you doing?
I go give my shields recharge you guys take him out.
Load that job, boys.
Could shit.
Let's get some buoys.
This gets on.
Dude, I am fucking loving this right now.
Guys, season for Apex out now.
I'm using the new legend.
Follow me, boys.
Gather up those players out up here ahead of us.
Let's go this way.
You want it?
Do you want You want it all the way around?
Let's see.
Oh, Ready when you call.
Left here, bro.
Being one of those guys we got here on his own, we gotta be careful.
I don't want to paint you between last two squads.
What a life!
Little bit This way.
I beamed one.
Follow me.
We gotta go now.
Before you were already pinched.
We gotta go.
Yeah, let's go.
Keep going.
Keep going East and we could shoot back.
And when they have to rotate in God, if you're going back, I don't know.
What do we have?
Ah, we don't, um You hear?
Let's go, Sal.
Let's go south.
And it's actually like around everybody.
Let's bank around.
Try to like around There they were who?
They have little caustic sniping us.
He was totally dog shit.
It's shit on him.
I think it is one guy.
These guys just went over right in front of us.
We're here.
Go here.
Franklin on top.
Taking a moment to recharge Wait.
Oh, no, no.
I just lost my high ground.
Not one.
The killing retarding shield killed war for where the f is all the ammo Marking off right here brings clothes Still have a minute.
I want to make a massacre earlier.
What don't you Yes, it's Bush's together.
Stay close, I think.
But we can't.
What do you do?
It's me.
Okay, I I get what it actually does.
Now that's lit.
He's gotta be underneath us.
You're a star.
I think it's broken.
Let's go, boys.
I'm the champion.
We're the champions!
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9 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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